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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 24, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts





In The News

Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and members of Congress say the CIA illegally opened and read the mail of prominent U.S. citizens including Richard Nixon and U.S. senators – for some 20 years.

In the wake of 5 terrorist executions – Spain recalls ambassadors from an outraged Europe, while most West European counties pulled their ambassadors out of Madrid.

Portugal’s premier orders troops to occupy the nation’s Communist-controlled radio and television stations and said the action was taken to prevent Portugal’s falling into anarchy. 

More Spain – strikers protest against the execution of five urban guerrillas paralyzed parts of the Basque country and brought an extraordinary session of the government in Madrid to consider the violent Spanish and foreign reaction to the deaths.

In an interview – Sara Jane Moore says a desperate sense of isolation growing out of her estrangement from her radical friends led her to try to assassinate President Ford last week. In a letter to a local newspaper – Fromme said she was no “kiddie playing radical” and blamed the President for ignoring world problems in favor of making personal campaign appearances.

President Ford discloses that the U.S. is prepared to offer “certain” military assistance to Egypt.

President Ford says that the 10% oil price hike announce by OPEC would spur further inflation and unemployment in the U.S., setting back the nation’s economic recovery.

An undercover agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and firearms was offered $25,000 within the past month to kill President Ford, so says Rex Davis – director of the bureau. 

The White House says that President Ford will cut back on his travels after two attempts on his life in 17 days.

President Ford asks Congress for an additional $11 million for the next fiscal year to hire 150 more Secret Service agents.

Gov. Milton J. Shapp becomes the eighth democratic candidate for the party’s 1976 presidential nomination.

Former world chess champion Boris Spassky marries his French fiancée after months of difficulties with Soviet and French authorities. “I hope this marriage will give me an extra queen in my chess competition.”

Telly Savalas will sing for Queen Elizabeth in November. The actor will appear with Charles Aznavour, the Carpenters and Count Basie. Many say he can act better than he can sing – but let’s see.

The nation’s balance of trade swelled to a $1.04 billion surplus in August because food exports grew faster than oil imports.

Diana Nyad plunges into the oily east River intent on swimming around Manhattan. 6 hours and 45 minutes later, she gave up – eight miles short of her goal. Nyad is the world’s top-ranked woman marathon swimmer. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – September 24, 1975

At the movies: Linda Lovelace For President. She does for politics what she did for sex. Starring Linda and a cast of thousands. Restricted Audiences.

1964 decision overturned - The FCC rules that broadcasters of debates and news conferences involving political candidates no longer were required to offer equal time to other candidates of the same office.

Money magazine’s analysis of Jacqueline Onassis’ $341,000 annual income stirs speculation among tax lawyers. The magazine claims that available figures on her spending habits indicate she will be operating $40,000 in the red this year!


Sports news – September 24, 1975

Passing – Casey Stengal (85) – Baseball’s grand old man.


Music news – September 24, 1975         

Melody Maker readers poll votes Led Zeppelin the top rock band.

John Denver’s “Windsong” album enters No. 2 of Billboard’s national album charts – the highest any American artist has ever debuted. Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” holds the record – debuting at #1 last summer.

Saturday Night Live W/Howard Cosell – Features The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Alex Karras. Also – Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier! On ABC-TV!


Television news – September 24, 1975

The entire cast of “Happy Days” will join Dinah Shore for a 90-minute special edition of her syndicated talk show. Look for it next month.


Some top movies – September 24, 1975

Beyond the Door


Farewell My Lovely

Monty Python & The Holy Grail

Linda Lovelace for President


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