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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 8, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Passing - Mao Tse-Tung (82) - China’s party chairman.

A Soviet pilot who defected in a MG_25 jet fighter will be flown from Japan to the U.S. for political asylum that was personally assured by President Ford.

President Ford says he favors a constitutional amendment permitting individual states to decide whether to allow abortions.

A panel of the National Academy of Sciences confirms that Aerosol spray propellants are gradually depleting the earth’s protective shield of ozone and that selective regulation of fluorocarbon propellants “is almost certain to be necessary.”

President Ford officially launches his campaign against Jimmy Carter by challenging the Democratic candidate head-on saying “it is not enough for anyone to say “trust me’ - trust must be earned.” “The question in this campaign of 1976 is not, ‘Who has the better vision of America.’ The question is, “who will act to make that vision a reality?’”

An Illinois poll published by the Chicago Tribune shows President Ford ahead of Jimmy Carter.  

Hijackers - 4 men and a woman who carried out the hijacking of an American jetliner with fake bombs are returned to New York from Paris to face charges.

More hijack - Croatian nationalists hijack a New York-to-Chicago jetliner and give police directions to a bomb planted in the heart of New York City. The bomb exploded when experts tried to disarm it, killing one policeman and injuring three.

The hijackers released 31 passengers when the TWA jet stopped to refuel in Newfoundland 61 remained on the jet. Officials said their ultimate goal was Yugoslavia, possibly via London. But the jet lacked the range.

Above Yugoslavia - A British and a Yugoslav jetliner collide in mid-air killing all 176 aboard the planes, hurling bodies and debris 30,000 feet below. Several persons in ground control were arrested.

John (Jamie) Rockefeller (7) son of John (Jay) Rockefeller IV, West Virginia’s democratic gubernatorial nominee, remains hospitalized in Charleston after his bicycle was hit by a car. He’s in satisfactory condition.

The Senate, amid charges that it lacked political guts in an election year, approves a one-year ban on cost-of-living pay raises for members of Congress.

Speaking on a talk radio show in Macon (GA), William L. Calley Jr., convicted of murdering 22 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai, said he believed he had been chosen as a scapegoat for My Lai because he had refused to lie about the killings. He said he favored amnesty for draft dodgers but not for deserters. Calley is now an insurance salesman.

Susan Ford moves out of the White House and is now living with three college classmates in a townhouse in suburban Alexandria. She’s living with three college friends who attend Mt. Vernon Junior College with her. But Susan will be attending the University of Kansa in January to pursue her interest in photography.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – September 8, 1976

Star Trek fans, in a letter-writing campaign, get a name change. The White House will change the name of the Constitution shuttle orbiter to the Enterprise. Apparently too, President Ford likes the name of Enterprise over the Constitution. The shuttle will take off like a rocket and return to earth like a conventional airline and will be capable of making 100 or more roundtrips into space.

Off Long Beach (CA) - A 10-knot wind forces Jack LaLanne to give-up in towing 13 boats. LaLanne, his hands a feet tied, a rope around his waist connecting him to the front boat, his white bathing cap bobbing up and down as he struggled with a combination breaststroke and dog paddle. LaLanne’s birthday swims (he’s 62) are becoming an annual rite.

Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson decide on a trial separation. They have no plans for divorce. They have a daughter, Niki (10).

Ms. Minnesota, Dorothy Kathleen Benham is crowned Miss America in Atlantic City.


Playing in Las Vegas -

Ray Charles - Aladdin

Juliet Prowse/Foster Brooks - Frontier

Dean Martin - MGM Grand

Liberace - Hilton

Olivia Newton-John - Riviera

Kay Starr - Sahara

Wayne Newton – Sands


Sports news – September 8, 1976

The National Football League’s college player draft is declared illegal by a federal district court. The case was brought by Jim (Yazoo) Smith with the judge saying the draft violates antitrust laws by unreasonably restraining a player’s right to bargain effectively.


Music news – September 8, 1976

In New York, U.S. Dist. Judge Richard Owen finds George Harrison guilty of “unknowingly” plagiarizing the 1962 John Mack hit song “He’s So Fine” for his 1970 hit “My Sweet Lord.” “I do not believe he did so deliberately,” said the judge.

Sheriff hush-hush - It is disclosed that last week - record company executive Lou Adler was kidnapped from his Malibu (CA) home and released eight hours later after a $25,000 ransom was paid. Adler, president of Ode Records, was unharmed. Arrested were Sandor Nagy (38) and Veronica Franovich (26) of local Torrence. They were arrested the day after the kidnapping. Adler was abducted after the kidnappers forced an employee of the record company to admit them to Adler’s Malibu home. Adler reportedly was taken to another residence in Malibu owned by him and held captive until the ransom was paid. Handguns and handcuffs were used.

James Taylor will be the musical guest on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” September 18.


Television news – September 8, 1976

Aretha Franklin, Leonard Nimoy, Hal Linden, Ethel Merman and Bob and Ray will be part of NBC-

TV’s “The Big Party” which will kick-off its “Big Event” series Sept. 26. The program will cover three parties at New York locations to salute sports, performing arts and motion picture activities.


Some top movies – September 8, 1976

Poor White Trash


Silent Movie

Murder By Death

Logan’s Run

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