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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 15, 1974 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The FBI, at the request of special prosecutor Leon Jaworski opens an investigation of the Watergate tapes mystery/erasures.

Meanwhile, The White House says that President Nixon did not erase an 18 ½-minute section of a key Watergate tape.

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes he has a firm deal with the Arab states and that the oil embargo against the United States will come to an end in less than two months. “I have every reason to believe our success in negotiations marks a major step toward ending the oil embargo. Kissinger’s efforts led to a formal agreement to disengage Israeli and Egyptian troops deployed on both sides of the Suez Canal.

Israel and Egypt announce a compromise agreement for a separation of their forces on the Suez front and introduction of a U.N. troop buffer force.

 In a 15-minute live radio broadcast from the White House, President Nixon calls for continued effort to conserve fuel and promised “everything in my power” to avoid rationing.” “Your government has a responsibility to prepare for the worst ... But with continued cooperation by everyone, we all have good reason today to hope for the best.” He described the energy shortage as “genuine” and “potentially dangerous.” He said he would do all he could do to hold down oil prices - which have tripled in the last five months. On worries of $1 a gallon gasoline - he discounted the stories as “just as ridiculous as the stories that we will be paying $1 for a loaf of bread.”

 A suggestion that television and radio stations reduce their broadcast time per day in order to conserve energy “would not be in the public interest” according to the National Assn of Broadcasters. “... broadcasting constitutes the nation’s only instantaneous national and local service for news, information and emergency alerts.”  “Additionally, the availability of radio and television service will encourage people to restrict other activities, thus saving other more expensive forms of energy.”

Egil (Bud) Krogh Jr. - head of the White House plumbers, is sentenced to a minimum of six months in jail for his part of the 1971 break-in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.  When asked if he had any information which might implicate President Nixon in a criminal matter - he said the answer is “no.”

Charles (Bebe) Rebozo - Nixon’s closest friend - heads a list of seven to be called at the Senate Watergate committee’s next round of hearings next week... Assistant Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia says he doubts congress has enough votes to impeach the president at this time. “I don’t thing the House has the votes to impeach barring any further blockbusters down the road.”

The FCC says it will relax its prime-time rule beginning this coming fall - the rule that limits television stations to three hours of network prime-time programming out of four. Stations will then be able to air 3 1/2 hours of network programs. The old rule was adopted in 1970 and applied to stations in the top-50 markets - but those rules were expanded in 1972.


Prices at the Supermarket – January 15, 1974

At Sears for her - Junior Bazaar jeans - Striped and multi-color Jeans w/flair bottoms - $1.88 ... Carefree polyester pants for the ladies - $5.99


Best-selling books – January 15, 1974

 “The Honorary Consul” - Graham Greene, “Burr” - Gore Vidal, “The Hollow Hills” - Mary Stewart,” Come Nineveh, Come Tyre” - Allen Drury, “The Onion Field” - Joseph Wambaugh, “The Joy Of Sex”- Alex Comfort,  “How To Be Your Own Best Friend” - Mildred Newman, “Alistair Cooke’s America” - Alistair Cooke.


Sports news – January 15, 1974

Johnny Miller - holding off Ben Crenshaw - wins the Dean Martin-Tucson Open golf tournament by three strikes - finishing four-under par at 68 and a 72-hole total of 272.

O.J. Simpson – record-breaking running back for the Buffalo Bills, is named Male Athlete of the Year for 1973 by the Associated Press. Bill Jean King is named AP female athlete for 1973.

Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford are voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. “It wouldn’t have been any fun getting into the Hall of fame without Whitey,” said Mantle. It’s nice the two of us made it together – we have always been great friends. Our families are very close.  


Entertainment/Celebrity news – January 15, 1974

Actor John Wayne gets a good-natured roasting at Harvard, but was picketed by about 20 member of the American Indian movement due to his past movies. He was asked whether he was a racist in Indian movies: “I’ve always treated Indians with human dignity in any movie I’ve ever made,” said the Duke.

Warner Brothers charges Newsweek magazine with infringement of copyright when the magazine used unauthorized still photographs of Linda Blair from the movie “The Exorcist” in the January 21st edition.   The pictures are the “horrifying likeness” of the actress when she is under satanic influence. The company says the likenesses placed the picture out of context and that’s why they weren’t given to any publishers. 

In Los Angeles, Dino Martin Jr. (22) son of Dean Martin is arraigned on federal charges of illegally possessing seven unregistered machine guns and cannon. Martin said he had been collecting the weapons since he was a teen and finally decided to get rid of them. Martin allegedly sold an AK-47 machine gun and an AR-15 automatic rifle to an undercover agent for $625. He reportedly offered to sell the agent six other weapons. He was released by a U.S Magistrate on $5000 bond.  Martin was a member of the 60’s rock-pop band “Dino, Desi and Billy” with their biggest hit “I’m A Fool” in 1965.

Superior Judge Bernard Jefferson orders Universal Pictures and other MCA subsidiaries to pay $53,023.23 to Bela Lugosi’s son and widow as their share of royalties on contracts for use of the Dracula image in cards, games, masks, bar accessories and clothing. The amount was computed on income from contracts after February 3, 1964 plus 7% interest.


Television news – January 15, 1974

Sally Quinn leaves the CBS morning news. Hughes Rudd is the programs sole anchor.


Tuesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1974

CBS - Maude, Hawaii 5-0, Hawkins ... NBC - Adam-12, Banacek, Police Story ... ABC -  Happy Days, TV Movie, Marcus Welby, MD ... PBS - Bill Moyers Journal, Humanities Film Forum.


Maude - Walter throws Maude a surprise party - giving her exactly what she asked for -  women in one area and the men in the other.

Happy Days - Richie and Potsy buy a classy convertible and have already lined up dates for the sock-hop when mechanical trouble hits.

ABC TV-Movie of the week - “Get Christie Love!” - Teresa Graves and Harry Guardino star. “Tough Cop ... soft lady ... out to rip the heart out of the mob.”


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1974

CBS – Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, Cannon, Kojak, Late movie

NBC – Chase, Movie, Johnny Carson

ABC – Made-For-TV movie, Made-For-TV Movie, Wide World of Entertainment

PBS – Hollywood TV Theater: Conflicts


Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour – Guests Danny Thomas, Ken Berry, George Foreman.

ABC Made-For-TV movie #1 – “The Night Stalker” – Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, Carol Lynley, Barry Atwater.

ABC Made-For-TV movie #2 – “Scream of the Wolf” – Clint Walker, Peter Graves, Jo Ann Pflug. A prominent hunter comes out of retirement to track down a wolf that takes human form. 

NBC Congressional correspondent Paul Duke will join public television on February 1. He’ll moderate “Washington Week in Review” and will interview government figures for “Washington Straight Talk.”


Music news – January 15, 1974

Paul McCartney whose long-standing visa problems have been resolved, is quoted in Rolling Stone magazine as saying he’s ready for a tour: “The only thing now obviously is that it’s dependent on getting a band together. If we can get something together in the early months of 1974, then we’re hoping to come to the States, do a nice tour here.”


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – January 15, 1974

On the charts - “The Joker” - Steve Miller Band, “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” - Brownsville Station, “Show & Tell” - Al Wilson, “Time In A Bottle” - Jim Croce, “Living For The City” - Stevie Wonder, “You’re Sixteen” - Ringo Starr, “Love’s Theme’ - Love Unlimited Orchestra, “Americans” - Byron Macgregor, “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination” - Gladys Knight & The Pips, “The Way We Were” - Barbra Streisand, “The Most Beautiful Girl” - Charlie Rich, “Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up” - Barry White “Helen Wheels” - Paul McCartney & Wings, “Let Me Be There” - Olivia Newton-John “Jungle Boogie” - Kool & the Gang, “Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)” - Helen Reddy


Top music albums – January 15, 1975

“You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” - Jim Croce, “I’ve Got A Name’ - Jim Croce, “The Joker” - Steve Miller Band, “Bette Midler” - Bette Midler, “The Singles” - The Carpenters, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” - Elton John, “Greatest Hits” - John Denver, “Band On The Run” - Paul McCartney & Wings, “Muscle Of Love’ - Alice Cooper, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” - Neil Diamond


Top movies – January 15, 1974

The Exoricist - Ellen Burstyn, Max Von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Jack MacGowran, Jason Miller, Linda Blair

Walking Tall - Joe Don Baker

Papillon - Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman

The Laughing Policeman - Walter Matthau, Bruce Dern

The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford

Chariots Of The Gods

Executive Action - Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Cinderella Liberty - James Caan, Marsha Mason

Paper Moon - Ryan O’Neal

Save The Tiger - Jack Lemmon, Jack Gilford

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