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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 8, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Sen. James Buckley of New York says he would permit his name to be placed in nomination for the Presidency if there is a chance the move could open the Republican contest to a second ballot.

Hurricane Belle whips across North Carolina’s vulnerable Outer Banks islands and out to the ocean – heading north toward Long Island.

Black activist Eldridge Cleaver is released on $100,000 bail. Cleaver, who jumped bail in 1968, faces charges in a 1968 Oakland shootout.

The body of John Roselli, a key figure with slain Chicago mobster Sam (Momo) Giancana in a CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, is found in a chain-wrapped metal drum floating in an arm of Biscayne Bay.

Ohio Rep Wayne Hays withdraws as a candidate for reelection, blaming ill health and torment from the Elizabeth Ray sex scandal.  

Symbionese Liberation Army members William and Emily Harris were both fund guilty of two counts of kidnapping, one count of armed robbery and two counts of auto theft by a Superior Court jury.

The Viking 1 – now on Mars reveals a positive carbon test on the red planet – an exciting discovery.   

Tal Zaatar – a Palestinian refugee camp falls to right-win Christian forces.

Jimmy Carter says that one of his aides made a “serious mistake” in disclosing an intrastaff memo listing CIA Director George Bush as an example of Republican officeholders who got their job after failing in the political arena.

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sends his regrets to the French government over the uproar caused in France by U.s. opposition to French sale of a nuclear plant to Pakistan.

Art thieves anesthetized two watchdogs and stole paintings worth an estimated $12 million from the villa of industrialist Angelo Sala in Italy.

A staff aide to Sen. Jacob K. Javits of New York is among four killed in an apparent Palestinian attempt to hijack an Israeli airliner at the Istanbul airport.

Alexandros Andreadis, husband of heiress Christina Onassis, is recuperating in an Athens hospital from injuries suffered n a motorcycle accident on the Onassis island retreat of Scorpios. He suffered leg and spine injuries when is motorcycle went out of control as he sped along the narrow paths of the tree-covered island in the Ionian Sea.

Passing – Western movie actor Raymond (Crash) Corrigan, who appeared in 105 movies. He was 74.


Medical/Health – Swine Flu Update – August 8, 1976

Calling Swine Flu “a potential public health emergency,” President Ford signs a bill clearing the way for a massive campaign to immunize nearly every American against the disease.


Fascinating Business news – August 8, 1976

General Motors says it will make the first on board use of digital computers in a production automobile on 1977 Oldsmobile Tornados this fall. The minicomputer will be used to continually adjust ignition timing for maximum fuel economy.


Sports news – August 8, 1976

Bowie Kuhn, rules that the designated hitter rule will be in effect for this year’s World Series and in alternating years until the two major leagues reach agreement. American League owners endorse the rule, which has been in effect n the AL since 1973.

Officials of the U.S. Tennis Assn. say they will decide by Aug. 20 whether transsexual Renee Richards once a ranking male player, will be permitted to compete with women in the U.S. Open championships.

Fred Lynn, the Boston Red Sox center fielder and last year’s American League MVP – signs a multiyear contract with the club.

John Candelaria – the pitcher who is known as the Candy Man – Pitches Pittsburgh to a 2-0 – no hit victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Muhammad Ali says his lawyers won’t like it, but he’s going to buy a new home for sprinter Houston McTear and his family. Ali said he’d buy the house after hearing that McTear was one of 10 family members sharing a small rural home, some call it a shack in the Florida panhandle.


Music news – August 8, 1976

The Soviet state record company, Medlodiya, will release former Beatle Paul McCartney’s best-selling album, “Band on the Run.”


Some top movies – August 8, 1976


Silent Movie

Harry & Walter Go To New York

Bad News Bears




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