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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 8, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

After a 40-minute meeting with the President, Sen. Hugh Scott, Sen. Barry Goldwater and Rep. John Rhodes say that Mr. Nixon promised them his decision on whether to resign or fight the impeachment case to the end would be made “entirely in the national interest.” They told him his chances of escaping conviction in the Senate were “very gloomy.”

 “In the interest of the nation” … Richard  M. Nixon announces his resignation as President of the United States, the first President ever to resign in office. Gerald Rudolph Ford takes the oath as the 38th President. He has been Vice President since December of last year. In a 15-minute television and radio speech, President Nixon said he no longer had “a strong enough political base in the Congress” to continue. He admitted mistakes in the handling of Watergate; “I would say only that if some of my judgments were wrong, and some were wrong, they were made in what I believed at the time to be the best interest of the nation.”

Mr. Nixon spoke of his accomplishments: ending American involvement in Vietnam and helping to settle the Middle East war. He said he was confident he helped make the world a safer place.

After being sworn-in, President Ford tells the nation “Our long national nightmare is over.”

President Ford said that the resignation was one of the saddest moments of his life and pledged that his administration would pursue the foreign policy program initiated by the Nixon Administration. Ford praised Henry Kissinger and asked him to stay on as Secretary of State. 

President Ford calls on leaders of the Republican Party to help him fill the Vice Presidency. As Nixon did last October, President Ford asks ranking Republicans to submit their top three choices in order of preference.

A Census Bureau report reveals that the number of women heading families in the United States has increased dramatically in the past three years. An increase of 1 million female family heads since 1970 from 5.6 to 6.6 million is almost equal to the entire increase of the 1960’s.


Fascinating Facts – High Wire Artist Walks Between World Trade Center Towers – August 8, 1974

Unbelievable – A French aerialist stretches a high wire between the 110-story twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center and walks it as people watched in utter amazement. Balance bar in hand, Philippe Petit strode the 140-foot-long steel cable, and then did tricks such as lying down, running back and forth and kneeling. The police, at a loss for a charge against him, finally decided on disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. But later, a sympathetic judge sentenced Petit just to repeat his act for children, a little closer to the ground in Central Park.


 Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – August 8, 1974

“Deep Throat” star Linda Lovelace is in Washington filming scenes for her next picture “Linda Lovelace For President.” She could be seen at different historic monuments. She was wearing a see-through dress that got a lot of gawking.


Television news – August 8, 1974

The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon Against Muscular Dystrophy will be telecast on 150 television stations this time. The 20-hour telethon will originate from Del Webb’s Hotel Sahara in Las Vegas.

Perry Como is set to host “Perry Como’s Summer of ‘74” special with Michele Lee, Paul Lynde and Jimmie Walker.

Jim Nabors will guest star on the season premiere of the Carol Burnett Show.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 8, 1974

CBS – The Hudson Brothers/Bicentennial Minute, Cannon, Kojak

NBC – Chase, Made-for-TV movie, Tonight Show, Tomorrow Show

ABC – Cowboys, Made-for-TV movie, Dock Elliott, Wide World Special

PBS – The Boarding House, Festival Films


Rosalind Russell narrates tonight’s “Bicentennial Minute.”

ABC Made-For-TV movie – “Melvin Purvis, G-Man.” Dale Robertson, Dick Sargent, Margaret Blye, David Canary, Matt Clark - Melvin Purvis, the famed FBI mid-west chief during the 1930’s, tracks down Machine Gun Kelly.

NBC Made-For-TV movie – “Remember When.” Jack Warden, Nan Martin, William Schallert. A Connecticut family adjusts to the shortages and restrictions of WWII.

On the Tonight Show – John Davison guest hosts with Della Reese.

Wide World Special – Monty Hall takes a look at sex in the ‘70’s.


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