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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 22, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Carter moves to end a three-day railroad strike that has tied up two-thirds of the nation’s passenger and freight service.

Food prices rose .6% in August – a little less than expected.

In a stout defense of the warren report he helped to prepare, former President Gerald R. Ford denounced conspiracy theorists for deliberately misleading the public about the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

President Anwar Sadat received a hero’s welcome from hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who lined the streets upon his return from Camp David. ‘

Tel Aviv - welcomed by chanting, cheering thousands tossing flowers and waving banners, Prime Minister Menachem Begin comes home saying he brought a “peace agreement with security and honor” form the camp David Mideast summit. 

Leaving door opened - King Hussein of Jordan rejects the Camp David peace formula in its present form and says there’s a possibility it can be improved. 

Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance winds up his talks with Saudi leaders without a commitment from them to support the camp David peace accords and hard-line Syria informed him it is postponing his scheduled visit there.

At least 145 perish after a Pacific Southwest Airlines 727 jetliner collides with a small plane over the North Park area of San Diego. According to witnesses, the smaller plane smashed into the right wing of the jetliner than fell away as the big jet’s wing exploded into fire. As soon as the right wing caught fire, the PSA pilot pulled the plane’s nose up, but flames swept the entire wing and it fell off. At least 10 of the dead were from the neighborhood. 

Pope John Paul I is found dead in his Vatican apartment – the apparent victim of a heart attack. He was 65 and reigned only 33 days. 

Philadelphia – Mayor Frank Rizzo, setting the tone for his campaign to change the City Charter so he can seek a third term, said he is taking on black politicians and urging Philadelphians to "vote white.”

Ronald Reagan says there is a “distinct possibility” he will run for President again in 1980 and he’ll make his decision next year.


Sports news – September 22, 1978

The Kansas City Royals beat the Angels for the American League West title.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – September 22, 1978

End of a long era – After 56 years Edgar Bergen, America’s most successful ventriloquist is giving dummy Charlie McCarthy to the Smithsonian Institution. Andy Williams announced the pair’s final appearance would be with him at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and at December concerts in Cleveland and Cincinnati.


Television news – September 22, 1978

Johnny Carson 16th Anniversary show – NBC-TV.


Music news  - September 22, 1978         

Music manager Mike Appel – the guy who discovered Bruce Springsteen – but had a bad falling out with the artist, has a new discovery. He’s Mike Gale and according to Appel – his first album is the best first album he’s ever heard. Called “Back to the Midwest Night” it’s on ABC Records. Appel severed ties last year with Springsteen following a long and bitter legal battle. He says Springsteen’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town” is a “total disappointment.”

KC and the Sunshine Band and Olivia Newton-John on this week’s Donny And Marie.  

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