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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 15, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

In South Central Los Angeles – 500 law officers storm a suspected hideout of the terrorist Symbionese liberation Army. Five occupants of the hide-out are killed after a 2-hour battle. Patricia Hearst was not one of the five slain, but she was in the battle – according to the FBI.  

The House Judiciary Committee votes to subpoena tapes of 11 presidential conversations and President Nixon’s daily diaries for 8 ½ months in 1972 and 1973. President Nixon will ignore the subpoenas.

Arab terrorists seize an Israeli school near the Lebanese border capturing at least 30 Israeli children and threatened to kill them unless the Israeli government freed 20 to 30 imprisoned Arab guerrillas. Later – 16 student hostages are killed as Israelis storm the school.

Ireland - Bombs planted in cars explode at the height of the commuter rush hour in central Dublin. At least 30 persons were killed.

President Nixon said he has given long thought to the possibility of resignation but has decided he will not quit the nation’s highest office “under any circumstances."

Former Atty. Gen Richard Kleindienst pleads guilty to a misdemeanor charge for refusing to testify about a 1972 conversation in which President Nixon told him to drop an antitrust suit against International telephone & Telegraph Corp.

Prices rose at a rate of 11.5% in the first three months of this year – worse than previous estimates.

Declaring that the end of controls may boost doctor bills by 22% this year, President Nixon says that national health insurance is needed so “every American has financial access to high quality health care.”

Walking on a deserted beach in the Bahamas – President Nixon found a green-tinged bottled washed ashore amid the seaweed, carrying a message inside. It read – “I’m aboard the USS Guam. I have a watch. I had nothing to do so I’m writing you… if you find it please write to this address and tell them you found this message from their grandson.” The President verified the sailor and did call his grandfather. The message was two months old. 

Jeb Stuart Magruder, who was No. 2 official in President Nixon’s 1972 reelection campaign, is sentenced by Judge John Sirica to a minimum of 10 months in a federal minimum-security institution for his part in Watergate.

Guru Maharj Ji – who is 16 – the “perfect master” who claims six million followers, has married his 24-year-old secretary after receiving special permission by a juvenile court judge in Denver.  Maharaj Ji is spiritual leader of the Devine Light Mission. He says his purpose is to bring world peace by imparting “the knowledge” which his followers say cannot be adequately described in words.

Americans between 16 and 25 opt for sexual freedom more today than they did in the ‘60’s, so says a new nationwide study.


Sports news – May 15, 1974

The Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup – Beating the Boston Bruins.

Pete Rozelle says he would like NFL owners to open their books, at least part way – to give players and fans an idea of how much money they make. He also spoke of another concern: that suspicions may arise because some NFL players have signed to play with the WFL, after playing out their options with the NFL.

Ray Kroc, owner of the San Diego Padres says “if we could buy Reggie Jackson from Oakland for a million dollars, we’d do it.” Kroc is board chairman of McDonalds and is said to be worth $500 million.


Music news – In Concert – May 15, 1974

Los Angeles Forum – Live – In Concert – Grank Funk with special guest star – Wet Willie. Also – the Eagles play nearby at the Santa Monica Civic!

Also, Grand Funk’s “Shine On” album cover – is the first of its kind – in 3D!


Television news – May 15, 1974

Some Emmy Winners –

Best actor in a comedy – Alan Alda – MASH

Best actress comedy – Mary Tyler Moore – Mary Tyler Moore show

Best actor drama series – Telly Savalas –Kojak

Best actress drama – Michael Learned – The Waltons

Supporting actor in a comedy series – Rob Reiner – All in the Family

Supporting actress in a comedy series – Cloris Leachman – Mary Tyler Moore Show


Celebrity news – May 15, 1974

John F. Kennedy Jr. (13) is robbed of his bicycle and tennis racquet in Central Park en route to a tennis lesson. The boy was not hurt when the thief, about 18 years old, pushed him from his bicycle, grabbed it and the tennis racquet and rode off into the park. The theft occurred shortly after 5pm near the 90th St. entrance of the park’s east side.

A Cleveland teenager testifies she was raped by actor Mel Stewart (44) who plays Uncle Henry in “All in the Family.” She said he told her – “Having sex with him would make a woman out of me.” “I told him I wanted to be a girl, not a women.” (Note – too bad. Sherman Hemsley who turned the character of George Jefferson into a TV superstar will replace Stewart.)


Radio news – May 15, 1974

KHJ/Los Angeles presents a special Steve Wonder hour this week. Stevie Wonder is one of the hottest top-40 artists around these days.  

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