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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of December 13, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Prime Minister Edward Heath says the government was putting British industry on a three-day workweek in a bid to save fuel in Britain’s graves economic crisis since the depression. The Prime Minister spoke after Britain announced its worst two-month trade deficit in history.

The Nixon Administration announces a mandatory oil allocation program designed to cut gas production 5% below 1972 levels and to nurture the shorter supply for top priority users. The Administration first announced that it planned a 25% reduction and soon corrected the error. The copy error went unnoticed for 10 hours and shocked many.

Send to President - The House approves emergency legislation giving President Nixon new powers to ration scarce fuels and develop energy savings plans. A year-round daylight savings is enacted and the 55mph speed limit approved. The extended daylight saving time on a year-round basis would end January 1975. If President signs this week - clocks would be set ahead one hour on January 6. (He did sign and both the new speed limit and daylight time will go into effect soon). 

Arab guerrillas shoot their way through Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport, blow up a Pan Am jetliner with 59 aboard and then hijack a Lufthansa jet, flying it to Athens with hostages…  After 30 hours, Five Arab terrorists release 12 hostages unharmed. The surrender ended 30 hours of terror that began in Rome with fire bombs and bullets, ending up in Kuwait and eventually took at least 32 lives, many of them Americans.

An agreement is reached in the 41-day strike against TWA by stewardesses and other flight attendants.

Rome – J. Paul Getty III is freed after a five-month abduction and payment of nearly $3 million ransom. He is reported in frail health and is missing an ear.

John Paul Getty III (17) says he will not have plastic surgery to replace the ear severed by kidnapers because he wants to wear the scar as a lifelong reminder of his ordeal. Meanwhile in London, his father, J. Paul Getty II swore revenge against his son’s kidnapers and vowed to teach them “the meaning of the word vendetta.”

In Boston – Nearly 20,000 turn out for a tea party – a reenactment of the 1773 event, but it turned into an oil party when persons dressed in period costumes tossed oil drums over the side of a sailing ship.

A cargo plane crashes and burns in a residential area of Miami, setting fire to a block of houses. At least 9 are dead.


Fascinating Facts/Trends – December 13, 1973

Interviewed in jail - Timothy Leary says promoting LSD was a mistake: “The mistake I made was to make it too popular.” “Some people were not ready for LSD, but who was I to say?” “What a lot of people didn’t understand is that these things are tremendously demanding, you have to have tremendous courage and you have to work at it.”

Trend - more and more products at the supermarket are adding lemon – lemon toilet bowl cleaner, dishwashing soap, window cleaner, furniture polish, room deodorant and the demand is growing. Sunkist has produced about 3 million pounds of lemon oil – up 20% from a year ago.


Medical news – December 13, 1973

The American Psychiatric Assn. rules that homosexuality would no longer considered a “mental disorder” in the association’s official manual. Up to this point – homosexuality had been listed as a “sexual deviation.”


Sports news – December 13, 1973

Jerry Quarry knocks down Earnie Shavers in only 2:21 minutes at a Madison Square Garden bout. Shavers had won 34 straight fights. Quarry might have a broken left wrist.

Former Dodger Wes Parker signs with the Japanese Pacific League. Parker retired from the Dodgers last year. 

Running back O.J. Simpsons of the Buffalo Bills breaks Jim Brown’s rushing record – 2003 yards!

Gallup Poll – 54% say they want President Nixon to remain in office with 35% favoring removal.


Technology news – December 13, 1973

CB radio - REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Citizens Team) getting more attention. Channel 9 on the CB is the channel monitored by REACT teams across the country. With more and more CB radios in cars, just turn to channel 9 and transmit your emergency. Local REACT groups must agree to monitor the motorist assistance and emergency band 24 hours a day. They’re chartered by national REACT, which in turn, is sponsored by General Motors.  REACT has been around since 1962, but it’s getting more attention these days than ever.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – December 13, 1973

CBS – Special-A Child’s Christmas In Wales, New Perry Mason, Mannix, Barnaby Jones

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, Columbo, NBC Reports

ABC – The FBI, Special-The Glass Menagerie

PBS – Masterpiece Theater, Men Who Made Movies


A Child’s Christmas In Wales – Sir Michael Redgrave narrates a performance of the Dylan Thomas story.

Disney – “The Proud Bird From Shanghai.”

Columbo – Robert Culp stars as a ruthless motivational research specialist. 


Radio news – December 13, 1973

XEROX-AM, located across the border from El Paso at 800 on the AM dial, will begin to play top-40 with American DJ’s. The station boasts 150,000 watts.

KIQQ-FM (Los Angeles) is now being consulted by Bill Drake. Robert W. Morgan now does mornings and Don Steele afternoons. Will it knock-off KHJ? (answer – no). Morgan dedicated “Backstabber” by the OJ’s to “that station down the street.”

Bob Vernon is going back to WGAR Cleveland. He’d been at WJR in Detroit.

Michael O’Shea has resigned as program director of KLIF Dallas and is now at o WFLT-AM Ft Lauderdale.

Bill Rock, late of WTRY and WWDJ, is now program director at WMEX (1510) in Boston. Bill likes to add records early and loves to pick the hits.

At bookstores – Gary Owens has a book called "The (What To Do While You’re Holding) The Phone Book.” Gary does afternoons on KMPC Los Angeles.


Music news – December 13, 1973

Demand for a song by the late Jim Croce from a TV movie broadcast several months ago titled “She Lives” forced the record company to release the song. “Time In A Bottle” is soaring up the charts. The movie stars Desi Arnaz Jr.

Wed/Get Married – Hazel Joy Gordy – daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. to Jermaine Jackson – a lead singer and guitarist of The Jackson 5. Gordy put on a spread and is said to have spent about $200,000 for the wedding. Said Berry: “If I had more than one daughter, you wouldn’t be congratulating me. I have mixed feelings, a little sad, but he’s such a fine boy and when I consider the alternative, I feel very thrilled.”

Nashville – Skeeter Davis, a performer for 14 years on the Grand Ole Opry is been indefinitely suspended because of a remark she made on television supporting the so-called Jesus People. Ms. Davis said she couldn’t recall exactly what she said during her Opry  appearance: “I called them my brothers and sisters and said my heart was heavy.”


More Music news – December 13, 1973

Bob Dylan sets up his own label – “Ashes and Sands” records to be distributed by Elektra/Asylum. It’s the first artist signing since the Electra and Asylum labels merged this past August. The initial release will be a new album “Lovesongs” from Dylan and the first album incorporating Dylan and The band.

Bob Dylan and The Band’s upcoming tour is sold out. The entourage will travel across the U.S. in the specially chartered luxury plane, Starship 1. 

Rick Nelson will appear in an upcoming Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – Rick’s first TV appearance since a 1970 Andy Williams show.

Michael Brown, producer at Mercury/Phonogram Records is soliciting tapes and material. Michael’s located out of New York. Pop music fans remember his as the lead singer for the group “Left Banke” and specifically – “Walk Away Renee.”

Dick Clark singing?? Clark performs “Cecilia” and “Cracklin Rose” on Johnny Mann’s “Stand Up And Cheer” syndicated program December 26.

Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi and Corky Laing have reformed Mountain, this time adding guitarist David Perry. They just did a concert in Tampa.

At record stores – comedian David Frye’s “Richard Nixon: A Fantasy.”


Top hit music singles in Britain – December 13, 1973

Paper Roses – Marie Osmond

I Love You Love Me Love – Gary Glitter

 My Coo-Ca-Choo – Alvin Stardust

You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me – New Seekers

Let Me In – Osmonds

Lamplight – David Essex

Why Oh Why Oh Why – Gilbert O’ Sullivan

Do You Wanna Dance – Barry Blue

Street Life – Roxy Music

Dyma-Mite – Mud

Roll Away The Stone – Mott The Hoople  

When I Fall In Love – Donny Osmond

Truck On (Tyke) – T. Rex


Top music alums – December 13, 1973

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Neil Diamond

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road – Elton John

The Joker – Steve Miller Band

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim – Jim Croce

Ringo – Ringo Starr

Quadrophenia – The Who

Los Cochinos – Cheech & Chong

Mind Games – John Lennon

The Singles 1969-1973 – Carpenters

Goats Head Soup – Rolling Stones

Innervisions – Stevie Wonder

Brothers and Sisters – Allman Brothers Band

Imagination – Gladys Night & The Pips

Angel Clare – Garfunkle

Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back – Frank Sinatra

The Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd

Full Sail – Loggins & Messina

Joy – Isaac Hayes

Pin Ups – David Bowie

Behind Closed Doors – Charlie Rich

Together At Last – Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye

Soundtrack – American Graffiti

Wake of the Flood – Grateful Dead

 Laid Back – Greg Allman

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Harris

Stone Gone – Barry White

Muscle of Love – Alice Cooper

Hat Trick – America

Under The Influence Of – Love Unlimited 


Top Soul Hit Music Singles – December 13, 1973

Never, Never Gonna Give You Up – Barry White

If You’re Ready Come Go With Me – Staple Singers

Cheaper To Keep Her – Johnny Taylor

Come Get To This – Marvin Gaye

The Love I Lost-Part 1 – Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Rockin’ Roll Baby – Stylistics

Living For The City – Stevie Wonder

You’re A Special Part of Me – Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye

I Wanna Know Your Name – Intruders

Some Guys Have All The Luck – Persuaders


Top Country Hit Music Singles – December 13, 1973

If We Make It Through December – Merle Haggard

If You Can’t Feel It (It Ain’t There) – Freddie Hart

Amazing Love – Charley Pride

Sing About Love – Lynn Anderson

Somewhere Between Love & Tomorrow – Roy Clark

The Most Beautiful Girl – Charlie Rich

I’ll Never Break These Chains – Tommy Overstreet

The Last Love Song – Hank Williams Jr.

You Ask To Me – Waylon Jennings

Love Me/Crawlin’ On My Knees – Marty Robbins

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