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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 15, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News


Technology news – November 15, 1974

 The Justice Department launches the largest antitrust action ever, and sues for the break-up of AT&T. The complaint asks that AT&T, the world’s largest private corporation, be required to sell of a major subsidiary, Western electric Co., and to divest itself of other properties “as may be necessary to ensure competition.” John DeButts, chairman of AT&T issued a statement denying the charges and warned that customer service would suffer if the Department of Justice succeeded breaking up the giant communications network. 


More news – November 15, 1974

President Ford arrives in Tokyo, the first American Chief Executive to set foot in Japan. He was greeted by a 21-gun salute.

Rome - The World Food Conference ends with nations agreeing to set up a pool of 10 million tons of grain a year for the next three years to feed needy countries.

Despite military build-up - Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes a Middle-East war is unlikely.

16,000 bus drivers and other employees of Greyhound Bus Lines strike the nationwide system after 48 hours of around-the-clock negotiations between the company and the Amalgamated Transit Union failed to produce a new contract.

South Vietnam halts the “Five O’Clock Follies” – the daily afternoon news briefings attended, cursed, and revered by a generation of Vietnam War correspondents. The breakings, which were inaugurated by American military officers, began in September 1965 at the height of the American buildup in Vietnam and directly in response to the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam.

 President Ford marks his first 100 days in office and releases a list of his brief Administration’s “notable achievements.” Highlights include:

“The Conducting of the economic summit meetings and the formulation of a good, sound economic plan that meets the problems of a weakening economy and inflation.”

”Dispatching Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger ‘on a number of overseas missions’ for world peace and efforts to reduce tensions in Cyprus and in the Middle East.” 

“A ‘two-pronged’ effort to conserve oil, with appeals for voluntary cutbacks on use of gasoline by the public and compulsory reduction in fuel use by the federal government.”


 Sports news – November 15, 1974

Henry Aaron – the top home run hitter of all time, returns to begin a “new career” in the city where he got his major league start 21 years ago – Milwaukee. Aaron has a playing contract with the Milwaukee Brewers and calls it “a tremendous challenge.” He’ll be used primarily as a designated hitter.


Fascinating Facts/news – November 15, 1974

“The Exorcist” - Exorcisms rare - Real possession by the devil is rare and most seeking help from priests suffer from psychological problems. The Roman Catholic Church has always recognized the existence of the devil and his works and has exorcists to treat people who believe they are possessed by an evil spirit.

The finest copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s first poem “Tamerlane,” sells for $123,000 – the highest price (to date) paid for a single American literary work.


Top TV shows – November 15, 1974

Sanford and Son

All In the Family

The Waltons

Chico and the Man


Little House on the Prairie

Wonderful World of Disney



ABC Sunday Night Movie “Dr. No”

Rockford Files


CBS Thursday Movie “How Sweet It Is”


The Rookies

McMillan and Wife

Bob Newhart

Mary Tyler Moore

Streets of San Francisco

Police Woman


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 15, 1974

CBS – Gunsmoke, Maude, Rhoda, Medical Center

NBC – Born Free, Monday night at the movies, Tonight Show, Tomorrow Show

ABC – The Rookies, Monday Night Football


Medical Center – A Jewish scientist comes to the center for research, but a neo-Nazi group is determined to drive him away.

NBC Movie – “The Godfather” – Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall


On the Tonight Show – Guest host McLean Stevenson with guest Johnny Miller.

Tomorrow – Discussion on boy prostitutes.

 More talk – Merv Griffin show (syndicated) – Timothy Bottoms, Alicia Corey.  


Television news – November 15,  1974

White House Press Secretary Ron Nessen says that CBS canceled its plans for live coverage of President Ford’s speech and news conference in Phoenix, because “it could not delay the start of the Waltons show.” CBS says they canceled because White House officials “didn’t know how long” the presidential appearance would last. By coincidence, the daughter of CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite was on the Waltons episode the same night.  


“Ironside” starring Raymond, Burr, will end its long run (8 seasons) in January.

CBS and the National Archives Service establish an archive of television news broadcasts that will be available to the public. CBS footage will eventually be available at libraries for public access. Last December, CBS brought suit against Vanderbilt University in Nashville for the unauthorized videotaping, editing and distributing of CBS news broadcasts and this follows in that wake.


Music news – November 15, 1974

Barry White hosts NBC’s “Midnight Special” this week. Guests – Love Unlimited Orchestra and the Eric Burdon Band.

Phil Spector is back in business with a new single by Cher on the Warner-Spector label – “A Woman’s Story” back with “Baby, I Love You” (remake of Ronettes hit). 

Maria Muldaur – Who is she? She’s got a hit album “Maria Muldaur” – and hit record - “Midnight At The Oasis” and her real name is Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica d’Armato, and she hails from Greenwich, CT. “I grew up a typical greasy teenybopper rock ‘n’ roller, Then I came to my senses and made this transition to sensitive beatnik and poetry reader. It wasn’t until I ran away from home at 17 and became somebody’s governess in a house where they had lots of 78’s, that I really got into Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong and Leadbelly.”  

Percy Sledge is signed to Warner Brothers Records. His first album is “I’ll Be Your Everything.”


Some top movies – November 15, 1974

The Trial of Billie Jack – Delores Taylor, Tom Laughlin

2001: A Space Odyssey

Earthquake – Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, Lorne Greene

The Exorcist


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