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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of July 15, 1978 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Economic summit in Bonn – President Carter pledges an energy plan to reduce oil imports and all seven major industrial countries pledged to reach combined goals instead of attempting to coordinate their national policies to achieve overall goals.

Summit Ends – Plan also includes increased Japanese and West German growth and a slower U.S. growth rate of about 4%, the 1978 figure already forecast by the Carter Administration.

Rep. Robert Michel, the House minority whip is recuperating from a mugging behind his home. He has a cut tongue, lacerations of the face and swollen eyes.

The nation’s gross national product grew at an annual rate of 7.4% during the second quarter – the fastest expansion in more than two years.

The United States and Britain flatly rule out lifting economic sanctions against Rhodesia.

President Carter tells federal department and agency heads to “enforce vigorously” affirmative action programs in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Alan Bakke case. The ruling upheld affirmative action efforts, but knocked down specific racial quotas for admissions to UC Davis medical school.

Dr. Peter Bourne, President Carter’s chief adviser on drug abuse, resigns less than a day after admitting that he made out a prescription to a fictitious person. 

A Soviet judge rules that two American correspondents – Craig Whitney of the New York Times and Harold Piper of the Baltimore Sun – had crudely libeled Soviet television. He ordered their newspapers to print retractions within five days and pay all court costs.

Former Gov. James (Kissin’ Jim) Folsom is legally blind and nearly deaf, is running for governor of Alabama once again. 

Acting a day after his return form the economic summit meeting in Bonn, President Carter cancels the sale of a $2 million computer system to Soviet news agency Tass. It was in retaliation to Moscow for its recent trials of Soviet dissidents and American newsmen. 

Americans personal income rose .9% in June about the same rate prices have been rising.

Rosalynn Carter presents her blue chiffon inaugural gown to the Smithsonian Institution for its collections of First Ladies’ dresses.

Kennedy shouting match – In a series of demonstrations enlivened by a shouting match between Russell Means and Sen. Edward Kennedy, American Indians demand that the government protect their heritage. Kennedy made a surprise appearance before 150 of the Indian demonstrators and hotly debated Means, an Indian rights activist, over the interpretation of pending legislation related to Indian lands.


Fascinating Business news – July 15, 1978

Trends – United Airlines now features the woman business traveler on TV and print ads. She is portrayed as the new symbol in the business world. 

Ford unveils Mustang III – four inches longer than Mustang II but 180 pounds lighter. . It’s described as a stylistic cross between the compact $4,000 Fairmont and the $27,000 Mercedes Benz 450SL.


Medical/Health news – July 15, 1978

Medical – In Houston - Bubble boy David is outgrowing his space suit -  which he received a year ago. But the six-year-old has grown four inches. A new suit, also designed by NASA – should be ready soon. David has a rare disorder known as severe combined immune deficiency disease. He’s unable to fight off even the most common germs and spends his life in sterile isolation.   


Sports news – July 15, 1978

Ron Guidry of the New York Yankees becomes baseball’s first 14-game winner this year. He threw a four-hitter as the Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins 4-0.

Jack Nicklaus wins the British Open by two strokes at a 281 - his third British Open win.    Four finished in a tie for second (283) – Tim Kite, Ray Floyd, Ben Crenshaw and Simon Owen.

Reggie Jackson’s indefinite $2,000per-day suspension by manager Billy Martin is set at five days. Jackson had disobeyed martin’s instruction in a game against Kansas City, which the Yankees lost. Bad boy Jackson bunted after being told to swing away with a man on first base and nobody out in the 10th inning. The Yanks lost 9-7.  

Dodger pitcher Don Sutton, ejected from a game for using a “defaced ball” in a game against St. Louis, says he may sue the games ump for depriving him of his right to earn a living. Sutton is seeking his 200th career victory was thrown out after the seventh inning. He faces a possible suspension.

Chris Evert, who was beat at Wimbledon by Martina Navratilova is now #2 in the latest Women’s Tennis Assn. rankings after being No. 1 in the world for four yeas. Says Evert – “I can’t resign myself to being No. 2 for the remainder of my tennis career or I will be No. 2.” “There’s still the U.S. Open and the Colgate championships. I think I have a fighting chance of getting the No. 1 ranking back.”

Speaking of Ms. Navratilova – she convinced her local Texas congressman – James Collins to file a bill to waiver two years of her five-year waiting period for citizenship so that she would be eligible to represent the U.S. in international competition this year. The bill got axed. She defected from Czechoslovakia in 1974 and was granted permanent resident status in 1975 making her eligible for citizenship in 1980.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – July 15, 1978

An appearance by writer Truman Capote on WABC-TV’s morning show was cut short by host Stanley Siegel after Capote rambled incoherently about his drinking and drug problems. Capote told Siegel his problem was not drinking but ”taking different kinds of drugs” and mixing them with alcohol.”


Music news – July 15, 1978

Dick Clark, who produced last year’s “Good Ol’ Days” a salute to 50’s and early ‘60’s rock and pop, will do it again with “Good Ol’ Days II” next TV season.

James Brown is arrested in New York City and taken to Baltimore where he was jailed on contempt of court charges.

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert this week – Footage of the 1977 Rock Music Awards and Steve Wonder, George Benson, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton.

On NBC’s “Midnight Special” this week – Eddie Money hosts with Gerry Rafferty, Abba, Stanley Clark, Todd Rundgren, Jay Ferguson. 


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – July 15, 1978

CBS – CBS Family Film Classics, Movie

NBC – Man From Atlantis, Made For TV Movie, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Three’s Company, Carter Country, 20/20

PBS – North Star: Mark de Suvero


 NBC Made For TV Movie – “Seventh Avenue” – Ann Archer, Dori Brenner Steven Keats, Kristoffer Tabori,


Top movies – July 15, 1978



The End

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