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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 8, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Iran’s 37,000 oil workers go back to their jobs, ending a crippling two-week strike, conducted in protest against the polices of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Missouri - A man is found alive after being buried three days in the rubble of a wing of the Conor Hotel. It collapsed on three workmen as they stripped building for demolition.

Monks at a remote monastery unseal the coffins that they said contained the remains of St. John the Baptist and the prophet Elisha and reportedly found the bodies “intact, undecayed and uncorrupted.” At least one of the bodies still has the head attached, discounting the possibility that it is the remains of John, the hermit who was beheaded after he prophesied the coming of Jesus and then baptized him.

Politics ‘78

Elections – Gov. Hugh Carey is victorious over Republican challenger Perry Duryea.  In Philadelphia – Mayor Frank Rizzo concedes defeat in his bid for a third term. In California – Gov. Jerry Brown is re-elected.

President Carter, unable to turn back the republican tide that apparently defeated democratic candidates for the senate in more than half of the 19 states in which he campaigned, says he thought the party “did very well” in the elections. 

By telephone and in meetings on two continents, President Carter and his diplomats seek to head-off a breakdown in the Egyptian-Israeli peace talks, Egypt’s Anwar Sadat reportedly considered but then dropped the idea of calling his negotiators home from Washington.

President Carter will cut around $15 billion from federal spending in his 1980 budget and will put an emphasis on the anti-inflation proposals in Congress as well. 

President Carter signs a diluted energy bill into law, hailing its potential to cut oil imports and saying that the resulting natural gas price increases were predictable and moderate. Carter said the energy plan will enable the U.S. to save 2 ½ million barrels of oil per day by 1985. “Today, we can rightfully claim that we have a conscious national policy for dealing with energy problems” Carter declared.

Three huge electrical generators have been sabotaged at Grand Coulee Dam – a keystone of the Pacific Northwest’s power system in a series of mysterious incidents.

Monkey madness - Wild monkeys in southern Ethiopia went on a hunger-crazed rampage, devouring a woman and two young bys and herds of livestock. Also eaten – sheep and goats and crops.

President Carter’s son, Chip and his wife, Caron have separated after five years of marriage. Mom and their 21-month-old son will move back to Georgia will Chip will remain at the White House and continue to work for the Democratic National Committee.


Celebrity news – November 8, 1978

Passing – Painter Norman Rockwell. He was 84. Rockwell, who sold his first illustrations to the Saturday Evening Post at age 22, subsequently painted some 360 covers for the magazine.


Sports news – November 8, 1978

George Steinbrenner announces that Billy Martin will be back to manage the Yankees in 1980 when current coach Bob Lemon gets bounced to a front office job.

Ken Stabler fires touchdown passes of 25, 11 and 5 years and Neal Colzie returns a fumble 32 years for another touchdown to pace the Oakland Raiders to a 34-21 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

In Las Vegas – Larry Holmes knocks out Alfred Evangelista in the seventh round at Caesar’s Palace.

Sparky Lyle – the American League’s Cy Young Award winner in 1977 and a disenchanted second choice in the New York Yankees bullpen in 1978 is traded to the Texas Rangers.

Slugger Jim Rice gets the American League’s Most Valuable Player for 1978.

Passing – Boxing champ Gene Tunney.


Television news – November 8, 1978

ABC cancels “The Hardy Boys” starring Sean Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. It’s been on the air since January 30, 1977.


Top movies – November 8, 1978

Terror of Godzilla

Message From Space


Who is Killing the Great Chiefs of Europe?

Watership Down


Somebody Killed Her Husband

A Wedding

Midnight Express

National Lampoon’s Animal House

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