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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 22, 1977 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Carter pledges to fight to the finish for approval of his controversial plan to impose higher taxes on gasoline if the nation’s fuel consumption keeps rising.

The Carter Administration proposes payment of rebates to purchases of fuel-efficient new cars bought this week and thereafter as part of President Carter’s energy plan.

U.S. imports, boosted by a 22.2% increase in petroleum purchases exceeded the $12 billion mark for the first time ever during March and helped push the nation’s trade balance into a record $2.4 billion deficit for the month. 

President Carter concludes talks with Jordan’s King Hussein and said it might be better to abandon plans for a Geneva conference on the Middle east “unless we se some strong possibilities for substantial achievements.’

A Sudanese student at the University of California, upset over campus rumors about his personal life, apparently went berserk, shooting to death two fellow Sudanese students and wounding another.  

 New York mayor Abraham Beame presents a $13.8 billion budget for near-broke New York that for the first time in years was in balance.

Americans who bought 1977 Buicks, Oldsmobiles or Pontiacs powered by Chevrolet engines will get either a new car or a special long-term warranty on their present car. Some 128,000 of these cars had the wrong engine!

The 35.2 million Americans who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income will get a 5.9% increase in benefits starting July 1.

Consumer prices rose .6% in March, a slower rate of increase than in the previous two months.

Former First Lady Betty Ford is admitted at Eisenhower Medical Center for Diagnostic tests of a recurring pinched nerve in her neck.

Billy Carter has been ordered by the federal government to clean up debris around his Plains, Ga., service station to meet health and safety requirements. He had been cited for such things as – an improperly charged fire extinguisher, two ungrounded electrical tools and failure to display a government notice that the premises are covered by OSHA regulations. 


Technology news – April 22, 1977

 Polaroid which developed the instant photography process, unveils a movie-in-a-minute system, Called Polavision the camera and television-like viewer would be available to the public by fall. It takes silent movies because Polaroid has not yet been able to develop a high-enough quality sound system. (This ad is the system in retail, around 1980).


Sports news – April 22, 1977

The Philadelphia 76ers, led by Julius Erving, Doug Collins and substitute Steve Mix, outscore Boston 33-8 in a nine-minute first –half surge and best the Celtics 101-91 in a National Basketball Assn Eastern Conference semifinal playoff game.


Radio news – April 22, 1977

Arthur Godfrey and 20 other radio personalities are inducted as the first members of the new National Broadcasters Hall of fame. The ceremonies at freehold, NJ, described as containing the only comprehensive collection of radio memorabilia in the country, were highlighted by the appearance of Godfrey who spoke romantically of a broadcast era when radio shows were live and slips of the tongue often went on the air uncensored.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – April 22, 1977

The long-anticipated Star Trek movie script still needs a lot of work. According to creator Gene Roddenberry (who is 55), the long-anticipated script, although containing good concepts, needs considerable rewriting. Paramount has made a small fortune syndicating the series and licensing Star Trek books and other products. More than 160 U.S. TV stations and 120 foreign video outlets carry the original 79 episodes.


Music news – April 22, 1977

The Nashville Banner reports that Elvis Presley has been put on the market by his long-time manager – Col. Tom Parker the Banner quoted sources close to Presley as saying health and financial problems are prompting Parker to end his 22-year relationship with Presley. The paper said heavy losses by Parker at the Las Vegas Hilton gambling tables was the immediate cause. Sources say a group of West Coast businessmen has expressed interest in obtaining the 42-year-old singer’s contract. Another source was quoted – “The Colonel isn’t necessarily broke. He just needs some money, like about a cool million he lost in December alone.”

Colorado - Singer Claudine Longet is sharing a cell in the Pitkin County Jail with a woman serving a 30-day sentence for drunken driving. Miss Longet began serving a 30-day misdemeanor sentence for criminally negligent homicide in the shooting death of her lover, skier Vladimir (Spider) Sabich.

For the past month the Starship has been rehearsing in member Paul Kantner’s house – working on songs for a new album.

The Nitty Gritty dirt Band, which has played before audiences throughout the nation, is taking its blend of rock., bluegrass and country to Russia – on the Tbilisi, Yerevan and Riga circuit.

Lou Adler is putting Cheech and Chong in a movie. He’s produced their successful comedy albums (on his label – Ode). Adler says there is an audience prepared for rock n roll comedy.

Music on Television – K.C. and the Sunshine Band perform on the Paul Lynde Comedy Hour – ABC-TV.


Television news – April 22, 1977

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is being canceled and according to producer Norman Lear: “Mary was greeted as a phenomenon. Phenomenons almost by  definition have a limited life. This phenomenon settled into a hit and that’s where we want to leave it.”

CBS has canceled The Sonny and Cher Show. Falling ratings were the reason.

Gong Show Prime Time Special This Week In 1977. “The All-Star Gong Show Special.” Host Chuck Barris with guest stars Tony Randall, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Ben Vereen Ray Charles and others.

When Television Was Young –  A Two-Hour CBS Special With Charles Kuralt.


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – April 22, 1977

CBS – Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart Show, All in the Family, All’s Fair, Carol Burnett

NBC – Movie, Highlights of the 1976 Miss World Beauty Pageant, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Paul Lynde Comedy Hour, Starsky and Hutch, Dog and Cat

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