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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 15, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Government forces in Phnom Penh surrender to attacking Khmer Rouge insurgents as Cambodia falls.

Evacuation of Americans from South Vietnam is quietly under way with fewer than 4,000 U.S. citizens still there.

President Ford says that South Vietnam would not now be facing tragedy if the U.S. had fully honored its commitment to supply military and economic aid to the Saigon government.

President Ford becomes the first incumbent president to attend a performance at Ford’s theater since Abraham Lincoln was assassinated there 110 years ago. From a front-row seat, Mr. Ford watched “give ‘em Hell, Harry,” a show about Harry S. Truman, one of Mr. Fords favorite presidents. The one-man show stars James Whitmore.

South Vietnam’s President Nguyen Van Thieu resigns – conceding the war was virtually lost and blames Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. In a letter he said Nixon gave him written promises of aid but Kissinger betrayed South Vietnam.  He is replaced by Vice President Tran Van Huong.

Calling South Vietnam no longer defensible, President Ford’s military adviser, - Gen Frederick S. Weyand – tells Congress President Nguyen Van Thieu’s resignation is part of an effort to clear the way for a government able to negotiate a settlement.

The Viet Cong delegation to the Paris peace talks says that before peace cold be achieved all “military mission” Americans would have to leave Vietnam and that the entire Thieu regime must go.

President Ford says the hope of rescuing South Vietnamese to whom the United States owes special obligations is one of the reasons he is pushing for a cease-fire.

President Ford launches the celebration of the nation’s 200th anniversary in Boston’s historic Old North Church. “We must renew ourselves as a people and rededicate this nation to the principles of two centuries ago.” “We must once again become masters of our own destiny. This calls for patience, understanding, tolerance and work toward unity – unity of purpose, a unity based on reason and hope,” said Ford.

The gross national product dropped at an annual rate of 104% during the first quarter of this year – the steepest three-month decline in the nation’s economy on record.


Radio news – April 15, 1975

Gary Owens does a very funny show – afternoons over KMPC Los Angeles!


Sports news – April 15, 1975

Hank Aaron hits his first American League home run – the 734th of his career as the Milwaukee Brewers defeat Cleveland 5-1.

Keith Wilkes of the Golden State warriors is named rookie of the year in the NBA.

At the age of 36 - Calls it a career – Juan Marichal retires from baseball.

Pledging honesty and credibility, a new World Football League emerges to announce it would field at least 10 teams in 1975 and to promise that is past problems would be rectified and never repeated. League president Chris Hemmeter admitted the WFL has been the “biggest sports disaster in history.”


Entertainment/Celebritynews - April 15, 1975

Pass – Actor Richard Conte (61) – portrayed cold-eyed gangsters.

Tony Awards –

Equus is named best Broadway play of the 1974-1975 season.

Ellen Burstyn is named best actress for “Same Tune Next Year.”

John Kani and Winston Ntshona share the award for best actor for their performances in “Sizwe Banzi is Dead.’


Tuesday night television – April 15, 1975

CBS – NBA Basketball

NBC – Adam 12, Made for TV movie, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Happy days, QB VII, Wild World Mystery

PBS – Evening at Symphony


QB VII – First of a three-part adaptation of Leon Uris novel which covers 25 years in the life of an American writer and a doctor who is accused of war crimes in a Nazi concentration camp. Stars Ben Gazzara, Anthony Hopkins.  


Some top movies – April 15, 1975

Godfather II

Funny Lady


Four Musketeers

Young Frankenstein

Towering Inferno


Five Summer Stories

The Dragon Dies Hard


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