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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 25, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

South Vietnamese Deputy Premier Phan Quang Dan announces the loss of the city of Dan Nang to the communists. An estimated 100,000 government troops are believed trapped in the city. Dan Nang is the nation’s second largest city. Saigon military officials called it South Vietnam’s biggest defeat in almost 20 years of conflict.

King Faisal of Saudi Arabia is shot to death by a deranged nephew in his palace, sending shock waves through the Arab world. The assassination occurred during the King’s morning audience with the royal family and was recorded by Saudi Television. 

For the first time ever - new doctors in the Chicago area are allowed to advertise in newspapers (that they) are opening an office, according to the local medical society.   The profession usually frowns upon doctors who advertise for patient solicitation or doctors whom self-aggrandize. According to a spokesperson, the barriers are coming down due to pressure for information on available services by consumer groups.

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine announce that a new vaccine for deadly hepatitis B virus is successful on animals and they now hope to get approval to use it on humans. 

Ethel Kennedy, widow of Senator Robert Kennedy is charged with speeding in New Hampshire. She was clocked at 84mph in a 55mph zone.

On some American Airlines flights, you can watch your take-off on a nearby screen. The pictures are taken from a cockpit camera positioned to show the pilot and the scene out the cockpit window.

An ordinance goes into effect in the city of Dallas prohibiting the display of sexually explicit material. The new ordinance sent bookstores covering the latest version of Newsweek. The latest cover shows a picture of a Vietnamese mother carrying a nude child with a genital area showing.   


Sports news – March 25, 1975

 In sports - the international chess federation gives Bobby Fischer 27 more hours to answer its ultimatum - either lay your title on the line or lose it by default. Fisher’s challenger is Soviet grandmaster Antoly Karpov, who has accepted the chess federation’s rules. At stake is a record $5 million world championship purse for a match in late spring offered by the Philippine government. Fischer has been refusing to play the championship match because the federation has rejected a new rule proposed by him.

Bobby Knight of Indiana is named major college coach of the year by the National Assn. of Basketball Coaches. The Hoosiers finished the season with a 31-1 record. 


Prices at the Supermarket – March 25, 1975

New for the ladies - Charlie - a fresh new idea in makeup and skincare. From Revlon.

At the mart - Crest Toothpaste - 7oz tube - .88 ... Six-pac of Coke - 16oz bottles - $1.13 ... Eggo Waffles - pkg of 8 - .57 ... Bar of Lifebuoy Soap - .31


Best-selling books – March 25, 1975

“Dreadful Lemon Sky” - John Macdonald, “The Money Changers” - Arthur Hailey, “Helter Skelter” - Vincent Bugliosi/Curt Gentry, “Clive: Inside The Record Business” - Clive Davis.


Radio news – March 25, 1975

 “American Top 40” with Casey Kasem this week broadcasts  an updated version of “the greatest disappearing acts of rock.” Casey counts down the biggest hits from the artists with only one hit and tells where they are now. In last year’s version, the #1 disappearing act was Joan Weber - “Let Me Go Lover” from the mid-50’s. The program can be heard on more than 300 stations coast to coast.

In other radio news, Herb Jepko, host of the late night talkshow “Nightcap” broadcasts his show from the Queen Mary in Southern California all this week. Jepko’s show orginates from Salt Lake City and can be heard on AM stations around the country including KSL (1160), WHAS-Louisville (840) and WBAL Baltimore (1090). Jepko’s overnight talk show is popular with insomniacs, complete with its catchy opening theme song (we’re the night caps - nighty-night caps, and we hale from everywhere).  “Nightcap” is the first syndicated overnight talk show on radio. 


Sunday Night Television news – March 25, 1975 

 CBS - The Waltons, Special-The American Parade:Sojourner ... NBC  Movie-”The Wizard Of Oz, McCloud ... ABC - Six Million Dollar Man, Movie.


The Wizard Of Oz - TV’s 19th season down the yellow brick road.

The Waltons - (2 hours) - Olivia is stricken with polio.

ABC Movie - “The Ten Commandments” - Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Ann Baxter.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – March 25, 1975

 “Lovin’ You” - Minnie Riperton, “Lady Marmalade” - LaBelle, “Have You Ever Been Mellow” - Olivia Newton John, “Philadelphia Freedom” - The Elton John Band, “You Are So Beautiful” - Joe Cocker, “Shame, Shame, Shame” - Shirley & Company, “One You Get Started - Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, “No No Song” - Ringo Starr, “Poetry Man” - Phoebe Snow, “My Eyes Adored You” - Frankie Valli, “Shining Star” - Earth, Wind & Fire, “Hijack” - Herbie Mann


Top music albums – March 25, 1975

 “Physical Graffiti” - Led Zeppelin, “Blood On The Tracks” - Bob Dylan, “Have You Never Neen Mellow” - Olivia Newton-John, “An Evening With John Denver” - John Denver, “What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits’ - The Doobie Brothers, “For Earth Below’ - Robin Trower, “Night bids” - Labelle, “Rock N Roll” - John Lennon, Phoebe Snow” - Phoebe Snow.


Top movies – March 25, 1975

At Long Last Love - Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd, Madeline Kahn

Tommy - Ann Margaret, Oliver Reed, Roger Daltrey, Elton John

The Prisoner Of Second Avenue - Jack Lemmon, Ann Bancroft

The Four Musketeers - Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain

Disney’s “Escape To Witch Mountain” - Eddie Albert Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence

Funny Lady - Barbra Streisand, James Caan

Brannigan - John Wayne, Richard Attenborough

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