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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 15, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Carter Administration agrees to provide Israel with $3 billion over the next three years – the bulk of it to be repaid eventually.

Just back from the Middle East, President Carter launches a review within his Administration of possible new energy and anti-inflation policies – including decontrol of domestic oil prices.

A man demanding $200,000 and transportation to Havana hijacked a Continental Airlines Boeing 727 jetliner on the Phoenix-Tucson leg of a flight that originated in LA. He was taken into custody. 

The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomaini declares a halt to all revolutionary trials, executions and punishment after they began causing dissent in his government.

Inflation - Led by fuel, food and housing – consumer prices surged 1.25% last month – the biggest gain in 4 ½ years.

After some 28 years - The Knesset votes to favor of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.

A gigantic parade of workers protesting layoffs in France’s steel industry erupts into violence when youths lit fires and smashed doors around the historic Place de I’Opera and police fought back with tear gas.

The Carter Administration takes its campaign to “reinvent the car’ to the Senate while offering some hope that motorists won’t soon be waiting in long lines at service stations for scarce gasoline. Transportation Secretary Brock Adams and Energy Secretary James Schlesinger both warned of doubled or tripled oil prices within 15 years, but each sounded notes of hope that new fuel and technology can head off the crisis.

AFL-CIO President George Meany accuses the nation’s business community of price gouging and urged enactment of an excess profits tax.

In Plains, Georgia - - The “No Gas” signs are up at Billy Carter’s service station, although you can still buy Billy beer and arrange for a tour of President Carter’s hometown.

Two small ancestors of man, one probably an adult male, the other a youth or female carrying something, perhaps a baby, left their footprints frozen in time and hardened in volcanic ash, 3.6 million years ago in East Africa.


Technology news – March  15, 1979

KSL-TV in Salt Lake City is experimenting with a TV system called Teletext. The viewer can call up stock market reports, supermarket specials and even a program guide – and lots more. The viewer needs a keypad and decoder on the TV set. The system now needs FCC approval.


Sports news – March 15, 1979

New York - Tracy Austin, winning 10 consecutive games, stuns her one-time idol, Chris Evert to become the first player to gain the semifinals of a $275,000 women’s tennis championship.

NFL owners decide not to incorporate television’s instant replays an aide to officiating. 

Phil Esposito scores 4 goals as the Rangers beat the Boston Bruins 7-4.


Music news – March 15, 1979

Country singer Dolly Parton gets sued by Porter Wagoner for management fees and royalties he said should total at least $3 million. Wagoner seeks 15% of Dolly’s net income from June 1974 through June 1979.  Under a 1970 agreement, Wagoner said he was to be Ms. Parton’s manager for five years after she left his TV show – which was back in 1974.

This Friday night on CBS – don’t miss Paul McCartney in concert in “Wings Over The World.” Similcast on a local FM station for stereo (In New York – WNEW-FM… In LA – KMET-FM). “It’s 90 minutes of intimate film, unforgettable McCartney music.”

 Followed by “The Midnight Special” on NBC-TV. Rick James hosts with Chuck Mangione, Nicolette Larson, Cheryl Lynn, Evelyn King.   

Natalie Cole and her husband – the Rev. Marvia Yancy file for a legal separation. 

Neil Diamond is in the hospital after spending almost 10 hours in surgery for a back problem. He’ll be OK.

Disco artist Cheryl Lynn got her start on the quirky “Gong Show” back in 1976. “I sang ‘You Are So Beautiful’ and I thought I was going to get the song.” She did – the highest vote – a 30. Armed with confidence, she set out for a role in the national company of “The Wiz.”

George Harrison has a new album out “Blow Away.”


 Television news - March 15, 1979

Passing – Al Hodge – television’s “Captain Video” of the early 1950’s. He was 67.

Cable-TV Channel For Congress - The House is now on television! The lights went up on the House television system, operated by its own technicians and will now be available to public and commercial television networks whenever the House is in session. The first telecast was carried only by the Public Broadcasting System and the C-SPAN cable television system. What the viewers saw during the first broadcast was a routine, lackluster session despite earlier forebodings of grandstanding by members of their constituents back home. 


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 15, 1979

CBS – 60 Minutes, All in the Family, One Day At A Time, Alice, Stockard Channing Show, Mary Tyler Moore Hour

NBC – The Greatest Heroes of the Bible, Wonderful World of Disney, Weekend

ABC – Osmond Family Show, Battlestar Galactica, ABC Sunday Night Movie

PBS  Masterpiece Theater


All in the Family – Edith rent’s the Jefferson’s house. She likes them, Archie doesn’t. 

Osmond Family – K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Tanya Tucker.

On Battestar Galactica – Apollo is recruited by a heavenly being to rescue the mortals on the planet terra froni.


Top movies – March 15, 1979

Norma Rae

Richard Pryor Live

Brink’s Job

Tourist Trap

Heaven Can Wait

The Warriors

Walt Disney’s North Ave Irregulars


China Syndrome

Beyond the Door II

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