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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of December 23, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Iran - Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi agrees to leave Iran temporarily and hands over his powers to a regency council.  Meanwhile – new anti-government violence rocks cities across Iran and the opposition said troops killed at least four protesters. Iran’s strike plagued oil industry ceased production.

More Iran – Crude oil exports from Iran have stopped completely.

A mob attacks the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Repelled by Marines – 13 are dead.

Thousands of protesters throwing rocks, eggs and mud shouting, “Carter is a cheat” greet a U.S. delegation in Taipei.

More Taiwan – President Chiang Ching-kuo tells a U.S. delegation his nation was outraged by President Carter’s decision to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan and recognize Peking Jan. 1.

 Sen. Barry Goldwater accuses President Carter of lying to the American people and to Congress and promises that a battle over U.S.-China policy would be fought in the next session of Congress.

Sen. Barry Goldwater files suit to stop President Carter from terminating the U.S. defense treaty with Taiwan on the ground that the action “will set a dangerous precedent,” enabling a President to end any defense treaty at will.

President Carter abandons a decision to raise the defense budget by 3% above the inflation rate and decides against a $2 billion slash in social service programs.

Turkey – Parliament approves a government declaration of martial law after a weekend of religious and political fighting that took at least 97 lives.

A disabled United Airlines DC-8 jetliner with 185 on board crashes in Portland, Oregon. 175 survived. 

Precedent – In the first trial in the U.S. in which a husband stood accused of sexually assaulting his wife while they were still living together – In Oregon – John Rideout is found innocent of raping his wife Greta.

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi emerges from a week’s stay in prison, looking jaunty and well-rested and disclaiming any responsibility for a week of violent demonstrations and a jetliner hijacking staged in her name.

Bombs in NY - Explosives shatter the glass façade of a Lincoln Center theater and damaged the Cuban Mission to the United Nations.

In Des Plaines – Four more bodies were found beneath the home of John Wayne Gacy Jr., who is suspected of killing 32 youths. Gacy (36), a construction contractor, reportedly told investigators he had sex with them and then killed 32 boys and young men, burying 26 at his home and throwing six in the Des Plaines River. Gacy use to dress up as a clown at his own parties and events.

Eight people heading out of a New Year’s Eve party in New York are hit by a drunk driver and six die. The bodies were strewn about on two blocks of Brooklyn’s New Utrecht Ave. Police estimated the car at been going at least 60mph. Suspect Eduardo Cobar has been arrested.


Technology news – December 23, 1978

Trend - There has been a sharp drop in CB radio license applications since last spring, according to the FCC. Although there were about 14 million licensed CBers at the end of September - there were only 106,000 people applied that month, compared to 465,983 applications last January.  


Sports news – December 23, 1978

 Woody Hayes – the fiery head coach at Ohio State University for 28 years is fired for punching a Clemson player in the Gator Bowl. ABC-TV was criticized for totally ignoring the incident while broadcasting the game.


Radio news – December 23, 1978

Radio programmer Ken Draper – late of KFWB in Hollywood is charged with swindling the station out of $14,290 by issuing unearned overtime checks to employees and them ordering them to sign the checks over to him. Draper was fired in mid-June for the incident. An investigator said most of the 29 checks involved in this case were supposed to reflect overtime or other work – when none was done. Some were made out to a third name – Donna Levitt Maine – but that person has not been located.


Movie news – December 23, 1978

Superman has grossed $10,692,34 in its first six days in 508 theaters across the U.S. and Canada.


Music news – December 23, 1978

Olivia Newton John is named a member of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth, as was Tommy Steele.

Helen Reddy files a breach-of-contract suit against Capitol Records, claiming she was shortchanged $1.7 million in royalties in tapes and records.

Nicolette Larson has come almost out of nowhere. She suddenly has a hit with the Neil Young penned “Lotta Love” and sings with him on his new “Comes a Time” album. Nicolette is friends with Linda Ronstadt and was a big help on her record. Rolling Stone named Larson best female singer of 1978.


Sunday night television (Christmas Eve) listings/programs/TV guide – December 24, 1978

CBS – 60 Minutes, The Nutcracker, Alice, Dallas

NBC – Amahl and the Night Visitors, Made for TV movie, Sword of Justice (late night) Wonders of Christmas, Christmas Rome ‘78

ABC – Battlestar Galactica, Made for TV Movie, (late night) Christmas Eve at the Vatican


Nutcracker – Mikhail Baryshnikov’s production of the Tchaikovsky ballet.

ABC-TV’s Holday Classic:. “It Happened One Christmas.” Starring Marlo Thomas, Orson Welles, Wayne Rogers and Cloris Leachman as the Angel.


New Year’s Eve Music Television television – December 31, 1978

CBS - Nephew Bill Lombardo takes over for the late Guy Lombardo and he plans to mix the traditional with the contemporary – so look for a disco beat! Bill Lombardo is a former rock drummer. Guests are Cab Calloway and Kelly Garrett.

ABC - New Year’s Rockin Eve – Lauren Tawes and Erik Estrada join Dick Clark with Chuck Mangione, The Village People, Barry Manilow, Tanya Tucker and Rick James.

PBS – New Year’s Eve at the Pops with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops.

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