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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 15, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Campaigning – Jimmy Carter proposes universal and mandatory national health insurance if he becomes President and charged that Medicaid has become a national scandal “bilked by charlatans.”

Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, says that women’s libbers are “idiotic” and that he is firmly opposed to divorce.

Retired Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr., former chief of naval operations, has described Vice Adm. Hyman Rickover as “a malady” afflicting the whole navy. Zumwalt, who seeks a democratic senate seat from Virginia, says in a forthcoming book that Rickover’s emphasis on expensive nuclear ships has been particularly damaging to the surface Navy.

The gross national product soars at an annual rate of 7.5% after adjustment for inflation in the first quarter of 1976 for its broadest show of strength since the recession ended last April.

Thousands of children romped onto the White House lawn for the annual ester egg roll and President and Mrs. Ford made sure there would be no accidental yolk spilling by putting out plastic eggs instead of real ones.

A heat wave hits the northeast as temperatures in NYC hit 96 degrees.

President Ford’s spokesman says the United States is investigating reported attacks on Cuban vessels in the Caribbean and that action will be taken against anyone under U.S. jurisdiction who was involved.

President Ford, on a campaign trip through Indiana, says the United States will go ahead with building the controversial B-1 supersonic bomber expected ultimately to cost $21.4 billion.

The government says that 36.3 million persons receiving Social Security or supplemental security income benefits will receive a 6.4% cost-of-living increase beginning with their July 3 checks.

New Hampshire - Former Charles Manson follower Linda Kasabian Christian is arraigned in district court on riot charges. She was one of 11 persons charged with rioting, interfering with fire apparatus and resisting arrest in a protest over the moving of a family out of an apartment in Litchfield. 

Boston - A bomb rips through a courthouse probation office 20 minutes after a telephoned warning containing what a state official said were “ethnic connotations.” Police said at least 18 persons were injured including a man who lost a leg.

General Motors Corp. reports a mid-April new car sales record that paced the U.S. auto industry to a 70% jump over last year’s 14-year low.

Michael Greet, a jet-set interior decorator who redecorated portions of the White House for the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon administrations, is found apparently strangled to death.

For the first time in 10 years – The Fonda’s are photographed together. In picture – Henry, Peter and Jane.   

First Lady Betty Ford – In San Antonio – uses her own CB portable radio – a gift from the family. Her handle is “First Mama” and she talked to CBers in the area as she was going to the airport.

More than 100 meteorites, including a fireball that weighted almost two tons, fell on northeast China last month in one of the largest known meteorite showers in history.

Martha Mitchell who has been under treatment for bone cancer since last fall, now is a patient at the Hospital for special surgery. She was admitted after breaking her arm.

Timothy Leary – once the high priest of LSD – wins parole and his release in San Diego. 


Technology news – April 15, 1976

Kodak unveils its instant camera – putting it in direct competition with Polaroid for a market Polaroid has long had to itself. The cheapest version of the camera – the EK4 – will carry a list price of $53.50. The EK6 camera with automatic ejection carries a price of $69.50.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – April 15, 1976

Playing in Las Vegas –

Bette  Midler – Caesars Palace

Wayne Newton – Frontier

Connie Sevens/Ike and Tina Turner – Hilton

Burt Bacharach/Joel Grey – Riviera

Bob Newhart/Doc Severinsen - Sands

Sandler and Young – Thunderbird


Comedienne Totie Fields’ left leg is amputated during surgery to deal with damage caused by phlebitis. She’s doing good.

Brigitte Bardot announces in Paris that she would not make any more movies – ending a 40-year movie career. “I always detested making films, but from the beginning I thought that I could use the money from them to buy a farm and have my own animals.” Now she does. Her farm, outside Paris has 10 goats, 7 sheep a donkey, cats and dogs. “I see animals as our superiors because they take care of themselves without any problems.”


Television news – April 15, 1976

Barbara Walters will switch to ABC this fall to become the first woman to co-anchor a network newscast.

President Ford makes a taped cameo on “Saturday Night Live” this week saying – “I’m President Ford and You’re Not.” Often, Chevy Chase pokes fun at the president by walking and bumping into things. His “I’m Chevy Chase And You’re Not” always gets laughs.

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