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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 15, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

President Ford declares he would veto a mandatory gasoline-rationing plan and added if Congress implements his economic and energy proposals, ‘by the late summer we ought to see a turnaround” in the sagging economy.

Sen. Lowell Welcker (R-Conn.) says he and Democratic leader Mike Mansfield would introduce legislation requiring President ford to establish a nationwide gasoline rationing program within 60 days.

Presidential Press Secretary Ron Nessen says that President Ford will begin a series of speeches round the nation to explain and sell his economic and energy programs to the public.

In Paris – Two Arab terrorists tried to attack an Israeli jetliner – but the plot was foiled. They did manage to flee into the Orly Airport terminal toilet with six hostages as gunfire was exchanged.

State of the Union address – President Ford proposes that the U.S. begin building nuclear and coal-fired owner plants at an unprecedented pace and begin storing an emergency stockpile of 1.3 billion barrels of oil. The oil would be stocked in salt domes and storage tanks as a “strategic reserve” that would cushion the shock of future oil embargoes. 

The Federal Reserve Board reports that the nation’s industrial output dropped 2.8% in December, marking the largest monthly drop in nearly 18 years.

Defying a Democratic Congress bent on gasoline rationing, President Ford acts instead to raise consumer fuel costs by signing an executive order to increase tariffs on imported crude oil – by $1 a barrel on Feb.1, $2 on March 1 and $3 on April 1. 

G. Gordon Liddy shouldered a reporter to the ground as he surrendered at the federal prison to begin serving the rest of his 6-to-20 year sentence for masterminding the 1972 Watergate burglary. The reporter had blocked his path to ask him a question, Liddy’s shoulder came in contact with the newsman and he fell to the ground.

Fewer persons died on the nation’s highways in 1974 than in any year since 1963, so says the Transportation Department. Lower speed limits and less driving (more expensive gas) were cited.

Consumer prices rose .7% in December as inflation hit 12.2% for 1974.

Premier Chou Enlai emerges and his moderates gain full power in China.

A three-year study dispels fear that the present fleet of supersonic transports will damage the earth’s protective blanket of ozone, the Department of Transportation.


Sports – January 15, 1975

Rookie center Bill Walton of Portland says he did not fake the injury which sidelined him for 18 of the Trail Blazers games.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored 50 points and Bill Walton scores only 7 as the Bucks Kareem the Trailblazers 122-108.

Boston Bruins forward Dave Forbes is suspended for 10 games and fined $200 for a stick assault on Minnesota North stars winger Henry Boucha, an attack which NHL President Clarence Campbell called “one of the most vicious I have ever seen called upon to deal with.”

Killed – jockey Alvaro Pineda – one of the nation’s top jockeys is killed after his skull was crushed against the metal bar that runs along the top of a staring gate stall. His horse reared and flipped in the gate at the start of a race at Santa Anita (CA).


Entertainment/Celebrity news – January 15, 1975

Bandleader and arranger Lyle C. (Skitch) Henderson is sentenced to six months in ail and fined $30,000 for filing false income tax returns in 1969 and 1970.

FBI agents have seized more than 500 copies of motion pictures and television shows from actor Roddy McDowall, as part of a federal crackdown on the multi-million-dollar film piracy industry.

On TV – “Entertainer of the Year Awards” – hosted by Jackie Gleason.


Music news – January 15, 1975

Florence Ballard thought she was making enough money to last her a lifetime when she was cutting gold records with the Supremes a few years ago. These days, Ballard, who is 31 is broke, has three children and lives on welfare in a flat on Detroit’s West Side. “I’ve been through so much, been so upset over so many things. Now I just let things happen. I hope things will turn out all right, but I don’t know.” 

Speaking of Motown – Berry Gordy, Motown records found and chief executive, will make his debut as a director in the upcoming production of “Mahogany,” starring Diana Ross.

The Jefferson Starship adds another member from the old Jefferson Airplane – Marty Balin, who – in recent years, has been inactive and mostly performing in small clubs. Apparently, Paul Kantner has been trying to get Balin to join the group for quite a while. 

On “Midnight Special” this week – The Electric Light Orchestra host with the Ohio Players, Linda Ronstadt and Rufus. 


Television news – January 15, 1975

This week – the debut of “Baretta,” and “Barney Miller” on ABC-TV. See ads.

Also on CBS-TV – The Entertainer of the Year Awards with Jackie Gleason. And, don’t miss late night ABC-TV Wide World Specials with Geraldo Rivera and Alan King .  On NBC – The Smothers Brothers are back. 

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