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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 22, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Federal Reserve Board increases its discount rate to a record 8%.

Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger concedes problems could affect foreign policy over the long run over President Nixon’s impeachment, but says there hasn’t been any impact so far.

President Nixon requests a five-day extension of a deadline to produce tapes and other records of 42 presidential conversations subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee.

 Kennedy gaffe - Sen. Edward Kennedy is met with silence, laughter and a little hostility during a speech at Moscow State University. He was hustled out on the pre-text he was feeling well. He asked the audience of Soviet university student and others, whether they thought Soviet military spending should be increased or decreased. Silence, then laughter came from the audience. One Soviet professor in the audience declared loudly, that the question was a provocation, and waved his fist at the senator. Apparently, there is ever a public discussion in the Soviet Union of defense expenditures. 

Syrian shellfire kills eight Israelis on the Golan Heights war front with six more dead in a helicopter crash while evacuating wounded from the battle area. 

In Israel – the ruling Labor party names Yitzhak Rabin as Prime Minister Golda Meir’s successor.

President Nixon says he will provide 1,200 pages of edited Watergate transcripts, “blemishes and all,” to the House impeachment panel, but stopped short of surrendering the actual tapes. He says the transcripts will prove in innocence.

A $300,000 yacht on a shakedown cruise with four men aboard disappears, a possible victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. “We put a considerable amount of work into locating the vessel with no result,” said a Coast Guard spokesman.


 Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – April 22, 1974

Passing – Bud Abbott (78) – One-half the famed “Abbott & Costello” comedy team of the late 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton call it quits – again, this time announcing divorce plans. An announcement says they will be divorced in Berne Switzerland, where they have been long-time residents.

Alfred Hitchcock is paid tribute at a gala in New York. Said Princess Grace of Monaco, who starred in two Hitchcock movies – “Alfred Hitchcock took the thriller – once thought to be second-class entertainment – and made it art. He is the master of suspense.”


Television news – April 22, 1974

Barbara Walters is named co-host of NBC’s “Today” show. She has been with the program since 1961, when she began as a writer. September marks her 10th anniversary as an on-the-air “Today” personality.  

CBS says it will offer a daytime information show for women when “Magazine” airs this week. With co-hosts Sylvia Chase and Charles Kuralt, the show may get a full-time tryout. 


 Music news – April 22, 1974

 Peter Brown of the Robert Stigwood Organization, announces that Eric Clapton will tour the U.S. this summer – his first such tour in 3 years.

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