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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 24, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

An Eastern airlines 727 jet with 122 on board, crashes in the Jamaica Bay while coming in for a landing. 109 perish.

Hundreds more political opponents are arrested by the government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in an attempt to ward off a nationwide civil disobedience campaign against her refusal to resign.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi suffers her second damaging legal setback in two weeks and her political future was placed in doubt. Her application for an absolute and unconditional stay of her conviction for corrupt electoral practices was turned down.

President Ford asks Congress to let private industry enter the uranium enrichment business with government help to produce and sell billions of dollars worth of the fuel to nuclear power plants around the world.

Two FBI agents were dragged out of their cars and executed when they tried to serve warrants on people who were holed up in a house on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The two agents were Ron Williams and Jack  Coler. Gunfire continued as federal agents pursued the occupants of the house through the hills of the reservation near Wounded Knee. The FBI later said it was a “prepared ambush” that took the lives of the two agents. Later, some 250 rifle-carrying FBI agents and Bureau of Indian Affairs police searched house to house through the broken countryside for the killers. One Indian was shot and killed in a gun battle that developed around a house.

The U.S. Navy will end a tradition this week when sailors stow for good their bell-bottom trousers, jumper with neckershiefs and white caps. Replacing the old uniforms will be a business-like and more expensive coat-and-tie ensemble with a visored cap like those worn by officers. The new regulations call also for an open-collared white shirt, with short sleeves as a summer option.

The Senate Committee approves a federal no-fault automobile insurance bill, which backers said would save American motorists more than $1 billion a year in premiums. Under the no-fault insurance system, persons injured in an automobile accident are compensated for their injuries without regard to who was at fault in the crash.

Former President Richard Nixon has submitted voluntarily to 11 hours of questioning by Watergate special prosecutors and grand jurors. The questioning had covered a wide range of subjects and Nixon was not under any subpoena. And it was done near his home in San Clemente.

Sarkis O Paskalian – A Manhattan jeweler identified by the FBI as a spy recruited by Soviet intelligence agents more than a year ago and Sahag Dedeyan -  a mathematician, who once worked on top secret Pentagon projects are arrested on espionage charges.



Sports news – June 24, 1975

Professional golfers Lee Trevino, Jerry Heard and Bobby Nichols were struck by lightning when playing in the second round of the $200,000 Western Open in Illinois. They’ll remain in the hospital overnight with minor burns.


Music news – June 24, 1975

Gave him drugs - Kenneth Moss, who is linked to the death of Robbie McIntosh, drummer for the Average White Band is arraigned on murder charges. The party host was linked to McIntosh’s drug death by of all people – Cher – who testified for 45 minutes.

After 10-year marriage - Cher Bono wins an uncontested divorce from her husband, Sonny.

Elton John will be appearing at Doug Weston’s Troubadour music spot in Hollywood – to honor his fifth anniversary – of doing American concerts.


Television news – June 24, 1975

Fred Rogers, creator and star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, gets the corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Ralph Lowell Award, citing the pioneer in children’s television programming ‘for innovation, sensitivity, integrity in design, development and production of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – June 24, 1975

CBS – All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart Show, Special-Moses – the Lawgiver

NBC – Made for TV movie (late night) Today At Night

ABC – ABC News Close-up, Movie


NBC Made for TV movie – “The Runaway Barge” – another disaster movie. This one stars Tim Matheson, Bo Hopkins, Jim Davis.

Today at Night – Barbara Walters, Jim Hartz and Gene Shalit host a look at 200 years of comedy tradition.


Some top movies – June 24, 1975

Bite the Bullet


Return of the Pink Panther



Drowning Pool


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