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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 1, 1977 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The first American load of medical supplies for survivors of a massive earthquake arrives in Romania. At least 4,000 are dead with 80,000 homeless.

Genocide - It’s reported that President Ida Amin’s 5,000-man ‘”death Squad” was sweeping through Uganda, killing more Lango and Acholi tribesmen. Seperately - earlier in the week – Amin changed his position when it was announced that more than 200 Americans inside Uganda were free to go anywhere they like, inside or outside the country.

President Carter takes questions from listeners in a special two-hour CBS radio event. 42 persons with questions got through.. The show was conducted by Walter Cronkite. 

Secretary of State Cyrus Vance says a thorough check of former President Richard Nixon’s papers shows there is no secret agreement between the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China.

Gov. James Rhodes of Ohio was turned away from a White House black tie sinner when he showed up with is two uninvited grandchildren.

The Supreme Court rules that widowers are victims of sex discrimination when they are considered for Social Security pensions, an edict that could directly affect at least 220,000 persons. 

At the urging of the Carter Administration, the senate Finance Committee abruptly reverses itself and votes against raising Social Security taxes this year.


Fascinating Facts – March 1, 1977

A 63-year-old pensioner in Demark may be nearing the end of a six-year ordeal of pain during which doctors removed 32,131 barberry thorns from his body. It began in April of 1971 when Tjens Kjaer Jenson fell into a heap of thorny branches from a barberry hedge, common in Europe and the U.s., that he had been trimming around his home. He tried to get up, but kept falling back onto the needle-sharp thorns until he fainted from pain. Later this month, Jensen will make his 248th visit to the county hospital for thorn removal. 

Chip and Caron Carter (he’s President Carter’s son) – have their first child – James Earl Carter IV.


Sports news – March 1, 1977

UCLA forward Marquest Johnson gets UPI’s college basketball Player of the Year – for the 1976-77 season.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – March 1, 1977

Bing Crosby, performing at a benefit commemorating his 50th year in show biz, takes a 20-foot fall at the Pasadena (CA) Ambassador Auditorium. 

Passing – Eddie (Rochester) Anderson (72) – who portrayed the late jack Benny’s chauffeur and butler. 


Music news – March 1, 1977

Alice Cooper mellow? If his last two singles are any indication – yes. And they’re not bad at all – “Only Women Bleed” and “I Never Cry.” He’s about to release another ballad – “You and Me.” He says of them – “the ballads have been good because so many people thought Alice Cooper was on one level, the stage show, and that’s all. Nobody ever gave me credit for the music. it got to a point where I was frustrated about reviews that said the show was great and didn’t even mention the music. Now people have to take my music more seriously.”  Cooper says – of all things – his favorite music is romantic and he love Burt Bacharach’s music. “I also love soundtrack albums form movies. I have very few rock ‘n’ roll records. I know that’s weird for somebody with my reputation.”  

Frankie Valli says he is leaving the Four Seasons for a solo career. “I’ve just had it with being part of a group. I want to go out and see if I can shape my own destiny without having to worry about the effect it will have on the group.”

Music On Television – John Denver – Thank God I’m A Country Boy. With Glen Cambell, Roger Miller and Mary-Kay Place. Special guest – Johnny Cash. On ABC-TV.

Also on ABC-TV - The Barry Manilow Special. 


Television news – March 1, 1977

Chuck Barris will produce Four prime-time Gong Show specials for NBC during the next two years. Look for the first one in May. The show is now is in a nighttime version as well.

Dean Martin roasts Ted Night – on NBC-TV.

Debut on ABC-TV – Drama series: Dog and Cat starring Lou Antonio and Kim Basinger. She’s Hip! He’s Square! Together, They Put Crooks In the Cooler.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 1, 1977

CBS – The Jeffersons, Busting Loose, Maude, All’s Fair, The Andros Targets

NBC – Little House on the prairie, Movie, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Captain and Tenille, Most Wanted, Feather and Father Gang

 PBS – Microbes and Men, The Pallisers


Debut - Feather and Father Gang – (see ad) stars Stefanie Powers and Harold Gould.

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