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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 12, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Charlotte, NC -  An Eastern Airlines jet attempting to land in heavy fog at Douglas Airport, rams into a wooded hillside killing 69.  Thirteen passengers and crew survived.

 The Senate passes a bill making the 55 mph national speed limit permanent. The bill now goes to the house.

Criticism – President Ford, in a clarification on the possible Watergate pardons, says he’ll study each pardon consideration individually – on a case-by-case basis.

President Ford said he made his abrupt decision to pardon Richard M. Nixon largely because of his concern about the former President’s health and particularly, his emotional condition. Later, Ford also states that he made no deal before pardoning Nixon and had no other reason to pardon him than a desire to bind up division in the country.

Nixon health – His doctor reports that Richard Nixon has developed a new clot in his left leg and is “suffering from severe physical strain and physical fatigue.” Reports Dr. Walter Tkach – “There is a new veinous clot in the former President’s upper left arm. The leg is swollen and painful. The clot from the earlier phlebitis, which is still present, causes the former President periodic pain.” The doctor said he wanted to place Mr. Nixon into a hospital, but the former President told him, “If I go into the hospital, I’ll never come out alive.”

Alexander Haig Jr., White House chief of staff during the last year of the Nixon administration and into the transition of President Ford, is leaving that post to become NATO commander on December 1.

Controversial amnesty plan - President Ford announces a plan for Vietnam deserters and draft evaders to earn official forgiveness by working for up to two years at low-paying jobs on behalf of “national health, safety or interest.”

President Ford’s request of $850,000 to cover expenses of Richard M. Nixon transition to private citizen is slashed by over 50% by a House appropriations subcommittee.

Inflation in full force - The government reports that wholesale prices rose 3.9% in August, the biggest one month increase in 28 years.


Sports news – September 12, 1974

Dick Allen of the Chicago White Sox – the American League’s leading home run hitter, stuns teammates by announcing his retirement from baseball. He was the highest-salary player at $225,000 a year. Some say it was because the White Sox didn’t make it to the Western division and others believe he’s quitting because the press and others were down on him. 


Medical news – September 12, 1974

Philadelphia surgeons separate thirteen-month-old Siamese twin girls from the Dominican Republic joined at the waist. Dr. C. Everett Koop – the chief surgeon at Children’s Hospital said, “They were two healthy little girls. I know of no reason why they won’t live.”


Entertainment/Celebrity news – September 12, 1974

Doris Day is awarded just over $22 million for fraud from her former lawyer and business manager, Jerome Rosenthal.

Police say actor David Carradine (37) broke into a neighbor’s Laurel Canyon home and in a frenzy, smashed windows with a “kung fu” fist and elbow blows, rifled through a bathroom medicine cabinet and overturned furniture. Then with his right arm bleeding profusely from a cut suffered in the window-smashing orgy, Carradine sat at the piano and wildly ran his fingers over the keys. He arose before the owner returned, but left a trail of blood leading to his nearby home. He later explained he had found himself in “a strange house” and that it had “closed in on him” and that he had “to break out.”


Top TV shows – September 12, 1974


All in the Family

Chico and the Man

NBC movie – Born Innocent

Sanford And Son

Medical Center


The Waltons

Little House on the Prairie



NBC Movie Joe Kidd

NBC Movie Klute

Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers

Fiddler on the Roof

Lucas Tanner

Streets of San Francisco

CBS movie MASH

The Manhunter

Mary Tyler Moore

Rockford Files (Debut)

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