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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 24, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

South Vietnamese President Tran Van Huong offers to resign in order that former Gen Duong Van (Big) Minh be empowered to negotiate peace with the Communists.

South Vietnam surrenders unconditionally to the Viet Cong. President Duong Van Minh called on government forces to turn in their arms, and Communist tanks and troops are now pouring into downtown Saigon.           

President Ford announces the final rescue of Americans from Saigon as the last of the evacuation helicopters flew toward Navy ships off the coast of Vietnam. 

The Treasury Department places a freeze on all South Vietnamese assets in the United States.

President Ford says he ordered the evacuation of 6,000 Vietnamese from Saigon because “the people would have been killed otherwise and I’m proud I did it.”

Americans flee Saigon in an armada of 81 helicopters guarded by 800 marines with U.S. fighter planes overhead.

President Ford declares the United States long war in Vietnam ended and tells a collegiate audience the time had come for “a great national reconciliation.”

In Washington – a union-sponsored Rally for Jobs Now is abruptly halted when hundreds of participants moved onto the field of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium and drowned out the voices of the speakers. Tens of thousands of persons had converged on the nation’s capital to tell the government that they thought the American economy had turned against them.

Communist forces around Saigon hurled four rockets into the center of the city in the first such attack since the January, 1973 cease-fire.

President Duong Van Minh is inaugurated and proposed an immediate cease-fire and negotiations to end the war. The Viet Cong has other plans – and rejected his overture and imposes a new list of demands on Saigon and Washington. 


Sports news – April 24, 1975

Billie Jean King is busy. With her husband, Larry, she publishes WomenSports magazine. She has a contract with ABC to serve as a sports commentator and she’s doing a pilot called The Billie Jean King Show – a half hour show ready to kick-off in the fall.


Television news – April 24, 1975

Dean Martin Roasts Sammy Davis Jr. – On NBC-TV.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – April 24, 1975

CBS – Magnificent Monsters of the Deep, Canon, Dan August

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, The Blue Night, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – That’s My Mama, Made for TV movie, Baretta, Wide World Special

PBS – Feeling Good, Theater in America


Magnificent Monsters of the Deep – Orson Welles narrates about the story of zoologist Roger Payne’s sojourn to the desolate Patagonian coast to study the southern right whale.

ABC Made for TV movie – “Starsky and Hutch.” – David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Michael Lerner, Richardd Ward.

ABC Wide World Special – Pete Lawford hosts “Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood Child – An Unauthorized Biography.”

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