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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 15, 1977 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Police battle angry young Iranian demonstrators with tear gas near the White house as President Carter, welcomed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi for talks on weapons and oil. The Shah of Iran is seeking fresh arms pledges from President Carter.

Israel formally invites Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to come to Jerusalem to talk peace in a move unprecedented in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Later -  Anwar Sadat – despite disapproval from Egypt’s allies and dissent within his own cabinet, accepted the invitation and heads there.

President Carter tells President Anwar Sadat that “they eyes of the world will be on you” when the Arab leader makes his precedent-shattering visit to Israel this weekend. 

Anwar Sadat arrives in Israel with a peace plan and receives a euphoric welcome from the nation. Later, they debated war and peace before the Israeli Knesset and the world. In a historic speech before Israeli lawmakers -  Sadat offered Israel firm recognition as a Middle East state, something he has never done in such a public forum. 

Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin announce a momentous agreement that there would be no more war between their nations.

U.N. - Egypt walks out of the General Assembly hall as Syria attacked President Anwar Sadat’s weekend visit to Israel. Jordan said it had backed his trip to Israel. 

President Carter removes Maj. Gen. John Singlaub from duty in South Korea for openly opposing the President’s plans to withdraw American ground troops from the country.

Princess Ann gives birth to a 7-pound, 9-ounce boy and Queen Elizabeth joyously broke the news about her first grandchild.

The Concorde has landed - French and British Concorde jets carrying 100 passengers each land at Kennedy Airport – bringing commercial aviation here into the supersonic age and signaling another defeat for those who had vowed to bar the fast but noisy plane. Among the passengers on the air France jet was CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite, returning from Cairo after the historic visit by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to Israel.

In Oklahoma – Rhonda Davis, a 16-year-old class president and cheerleader who has been late to school five times, goes to court over a rule that is forcing her to stay home unless she lets her principal spank her. The school said she could return until the suit was settled.

Seen more and more - a popular stunt – people who pop out of cakes.

Mrs Jean Caren and her poodle leave Santa Barbara (CA) and are heading to New York City – in a taxi! The cost will be $5,400, but her daughter (her conservator) is trying to stop it. Apparently he mom doesn’t like planes. 

Passing – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada – born Abjay Charan De – founder and spiritual master of the Hare Krishna movement. He was 82. The movement was founded by the swami in late 1965 in New York City. 

Preston Womack – wearing jockey shorts on his head at restaurants in Mableton, Georgia – is arrested form criminal trespass as he sat in a restaurant wearing his distinctive head covering and woolen socks on his hand. Other than that, he was in good behavior, but spooked patrons.


Sports news – November 15, 1977

Rod Carew of the Minnesota Twins - whose .388 batting average was the highest in the majors in 20 years, is named the American League’s Most Valuable Player.

Richard Petty who has won a NASCAR Grand National on every track in the Winston Cub series except Ontario Motor Speedway (CA) – does so this week.

Horse racing – Unbeaten Seattle Slew wins the Preakness Stakes and moves within one race, the Belmont stakes of becoming horse racing’s 10th Triple Crown winner.


Radio news – November 15, 1977

Watergate figure John Dean will host a new syndicated radio series called “The Right to Know.” So far, no stations have been signed.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie/Hollywood news – November 15, 1977

Despite controversy over Anita Bryant’s campaign against homosexuals the Florida Citrus Commission renews her contract. 

Singer Anita Bryant called the National Women’s Conference in Houston a farce. She told a news conference before a religious crusade that she believes most American women did not favor a resolution supporting lesbianism approved at the women’s conference.

“The Godfather” has become the most widely viewed movie on television, toping “Gone With The Wind."

Joan Crawford’s mind was “distorted by intense pain or clouded by alcohol” when she signed her will – according to two adopted children – Christian Koontz and Christopher Crawford. When she died last May – she provided for trust funds of $77.500 each for her adopted twin daughters, Cathy LaLonde and Cynthia Jordan and left the rest of her $2 million estate to charities– but nothing to Christina and Christopher.

Appearing on “Good Morning America” – Kathryn Crosby says she is bearing up well after her husband, Bing’s death. She said she was working on two books about the late singer.

Margaret Trudeau – the estranged wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, signs a contract to star in the film, “Kings and desperate Men” “I think Margaret is going to be a great big star,” said the movie’s producer-director Alexis Kanner. “She has enormous dignity and that special quality is needed in the role she will play.”

Evel Knievel will celebrate his release from jail next year by having his spleen removed so he can free-fall 40,000 feet from a bomber into a haystack in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City for $20 million.  He is serving a 180-day jail term for beating a television executive with a baseball bat.


Music news – November 15, 1977

NBC airs two Beatles specials this week – “How the Beatles Changed the World” and “The Beatles Forever.”

NBC airs a Neil Diamond special this week. It’s audio channel was simulcast on local FM stations.

The Sex Pistols – the most controversial of the English punk bands – finally has a record label – after being dropped by EMI and A&M. They’re on Virgin Records.

Found slain – Steve Wolf – one of the nation’s major rock concert promoters is found slain in his Beverly Hills home – apparently the victim of a robbery.

Buck Owens is retrained from placing media advertisements seeking reconciliation with estranged wife, fiddler Jana Jae. The advertisement read, “Jana Jae Owens, I need you, Matt and Kathy Buck” – referring to her two kids from a previous marriage. Miss Jae, a former violinist for Owens filed for annulment after three days of marriage for fraud. Apparently – Owns made promises concerning her contract on his show in return for her agreement to marry him after she threatened to walk out on him after a contract dispute. The promises were never kept. 

Looks like “Night Moves” has put Detroit’s Bob Segar on a national footing – finally. He has been popular in Detroit, but not far from it – until now.

But the hottest in rock today is Peter Frampton. The former Humble Pie guitarist whose somewhat struggling solo career suddenly caught fire last year with “Frampton Comes Alive” which is already past the 7 million sales mark in the U.S. – and 12 million worldwide. His new single – “I’m In You” has just been released and his new album (same title) is due out on June 1. His concerts are sold out and it seems, is unstoppable.


Television news – November 15, 1977

The audience for “The Godfather” increased each of the four nights that NBC’s four-part novel for television was on, but ratings for the expensive special apparently fell short of industry expectations. First part got a 22.3 rating. The rating increased to 26.1, and 28 for the third installment and a whopping 28.5 for the fourth broadcast. That made it, according to NBC – the most widely viewed theatrical movie on television – beating “Gone with the Wind.”

Ruth Gordon Guests On “Columbo” This Week

Don’t miss “The Lucille Ball Special” co-starring Vivian Vance, Gale Gordon. On CBS-TV.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 15, 1977

CBS – The Fitzpatricks, MASH, One Day At a Time, Lou Grant

NBC – The Godfather: Te Complete Novel For Television (3 hours), Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Three’s Company Soap, Family (late night) TV movie repeat

PBS – Georgia O’Keeffe, To Be man, Dick Cavett, Captioned ABC News


Happy Days – Joanie runs away.

One Day At a Time – Barbara tries to please her mom – but can she?


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 15, 1977

CBS – 60 Minutes, Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes (see ad), Kojak

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, Memories of Elvis (3 hours)

ABC – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drews, Six Million Dollar Man, Sunday Night Movie

PBS – Masterpiece Theater


Memories of Elvis – Ann-Margret hosts.


Some Top movies – November 15, 1977

A Special Day

New York, New York

Looking For Mr. Goodbar

Oh God!

First Love



Star Wars

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