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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 24, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Dozens of high school bands lined the streets in Nashville as a huge crowd swelled by schoolchildren welcome President Carter to campaign for Democrats.

Wildfires destroy dozens of homes in and around Malibu, near Los Angeles.

China formally abolishes the Red Guard youth corps that Chairman Mao Tse-Tung used to terrorize everyone from factory managers to government officials in the 1960’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

President Carter signs a bill requiring the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies to get court papers before conducting electronic surveillance of foreign intelligence agents in this country. “It sacrifices neither our security nor our civil-liberties,” said Carter.

Norway - Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, who set aside three decades of bitter enmity to sit down together at the negotiating table, are awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for their historic efforts to end the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin telephones Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat to congratulate him on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, which the two leaders will share.

President Carter confirms that he had decided to sign legislation authorizing $18.7 billion in tax cuts passed by Congress.

President Carter’s anti-inflation program is rejected as inequitable and unfair by the AFL-CIO, which called for a special session of Congress to impose wage and price controls.

In San Diego - Top-secret Navy nuclear submarine tender is robbed of $200,000 in cash after two gunmen beat a payroll officer unconscious to get the ship safe’s combination.

In New Jersey - A jury finds Dr. Mario Jascalevich innocent of murdering three hospital patients in the so-called “Dr. X” murders.

Susan Ford, former President Gerald Ford’s daughter is singing the praises of  the Subaru in a television commercial shot this week in Washington. Sitting in the Subaru - she utters,  “I designate Subaru my running mate,” crooned the pretty blonde. “This car fills my energy bill.”

RCA brings back its famous trademark “Little Nipper” as part of a new corporate marketing program. He was all but abandoned a decade ago after the company modernized its logo type.

The cost of owning and operating a typical new car rose more than 10% in the 1978 model year to an average 33.1 cents a mile or $3,310 a year!

FBI Director William Webster says he has gotten the bureau to deal in facts, not rhetoric and to stop calling its critics enemies.

Inflation – After a summer lull – inflation is back as consumer prices rose .8% in September. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ second book for Viking Press is published this week. It’s an illustrated volume of Russian fairy tales.

Billy Carter testified for more than two hours before a grand jury investigating the financial dealings of former federal budge director Bert lance. He said lance’s troubles were promoted by “a Republican, Yankee press” seeking to “get” Lance.


Sports news – October 24, 1978

Gaylord Perry (40) – just cut loose by the Texas Rangers, becomes baseball’s first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both the American and National Leagues!


Entertainment/Celebrity news – October 24, 1978

Actor Paul Newman drove to a second-place finish in the C production class at the 18-lap Sports Car Club of American race near Atlanta. 

Billy Carter has been hired to appear in a CBS TV movie – “Flatbed Annie and Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers” – marking his first time as an actor. Producers describe his role as “serious.” C’mon!

Videos on  Videocassettes - Allied Artists Video Corp begins shipping pre-recorded videocassettes featuring 100 of the company’s movies – the most aggressive entry into the home video market by any of the major film companies. The tapes should retail at $59.95 to $79.95. The tapes are being manufactured at a Bell & Howell facility in both the Beta and VHS formats used by various home videotape machines. The company is also negotiating to acquire additional programming from other sources. Other companies, so far – such as 20th-Century Fox, have hesitated to commit themselves heavily to the videocassette market.


Music news – October 24, 1978

Rock group “Kiss” stars in a TV movie – billed as their first movie. Catch “Kiss Meets the Phantom” this week on NBC. “On the eve of a rock concert, KISS is kidnapped by an army of robots led by a vengeful scientist.”

Passing – Mother Maybelle Carter (69). Later Johnny Cash led a music tribute to her with many of the industry’s top singers including Tom T. Hall, Chet Atkins at her funeral.

Along a three-month tour, Bob Dylan is in concert at the St. Paul Civic Center – his homestate.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is convicted of possession of heroin in Toronto. Prosecutors immediately withdrew the more serious charge of drug trafficking that could have sent him to jail for life. He was put on one year’s probation and ordered to give a benefit performance for blind people in Canada.

Trend – on new car radios – digital dials are beginning to replace analog “slide rule” dials. Now you know the exact frequency of a radio station such as 570 AM or 98.7 FM. They also include neat features such as tuning in small jumps by itself. Pretty cool! 

 New York - A judge orders that a 24-hour-a-day suicide watch be placed on British punk rock star Sid Vicious who is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Vicious, whose real name is John Simon Ritchie, is in Bellevue Hospital, where he was taken last week after attempting to cut his wrists because he wanted to join her in death.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 24, 1978

CBS – The Waltons, Hawaii Five-O, Barnaby Jones

NBC – Made For TV Movie,Quincy, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – NFL Football

PBS – Nova, Greaseband


NBC Made For TV Movie – “Cotton Candy” with Charles Martin Smith, Clint Howard, Leslie King, Kevin Miler.  High school misfits form a rock band.

On the Tonight Show – David Brenner guest hosts with Rip Taylor, Bert Convey, Joseph  Wambaugh.


Top movies – October 24, 1978

Boys From Brazil

National Lampoon’s Animal House

A Wedding

Who Is Killing The Great Chefs of Europe

Midnite Express

The Big Fix


Girl Friends

Foul Play


Heaven Can Wait

Death on the Nile


Jaws II


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