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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of June 23, 1977 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

The Carter Administration serves notice on Israel that no territory, including the occupied West bank of the Jordan River, can be “automatically excluded” from Middle East peace talks. 

President Carter kills further production of the controversial B-1 bomber in a surprise decision.

The Carter Administration warns Israel’s new government that it would be a serious mistake for Israel to attempt to negotiate a Middle East peace settlement without being prepared to withdraw from the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River.

Huey Newton, cofounder of the Black Panthers, is released on $1,000 bail pending completion of an immigration hearing on whether he can be admitted to the country for a planned 10-day stay. He had been held in Brampton (Canada) jail since his arrival from Cuba. In Cuba, he said he planned to return to the U.S. immediately to face “false charges” of murder and assault in California. He had been living in Cuba since he jumped bail in 1974.

The Supreme Court rules that former President Richard Nixon is not entitled to control his White House tapes and documents. The decision is the first step toward allowing the public access to the materials.

The Soviet Union warns that the 35-nation meeting to review the 1975 Helsinki agreement could ‘break down” unless the agenda satisfies the Russians.

Fire in a padded cell in Columbia, Tennessee sends smoke and toxic gas through the Maury County jail during visiting hours. Deputies trying to free prisoners collided with panicked visitors, losing the keys to cells. 42 are dead. 

President Carter ends a self-imposed moratorium on politics and attends a $1000-a-plate black-tie Democratic fund raiser in New York City.

President Carter’s tax bill is zero, but is paying $6,000 voluntarily.

The Supreme Court ends its 1976-1977 term with a decision ruling out, as cruel and unusual punishment, the death sentence for nonfatal rapes.

Nine major oil exporting countries decide to forgo a planned 5% price increase for crude oil scheduled to take effect, this week.

In New York – Casual marijuana smokers will face fines rather than jail terms the first two times they are caught under a measure passed and sent to Gov. Hugh Carey, who has said he will sign the bill.

President Carter kills further production of the controversial B-1 bomber in a surprise decision that he said was not governed by his campaign statements against the multibillion-dollar program. The President also said that if in the next few years, relations with the Soviet Union deteriorate drastically – “which I don’t expect - it may be necessary for me to change my mind.”

The Supreme Court rules that former President Nixon is not entitled to control his White House tapes and documents. The decision is the first step toward allowing the public access to the materials.

Buddy Cochran (30) rams his sports car into a crowd attending a Ku Klux Klan rally in President Carter’s hometown of Plains, GA injuring at least 30 persons. Also arrested was a man who authorities said wore a Klan robe, held a handgun and was seized as he sprawled atop the vehicle after it had stopped. 


Fascinating Business news – June 23, 1977

Air France announces that it will begin daily flights of the Anglo-French supersonic Concorde to Washington beginning in two weeks. The airline said the increase from its present three flights weekly was in response to public demand.


Technology news – June 23, 1977

The Commerce Department blocks the sale of the Cyber ’76 – a giant computer to the Soviet Union because of “serious concern” the system would be used for military purposes.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – June 23, 1977

 In Chicago, the body of movie producer Mike Todd is stolen from the Waldheim Cemetery in suburban Forest Park. Todd was killed in a 1958 plane crash and his body was burned beyond recognition. Elizabeth Taylor, married to Todd when he died, had visited the gravesite last week to place red roses and an American Flag on it. His movie, “Around The World In Eighty Days,” was a box-office hit at the time of his death and won an Academy award as best picture of that year. Police said a visitor on Sunday noticed a 4 1/2foot-deep hole at Todd’s gravesite, the small brown granite headstone overturned and Miss Taylor’s memorials lying nearby. The coffin lid was pried open and the rubber bag containing his body was gone.  


Sports news – June 23, 1977

Virginia Wade tames her temper and shocks Chris Evert in the woman’s singles semifinals of the centenary Wimbledon Championships, pulling off the biggest upset of this year.  Of course, Tracy Austin (14) becomes the youngest player at Wimbledon, but she was beaten by Chris Evert. 

Texas Rangers Executive Vice President Eddie Robinson announces Manager Eddie Stanky had quit after only one day because he was homesick and wanted to return to his home in Mobile, Ala.


Radio news – June 23, 1977

The FCC votes to begin an inquiry into whether to adopt standards for FM quadraphonic radio broadcasting. Quad utilizes four speakers and gives the listener the effect of hearing sound from any or all directions.

New 93/KHJ (Los Angeles) Line-up:

Charlie Tuna, Dr. John, Bobby Ocean, M. G. Kelly, Mason Dixon, Shana, Sally Adams. Out is Mark Elliott.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – June 23, 1977

Near Chicago - The body of movie producer mike Todd is stolen form the Waldhem Cemetery in Suburban Forest Park, Ill. So far, no ransom demand has been asked. Later - human remains believe to be those of movie producer Mike Todd are recovered in a suburban cemetery a short distance from the grave where he had been buried.

Jackie Gleason has a little face lift to help his checks and chin.

The New York Daily News is picketed by persons protesting the hiring Caroline Kennedy (19) as a $156 -a-week copy person for the summer. Jan Berger, spokesman for “Young Activists Now” says “we have nothing against her, but what about all the poor kids who need jobs and can’t find them?”

The paper says interviews were arranged for five members of the group but “only two of them came in. One was offered a job and turned it down.”


Television news – June 23, 1977

Debuting this week - “Fernwood Tonight” - set in Mary Hartman’s hometown; stars Martin Mull and Fred Willard. Norman Lear produces.

CBS’s “Guiding Light” soap opera celebrates its 25th anniversary. Charita Bauer, who plays Bertha, is the only remaining original cast member of the show.


Top TV shows – June 23, 1977

In Ranking order - “Man From Atlantis” pilot movie starring Patrick Duffy, Charlie’s Angels, Laverne & Shirley, M*A*S*H, Happy Days, Movie-How To Break Up A Happy Divorce, One Day At A Time, Mulligan’s Stew, Quincy, Baretta.


Thursday Night Television – June 23, 1977

(CBS) The Waltons, Hawaii Five-O, Barnaby Jones...(NBC) “Now” - pilot, Movie - “A Touch Of Class”...(ABC) Welcome Back Kotter, What’s Happening, Barney Miller, Fish, Westside Medical.

“Now” is a new magazine (pilot) hosted by Jack Perkins and Linda Ellerbee.

“A Touch Of Class” stars George Segal and Glenda Jackson.

The Waltons - On graduation day, Erin realizes she has no future plans.

Barney Miller - The Precinct copes with a minister who deals with stolen goods.

Allan King guest hosts The Tonight Show with guests Sandy Duncan, Ben Vereen and Norman Fell.


Music news – June 23, 1977

Bob Dylan appears in Santa Monica Superior Court and is divorced by his wife, Sarah, The couple had been married for 11 years and have 5 children. The couple mutually agreed to the dissolution of their marriage. 

The price of an LP rises to $7.98 from $6.98 a year ago... On sale - blank 8-track tapes - pkg of 4 cartridges (90 minute) - $4.99...BASF Chrome cassette blank tapes - C-90 - $2.29 each. 

Country great Loretta Lynn sells movie rights to her autobiography “Coal Miner’s Daughter” for a sum well into the six-figure category her manager says. The book has sold more than 1 million copies in paperback.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) - June 23, 1977

“Undercover Angel” - Alan O’Day, “Dreams” - Fleetwood Mac, “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” - Andy Gibb, “You And Me” - Alice Cooper, “Theme From Rocky” - Bill Conti, “Da Do Ron Ron” - Shaun Cassidy, “Best Of My Love” - Emotions, “Looks Like We Made It” - Barry Manilow.


Top pop music albums – June 23, 1977

“I’m In You” - Peter Frampton, “Rumours” - Fleetwood Mac, “Hotel California” - Eagles, “Foreigner” - Foreigner, “Barry Manilow Live” - Barry Manilow, “Izitso” - Cat Stevens, “Commodores” - Commodores.


Top Country Hit Music Singles – June 23, 1977

“ Luckenbach Texas” - Waylon Jennings, “I’ll Be Leaving Alone” - Charlie Pride, “That Was Yesterday” - Donna Fargo, “It Was Almost Like A Song” - Ronnie Milsap, “Your Man Loves You Honey” - Tom T. Hall  

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