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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of July 7, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Ford welcomes Queen Elizabeth to the White House as she began a two-day visit to Washington. “Your Majesty, the wounds of our parting in 1776 healed long ago. Americans admire the United Kingdom as one of our truest allies and best friends,” said President Ford. 

The single remaining Israel hostage from an Air France jet was dragged screaming from a hospital in Kampala, Uganda and is believed to have smothered to death in the process.

At the orders of a “really quite irritated’ President ford, HEW Secretary David Mathews suspends a ruling banning father-son and mother-daughter events in public schools. The President said he will ask Congress, to act, if necessary, to ensure that such ‘traditional American activities as father and son and mother and daughter school events can continue.”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip stood in an open limousine and waved at hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers lining the streets as tons of ticker-tape and paper showered down on them to start the second phase of their bicentennial state visit.  The royal couple arrived at the Battery at the sound end of Manhattan aboard the royal yacht Britannia. As the yacht passed the Statue of Liberty, a 21-gun salute boomed out amid whistles from ships in the harbor.

In Angola – four white mercenaries are executed by firing squad in Luanda. One was American – the other three British.

Ronald Reagan tells a national TV audience that Caucasians often were the victims of “reverse discrimination” because of federal affirmative action programs aimed at helping minorities.

Former First Lady Pat Nixon is reported in serious condition after a stroke. She has moderate paralysis on her left side and her speech is slightly impaired. 

Thomas Curtis, former chairman of the Federal election Commission and now a delegate supporting Ronald Reagan, accuses the Republican National Committee of trying to rig the GOP National Convention in favor of President Ford.

Democrats gather in New York for their convention and frontrunner Jimmy Carter tells a rally outside his headquarters that he and the Democratic Party would work to solve urban problems, not only in New York but all across the nation.

Uganda accuses Israel of “naked aggression” in the rescue of hijacked hostages from Entebbe Airport.

Israel says it will prove before the U.N Security Council the “complicity” of Ugandan leader Idi Amin in the Entebbe airport hijacking.

Scientists say they have developed an artificially flavored cigarette that is far lower in harmful ingredients than anything now on the market. It is made of treated tobacco and an undisclosed inert filler.

$2 bills bombing - More than 210(million) two-dollar bills have been delivered by the government to banks but relatively few have found their way into general circulation. Many are being hoarded as collector’s items.

Higher prices for steel and gasoline push wholesale prices up .4% in June.


Sports news – July 7, 1976

Passing – Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey. He was 73.


Music news – July 7, 1976

 English singer Kiki Dee, who had a hit a few years ago with “I’ve Got The Music In Me” is on the charts again – this time with Elton John in “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – July 7, 1976

CBS – Sara, Movie

NBC – Sanford and Son, The Practice, Rockford Files, Police Story, Tonight, Midnight Special

ABC – Donny and Marie, Movie (late Night) The Rookies rerun


Midnight Special – Rita Coolidge hosts with Willie Nelson, Jackie DeShannon, Booker To and the MG’s.


Top movies – July 7, 1976

The Omen

Bad News Bears

Buffalo Bill

Tunnel Vision

Mother, Jugs & Speed


Rock & Roll Your Eyes

Breaking Point           

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