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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 15, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Last to testify – Patricia Hearst’s mother goes to the stand in the final day of testimony at Patricia Hearst’ bank robbery trial. She told the court her daughter was a sweet girl.

Patricia Hearst is found guilty of joining her SLA terrorist abductors in the armed robbery of a San Francisco bank.

Primary - President Ford beats Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter wins in Illinois!

The Ford Administration unveils legislation limiting bugging and wiretapping in intelligence investigations within the United States and claimed broad bipartisan support for it.

Irish Prime Minister Liam Cosgrave says American contributions are being used to buy guns and explosives in Northern Ireland and are “helping to kill or maim Irish men and women of every religious persuasion.”

The world’s population hits 4 billion this week. 

In a movie to punish the Soviet Union for it actions in Angola, the U.S. calls off talks on energy, housing and commercial cooperation.

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger vows that the United States will resist ‘adventurism” by the Soviet Union around the globe while trying to restrain increasing soviet power through peaceful economic and technological cooperation.

Jimmy Carter attacks his Democratic rival Sen. Henry Jackson as a potential president who would be ‘bellicose” and reluctant to seek good relationships with Russia.

Lebanese Premier Rashid Karami escapes death in an assassination attempt as a rocket is fired into their airplane.

Radio Uganda reports that Uganda’s President Idi Amin has sent a message to Lord Snowdon saying the breakdown of his marriage to Britain’s Princess Margaret ‘will be a lesson to all of us men to be careful not to marry ladies in very high positions,” Husbands in such marriages, the Ugandan leader said, “can summarily be dismissed by their wives.”

Catherine Mellon (7) and Constance Mellon (5) – two young daughters of wealthy Pittsburgh banker Seward Prosser Mellon are abducted for the second time in little more than three months as a custody battle continued between Mellon and the woman he divorced after eight years of marriage. They were living with the mother in Brooklyn. A note to her attorney says the children are fine.

Two Republican governors say they and other GOP governors are calling on Ronald Reagan to quit the GOP presidential nomination race and work for the election of President Ford.

Tokyo - A light plane flown by an actor shouting, “long live the Emperor!” plunges into the house of Yoshio Kodama, central figure in the Lockheed payoff scandal in Tokyo. Kodama was uninjured. The pilot was killed.

Consumer prices in February posted their smallest monthly increase - .1% in more than four years.

Barred at least temporarily from making supersonic flights to New York, British Airways and Air France announce they will begin Concorde SST service to the U.S. on May 24 with flights to Washington’s Dulles Airport.


Sports news – March 15, 1976

Hot – In a game against the Red Wings - Reggie Leach scores his 54th goal of the season as the Philadelphia Flyers stretch their unbeaten string to 23 games. Final score was 3-2.

Shot to death – early NBA star Joe Fulks (54) – shot in the neck in Kentucky.

Middleweight boxing contender Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, convicted nine years ago on three counts of murder in a barroom shooting – is granted a new trial by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Carter was the No. 1 ranked contender for the middleweight crown in 1966. He is free on bail as is his codefendant – John Artis.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Television news – March 15, 1976

Barbara Walters (44) cohost of NBC’s Today show – is granted an uncontested divorce from her husband of 13 years,  Lee Guber. She and Guber – her second husband, have been living apart since May 1974 and have an 8-year-old adopted daughter, Jacqueline.

In Aspen - Dist. Atty. Frank Tucker says he had “sufficient evidence now” to file charges of criminally negligent homicide against singer-actress Claudine Longet in connection with the shooting death of skier Vladimir (Spider) Sabich. In court, she is indicted and by her side, former husband – singer Andy Williams. She was told her rights and released on $5,000 personal recognizance bond.

ABC signs Barry Manilow for a one-hour special for late this year. ABC seems to like recording artists and has a number of them under contract – Diana Ross, Lola Falana, Captain and Tennille, Bette Midler and Olivia Newton John. Most will do specials (see ad for Falana).  

ABC-TV – Lola Falana Special with Art Carney and Dennis Weaver.

Weds – actress Kim Novak to veterinarian Dr. Robert Malloy.

He has never been seen on television – just heard. Lorenzo Music – the voice of “Carlton the Doorman” on Rhoda will make his film debut in the TV movie “Nickelodeon.” Music co-created Rhoda and the Bob Newhart show.

Jumps ship – Model Jackie Smith – who use to appear in TV commercials as the Breck girl – is now doing commercials for rival Wella Balsam. 

On Mac Davis Show – New On NBC. This week – Dean Martin and Tina Turner guest.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 15, 1976

CBS – Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, More Travels with Flip, Movie

NBC – Sanford and Son, the Practice, Rockford Files, Police Story, Tonight, Midnight Special

ABC – Donny and Marie, Made for TV movie – Time Travelers (see ad), Skiing Free: World Trophy Women’s Freestyle Tour

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week. 


Midnight Special – Helen Reddy hosts with Jimmie Walker, Melissa Manchester, Peter Franklin, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan.


Some Top movies – March 15, 1976

Gable & Lombard


Blazing saddles

One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Dog Day Afternoon

Beyond the Grave   


Hester street

Taxi Driver    


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