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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 8, 1976 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The United Nations general Assembly votes to declare Zionism – the Jewish nationalist movement – a form of racism.

Just after a cabinet shakeup - President Ford acknowledges that there had been growing tension between Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger and Secretary of state Henry A. Kissinger.

President Ford is called as the first witness in Lynette Fromme’s alleged assassination attempt. He becomes the first President ever to testify in a criminal trail. Ford’s videotaped testimony offered nothing really new.

Justice William O. Douglas resigns from the Supreme Court on the advice of his doctors. He said he was leaving the bench because the crippling stroke he suffered last Dec. 31 had made it impossible ‘to shoulder my full share of the burden.” He had been on the court for 36 years – longer than any other.

A quick-acting pilot brings his DC-10 jetliner to a halt after it caught fire during takeoff at Kennedy Airport – and all 139 on board left safely.

Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger rules out a summit meeting between President Ford and Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev until differences with the Soviet Union on limiting nuclear weapons are bridged.

A Superior Court judge rules that Karen Anne Quinlan must be kept alive with a mechanical life-support system because ‘there is no constitutional right to die."

The Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks climbed 13.70 to 852.35 – gaining 13.70. 


Fascinating Business news – November 8, 1975

U.S. auto makers continue their sale recovery from a two-year slump in the first 10 days of November – new car sales were up 45% from the levels of a year ago.

American Motors Corp reports that it lost $27.5 million or 92 cents per share in fiscal 1975.


Some best- selling books – November 8, 1975

Ragtime – EL. Doctorow

Curtain – Agatha Christie

Shogun – James Clavell

Looking for Mr. Goodbar – Judith Rossner

Humbeldt’s Gift – Saul Bellow

The Eagle Has landed – Jack Higgins

Sylvia Poerter’s Money Book – Sylvia Poerter

Winning Through Intimidation – Robert Ringer

TM – Bloomfield Cain and Jaffe

Power How To Get It, How to Use It – Michael Korda


Sports news – November 8, 1975

Terry Bradshaw threw three touchdown passes for the Steelers – including a 21-yeafer to John Stallworth that snapped a tie with 38 seconds t play – as the Steelers beat the Houston Oilers 24-17.


Music news – November 8, 1975

Cher is named in a divorce suite filed by Gregg Allman, her husband of four months.

Everybody is asking – What was Bruce Springsteen doing on the Oct. 20 covers of Newsweek and Time? Since National news magazine cover stories on pop music figures are not only rare, they are usually reserved for artists with firmly established, long-range artistry or popularity. One thing for sure – it’s not hype from the record company or Springsteen himself. Both magazines wanted to do stories on Springsteen, but manager Mike Appel insisted that he be on the covers – never believing they would go for it. And another thing, neither article would have come to fruition without the success of “Born to Run.” Springsteen it is said, is probably the first time reviewers have created a star by themselves. You see, Springsteen has always had terrific reviews from rock critics – since the days he was shopped to Columbia Records in 1972.  

Music On Television – The Grand Ole Opry At 50. Co-hosts – Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. ABC-TV.


Television news – November 8, 1975     

President Ford’s appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, marks the final show for Lawrence G. Spivak, who began the program on radio some 30 years ago. Mr. Ford concluded the broadcast by congratulating him “on behalf of all who have gone before me” in the 30 years of which 28 have been on television. His replacement is Bill Monroe.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 8, 1975  

CBS – Three for the Road, Cher, Kojak, Bronk

NBC – Disney, McMillan and Wife

ABC – The Swiss Family Robinson, Six Million Dollar Man, Movie

PBS – Evening at Symphony, Masterpiece Theater


Cher – The Spinners, Steve martin and Wayne Newton.


Top movies – November 8, 1975

Rooster Cogburn



Swinging Barmaids

True Life Adventures

The Human Factor


3 Days of the Condor

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