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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 5, 1975 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Ford says he will appoint a panel of blue-ribbon private citizens to investigate charges that the CIA had exceeded its authority by spying on thousands of Americans in the United States. “In the world in which we live, beset by continuing threats to our national security, it is vital that we maintain an effective intelligence and counterintelligence capability.”

 Free on bond pending an appeal of the 6 to 20 year prison term he received in the Watergate cover-up trial - G. Gordon Liddy tells 60 Minutes this week that Nixon says he should have acted ruthlessly in the scandal cover-up. On one of the presidential tapes, Nixon called Liddy “A little nuts” - but Liddy takes no offense to it ... “He’s evidently a very sick man and I regret that. I think he has demonstrated towards the end of his Presidency that he was insufficiently ruthless, in that these domestic difficulties in which he was engaged, he did not act ruthlessly.” In the interview with Mike Wallace, Liddy said the Nixon should have destroyed the audiotapes. 

John Dean III and Jeb Magruder are granted early releases from prison. Their testimony helped break the Watergate case. 

Passing - Bob Montana (54) - originated the Archie comic strip ... of a heart attack while cross-country skiing.

Passing - Fernand Petiot (74) credited for inventing the popular “Bloody Mary” drink in 1920 in Paris. The half vodka/half tomato juice drink really took off in 1934 when he bartended at the Hotel St. Regis in New York.

Passing - David Carbine - inventor of the U.S. military’s semiautomatic M-1 carbine rifle. General Douglas MacArthur once described the weapon as “one of the strongest contributing factors to our victory in the Pacific during World War II.” The basic principles of the gun were worked-out while he was in prison, serving a murder sentence. He was later pardoned and devoted the rest of his life to working with guns - of which he held 70 patents at his death.


Best-selling books – January 5, 1976

 “The 7% Solution” - Nicholas Meyer, “Something Happened” - Joseph Heller, “Centennial” - James Michener, “The Pirate” - Herold Robbins, “God & Mr Gomez” - Jack Smith, “Tales Of Power” - Carlos Castaneda, “The Guinnes Book of World Records” - Norris and Ross McWhirter, “All Things Bright & Beautiful” - James Herriot.


Sports news – January 5, 1975

In New Orleans, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Minnesota Vikings 16-6 - their fist Superbowl win.

Here’s the lineup for the NBA’s all-star game on January 14:

For the East - center Bob McAdoo of the Buffalo Braves, forwards John Havlicek of Boston and Elvis Hayes of Washington; guards Walt Frasier and Earl Monroe of the New York Knicks.

For the West - forwards Rick Barry of Golden State and Spencer Haywood of Seattle, center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of Milwaukee and guards Gail Goodrich of the Lakers and Nate Archiblad of Kansas City.  

Houston Astros pitcher Don Wilson and his 5-year-old son are found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in their home. A preliminary investigation says the deaths were accidental.


Fascinating Business news – January 5, 1975

American Motors says it will debut its “Pacer” next month. Base price is $3,299 but with options - the cost could go to $5,300. Amercian Motors is counting on the new model to counter the current sales slump in autos.


Television news – January 5, 1975

Dodgers play-by-play announcer Vin Scully signs with CBS sports. He’ll cover NFL football telecasts, tennis-golf tourneys and do features on the networks’ “Sports Spectacular.” CBS will work around his Dodgers schedule. Vin Scully began his career on WTOP, Washington, DC as a disc jockey and news/sports announcer.

ABC debuts “AM America” this week. It’s the first time the network is competing with the “Today Show.” The entertainment-information-news magazine is hosted by Bill Beutel,  Stephanie Edwards and Peter Jennings. “Now every weekday – that fresh new morning show on ABC Television!” 

All this week - “The Today Show” originates in Hawaii. “Barbara Walters and Jim Hartz (and Joe Garagiola - back for a week) bring you the flavor, tradition and life-styles of our 50th state.”

Superbowl coverage this week (on NBC) - Curt Gowdy, Al DeRgatis and Don Meredith will be in the booth with Charlie Jones on the sidelines.

CBS has pulled this Monday night’s episode of “Maude”. The segment - “Wife Swapper’s Heart Goes Pittypat Over Maude” and has to do with a couple who drop by the Finley’s for cocktails. He’s a psychiatrist and over the night, they bring-up wife swapping as a subject.     


Wednesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – January 5, 1975

 CBS - special-Antionio and the Mayor, special-GE Theater ... NBC - Little House on the Prairie, Lucas Tanner, special-Tennessee Ernie’s Nashville-Moscow Express ... ABC- That’s My Mamma, TV Movie, Get Christie Love!


Little House On The Prairie - Father Ingalls sets out for work after a severe hailstorm levels the wheat fields around Plum Creek. 

Late night - “The Tonight Show” w/ Johnnie Carson - Roger Miller guests.

ABC’s Wide World Special - David Frost hosts a portrait of fast-disappearing side-show acts in circuses and carnivals. Features giants, human contortionists, human firebombs and sword swallowers.

The Tomorrow Show w/ Tom Snyder - People who conduct health education classes and a human sex workshop are the subject. 


Music news – January 5, 1975

 Files for Divorce - Country singer Tammy Waynette (32) from singer-husband George Jones (43). She already filed for legal separation 16 months ago.  


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – January 5, 1975

Mandy - Barry Manilow

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds -Elton John

Laughter In the Rain - Neil Sedaka

Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas

 Doctor's Orders - Carol Douglas

Only You - Ringo Starr

Cat's In the Cradle - Harry Chapin

When Will I See You Again - The Three Degrees

Get Dancin” - Disco-Tex & his Sex-O-Lettes

You're the First, the Last, My Everything - Barry White 

Pick Up the Pieces - Average White Band

Angie Baby - Helen Reddy

Junior's Farm - Paul McCartney & Wings 

Fire - The Ohio Players

Morning Side of the Mountain - Donny & Marie Osmond l                                

Never Can Say Goodbye - Gloria Gaynor

Bungle In the Jungle - Jethro Tull

My Melody of Love - Bobby Vinton

One Man Woman/One Woman Man - Paul Anka w/ with Odia Coates

I Can Help - Billy Swan                                

Please Mr. Postman - The Carpenters  

Boogie On Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder                                                              


Top movies  - January 5, 1975

The Groove Tube

Airport - all-star cast

The Longest Yard - Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert

The Odessa File - Jon Voight, Maximilian Schell

Young Frankenstein - Gene Wilder

The Man With The Golden Gun - Roger Moore as James Bond, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland.

Walt Disney’s The Island At The Top Of The World - David Hartman, Donald Sinden

The Towering Inferno - Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway.

The Front Page - Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau

Lenny - Dustin Hoffman, Valerie Perrine

The Godfather Part II - Al Pacino

Earthquake - Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, Lorne Greene

Murder On The Orient Express - Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam  

Sleeper - Woody Allen

A Woman Possessed

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