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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 8, 1979 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Too much interest – Banks will have to hand out millions of dollars in refunds to Americans who borrowed from banks since October of 1974. The banks were found to have inadvertently violated the truth-in-lending law. 

President Carter, upset by recurring public quarrels within his Administration, tells his foreign policy advisers that he expects them to be loyal and support Administration policy or resign from office.

Saying it was not in the canonization business, the White House brusquely dissociated president Cater from U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young’s prediction of sainthood for Iran’s top religious leader. Young was quoted by New York reporters as saying that the Ayatollah Khomaini, who is locked in a struggle with American-backed Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar for control of Iran, “will be somewhat of a saint when we get over the panic.”

Iran - Khomani in power - Premier Shahpour Bakhitiar resigns and the military command gives up the streets. Power is handed over to the revolutionary forces of the Ayatollah Ruholiah Khomaini.

Iran - Pro-Khomaini cadets - Hundreds of soldiers form a crack army division swept into an air force training base in southeastern Tehran to crush an antigovernment demonstration by cadets.

Iran - Rebel military units joined by civilians battle pro government troops for control of Tehran.

Iran – Iran’s new revolutionary government reports that resistance by Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s armed forces has ended but that it was having trouble controlling its own supporters. Three generals were reported slain. 

Iran – Scores of heavily armed Iranians storm the U.S Embassy in Tehran and seize control of the compound after a two-hour gun battle and took 102 Americans prisoner, Deputy Prime Minister Ibrahim Yazdi interceded and announced the Americans were under his protective custody.

New Delhi - Muslim gunmen shoot and kill the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan. Adolph Duba when security forces stormed a hotel where Duba was being held hostage. 

Income tax cuts may be necessary in 1981, which would further delay President Carter’s goal of a balanced budget, Treasury Secretary W. Michael Blumenthal says.

Calling the oil supply situation serious “but not crucial” – President Carter appeals to Americans to conserve energy by obeying the 55mph speed and setting thermostats at 65 degrees.

A new AP/NBC poll says the public’s rating of President Carter has sunk in the wake of the turmoil in Iran and the lack of a peace pact in the Mideast – 28%. This down from 36% in December.

Nelson Rockefeller leaves the bulk of an estimated $66.5 million estate to his widow and their two young sons and also forgave a $45,000 loan to Megan Marshack, the research assistant who was with him when he died.

The late Nelson Rockefeller not only bought research assistant Megan Marshack a $45,000 co-op apartment, but furnished it with art objects from his collection and paid her $60,000 a year in salary with an unlimited expense account.

A stiff neck forces Arthur Ashe to default his first-round match will Billy Martin and pulls out of the $250,000 Volvo tennis games near Palm Springs.

Gold tops $250-an-ounce for the first time as the dollar slid.

Inflation – Wholesale prices, spurred by increasing costs for veal and beef, rose by 1.3% in January.

President Carter’s brother Billy backs out of a scheduled appearance on CBS News’ Face the Nation.

Gets Married This Week – Susan Ford, daughter of former President Gerald R. Ford. She’s 21 and will marry Secret Service agent Charles Vance, who is 37. Some 300 are expected at the Ford’s home near Palm Springs. Attending will be celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Orlando.  



Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 8, 1979

Lionel Williams (22) – a former pizza delivery man is convicted of second-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of actor Sal Mineo. Apparently, Mineo was the third victim in a string of 11 holdups stretching from Jan. 24 to March 7, 1976.

Letter to Dear Abby this week: “A neighbor lady has a peculiar sense of humor. Last Christmas, she went to the animal shelter and got a dog which she named Marvin, knowing perfectly well that is my husband’s name. In the evening, when she calls her dog, my Marvin goes to the window and barks like a dog to confuse her. There have been times when I’ve called my husband when he’s outdoors and that dog comes running. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks it’s hilarious, but I can’t see anything funny about it.”


Music news – February 8, 1979

Columbia Records announces the signing of Paul McCartney & Wings.

Movie great James Cagney is interviewed for the first time in 19 years! Cagney, who is now 80 was interviewed by David Hartman on “Good Morning America.” Of his tremendous popularity in tough-guy roles, Cagney said – “Looking back, there was nobody else around who could handle a hoodlum part with acceptance. Having been raised among them, I didn’t have to reach for anything.”


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 8, 1979

CBS – Made for TV Movie, Paper Chase

NBC – Made for TV Movie, Circus: America vs. The World, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Three’s Company, Taxi, Starsky & Hutch

PBS – Soundstage


CBS Made For TV Movie – “Crisis In Mid-Air” – George Peppard, Karen Grassle, Desi Arnaz Jr., Greg Morris, Martin Milner. A crippled plane – can it land?

NBC Made For TV Movie – “Tentacles,” – John Huston, Shelly Winters, Henry Fonda. Oh boy -  This one’s about a giant octopus that threatens a seaside community. 


Top movies – February 8, 1979

The Wiz

Great Train Robbery

Same Time Next year

Ice Castles

Movie, Movie

Centerfold Girls

California Suite

North Avenue Irregulars


Midnight Express

Woody Allen’s Interiors

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Up in Smoke

Every Which Way But Lose


The Warriors

National Lampoon’s Animal House

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