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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of August 22, 1977 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts





In The News

Maryland Gov. Marvin Mandel is convicted of 17 counts of mail fraud and one of racketeering for helping five friends with legislation favorable to a racetrack they owed.

The Carter Administration is rushing to prepare a new contingency plan for gasoline rationing that would take effect 15 days after any major disruption of supplies.

Fire sweeps through the top three floors of the 10-story U.S. Embassy building in Moscow. No serious injuries were reported.

The Carter Administration is considering a plan to use the nation’s youths as energy detectives. They’d go from house to house to check how effectively people are using energy (you’re kidding Mr. President?.

A list that includes names of 2,235 persons who witnessed a nuclear test 20 years ago has been given to a federal agency trying to determine whether the exposure increased their risk of developing leukemia.   

Secretary of State Cyrus Vance completes his five-day mission to China. He said the talks there “enhanced out mutual understanding and confirmed important common points of interest.”

Dan Redill – a playwright and former war correspondent suffers multiple fractures, collapsed lungs after leaping from the Brooklyn Bridge. He did it to get media attention because his career was floundering.

Update - Budget Director Bert lance and his wife Labelle put their northwest Atlanta estate on the market for a price of $2 million with much of their antique furnishings included. Meanwhile, Lance apparently did not disclose all of his financial holdings and debts in a net worth statement. President Carter says he knew of no proof “that Bert Lance did anything illegal or even unethical” but conceded that review of Lance’s record might show the need for closer regulation on bank offers. 

Quebec City – The Quebec separatist government of Premier Rene Levesque sweeps aside the opposition and wins approval for a bitterly contested law that endorses French as the only official language in the Canadian province.

Courageous, the 12-meter yacht skipped by Ted Turner, wins in the final series to select a defender for the America’s Cup.

The Civil Aeronautics Board approves an Eastern Airlines fare plan that will permit two or more persons traveling together to fly anywhere on Eastern’s routes for $299 each.

Passing – Col Jacob M. Arvey – who rebuilt the Chicago Democratic organization in the late 1940’s and was instrumental in Harry S. Truman’s hairbreadth 1948 presidential victory. He was 81.


Sports news – August 22, 1977

Lou Brock of the St. Louis Cardinals already the holder of most of the major league’s base stealing recordings, steels his 893rd base of his career – besting Ty Cobb’s mark set 49 years ago.


Some bestselling books – August 22, 1977

The Thorn Birds – Colleen McCullough

Illusions – Richard Back

The Crash of ’79 – Paul E. Erdman

Full Disclosure – William Safire

The Book of Lists – David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace, Amy Wallace

Looking Out for #1 – Robert Ringer

Your Erroneous Zones –Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The Dragons of Eden – Carl Sagan


Technology news – August 22, 1977

RCA says it will begin offering home video recorders – priced at $1000 by Christmas. Called “SelectaVision” – buyers will be able to record up to four hours on a single cassette tape. Currently – there is a lawsuit brought by Universal and Walt Disney studios against Sony Corp, charging that such machines can infringe on motion picture copyrights and is still unresolved. RCA maintains the suit has no merit.

General Electric says it will pursue development of harvesting kelp off of California for conversion to methane gas. 


Entertainment /Celebrity news  - August 22, 1977

The bulk of Groucho Marx’ estate – about $2.8 million will be divided evenly among his three children. $150,000 will go to his longtime companion – Erin Fleming who was also given supervision of the late comedian’s business affairs.


Music news – August 22, 1977

Four men who apparently planned to break into the mausoleum where rock idol Elvis Presley’s body is entombed and steal it for ransom, are arrested. Three suspects were arrested near the mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery shortly after midnight. A fourth twisted his knee while running away from police and was arrested later.

Meantime, if Elvis had not passed away on August 16, he would have been winding-up a 12-city tour that was to begin the following day. His last stop would have been Memphis. 

Rod Stewart is sued for $15 million by Swedish actress Britt Eklund,. They had lived together for 2 ½ years, but Stewart recently moved out of the Bel Air home. The suit says during the time they lived together, Ms. Eklund helped him earn $10 million, not counting a $20-million recording contract now in the offering. And she says, she de-emphasized her career in order to help him. 

Peter Frampton and Cher will host the third annual Don Kirshner Rock Music Awards to be telecast by NBC September 15.

Record executive Irving Azoff will be serving as executive producer on a movie called “FM.” Azoff will coordinate the soundtrack – to include a blend of rock standards, current hits and original compositions written for the movie and take charge of a live rock concert which will be filmed for inclusion in the film. The movie is about the going’s on  - at a major market FM rock music station and the music business.   

Country singer Waylon Jennings and his secretary, Lori Evans are arrested on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute and possession of cocaine.


Television news – August 22, 1977

Southern Baptist Convention officials say 10 of the 11 advertisers currently listed as potential sponsors of the controversial “Soap” TV program – have indicated they will not sponsor the show – at least temporarily.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 22, 1977

CBS – Keane Brothers, Year at the Top, Movie

NBC – Sanford and Son, Chico and the Man, Rockford Files, Quincy, Tonight, Midnight Special

ABC – Baseball, Donny and Marie

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week


Keane Brothers – Betty White guests.

Donny and Marie – McLean Stevenson, Sonny James, Osmond Brothers and the Ice Vanities.

Midnight Special – Gladys Knight and the Pips host with Linda Ronstadt, George Carlin, Glen Campbell, Four Seasons, O’Jays, Randy Newman.

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