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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 8, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Ford says he disagrees with a U.S. district Court order requiring the cross-town busing of more than 18,000 black & white students in Boston.

A submachine gun accidentally discharges aboard Henry A. Kissinger’s jet plane at Cairo airport, injuring his principal bodyguard. Fearing a terrorist attack, Kissinger hurried to his private compartment on the plane and the shutters were drawn.  

President Ford proposes corporate tax cuts to spur investment and a one-year 5% surcharge on income taxes paid by middle and upper income families to spread the burden of inflation.

Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski resigns saying “the bulk” of his office’s job had been done and that it would be “tantamount to unprofessional conduct” for him to challenge in court  - the pardon of former President Richard M. Nixon.

Police in McLean, VA charge Joan Kennedy, wife of Sen. Edward Kennedy, with driving while intoxicated after her car smashed into another car that was stopped at a traffic light. No one was injured.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – October 8, 1974

Passing – Ed Sullivan – one of the all-time TV greats. He was 72… of cancer. His son-in-law said Sullivan, a smoker - had esophageal cancer which was discovered about a month ago. He never knew he had it before then.

Nice advance - 340 theaters across the country have already paid producers of “Godfather II” some $26 million, even though the movie is set to be released in December.  It’s the largest advance receipt in the history of motion pictures (so far). The movie stars Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, John Cazale and Robert DeNiro.

Jack Dempsey (79), former heavyweight champ has to close his landmark. Broadway restaurant. The Inch Corp - the new owners of the Brill Building where the restaurant is housed, raised his rent from $85,000 to $130,000 a year. It’s been there for 40-years. “I’m heartbroken and I’m disgusted. This is my second home and I’ve lost it. But what can you do?” said the champ.

Divorce – Actress Elizabeth Montgomery from William Asher. They have three children. 


Sports news – October 8, 1974

The New York Mets get St Louis slugger Joe Torre in exchange for pitchers Ray Sadecki and Tommy Moore.

Big Daddy Don Garlits wins his 11th National Hot Rod Assn. championship.

The Oakland A’s beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 in game one of the World Series.


Television news – October 8, 1974

NBC postpones an episode of Angie Dickinson’s “Police Women” which dealt with elements of lesbianism. A sub-plot dealt with three female proprietors who are involved in a love triangle. Also, despite protests this week, ABC broadcast an episode of “Marcus Welby” which dealt with the rape of a young boy by his male teacher.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 8, 1974

CBS – Sons and Daughters, Bing Crosby and His Friends, The Manhunter

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, Lucas Tanner, Petrocelli, Tonight Show, Tomorrow Show

ABC – That’s My Mama, Made-For-TV-Movie, Get Christie Love, Wide World Special

PBS – The Men Who Made The Movies


Little House on the Prairie – Puppy love bites Laura with a new boy in school.

ABC TV Movie – “Locusts” – Ben Johnson, Ron Howard. A swarm of locusts force a discharged WWII pilot to conquer his personal terror and dispel his father’s shame. Produced by Johnny Carson’s production company.

On the Tonight Show – Guest host is Don Rickles with Adrienne Barbeau, Wayne Newton.

Tomorrow Show – Amnesty is discussed. 


Music news – October 8, 1974

Britain - David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Yes and Sparks are tops in an annual Melody Maker reader’s poll.

Marry – Gladys Knight (29) to Barry Hankerson (26). He’s an aide to Detroit Mayor Coleman Young.


Some top movies – October 8, 1974

Death Wish – Charles Bronson

Juggernaut – Richard Harris, Omar Sharif

Any Warhol’s Frankenstein

Macon County Line

Buster and Billie – Jan Michael Vincent, Pamela Sue Martin

The Tamerind Seed – Julie Andrews, Omar Sharif.

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