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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 23, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Record space walk - Skylab astronauts William Pogue and Ed Gibson spend 6 hours and 34 minutes outside the orbiting space station, making repairs and loading film in cameras.

President Nixon’s economist said that the Administration would soon ask refineries to produce less gasoline and more oil products to keep the economy running during the fuel shortage.

 Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon’s long-time secretary, is ready to testify that she erased the 18-minute segment of a key tape subpoenaed in the Watergate investigation. 

Tape Erasure Mystery as President Nixon’s Secretary moves away from the White House position that she was solely responsible for the 18-minute gap, now under testimony says was only partially responsible - just over 5 minutes of erased tape. The tape in question was made June 20, 1972 just after the Watergate break-in. The tape was a conversation between Mr. Nixon and his former chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, three days after the Watergate break—in at Democratic national headquarters.

President Nixon announces his actions to cope with the gasoline shortage. They include a ban on Sunday gas sales, lower speed limits, allocation of home heating fuel, and elimination of Christmas and ornamental lighting.

Saving Fuel - President Nixon says the biggest single fuel saving among the measures announced will come straight out of an individual’s gasoline tank. The Administration expects the petroleum shortage to reach 3.5 million barrels a day in the first quarter of next year. How can the Administration make up for it?

President Nixon has ordered a 15% cut in distribution of gasoline – equaling 920,000 barrels a day.

A proposed ban on Sunday gasoline sales and cuts in general aviation. Home heating may be cut back by 15% also. All total, that would still leave 658,000 barrels of gasoline a day that would not be there. Stations would have to cut hours. No more Sunday family drives (for now)

A waitress at Detroit Airport is fired and 10 others suspended because they wore woolen cardigan sweaters over their mini-skirted uniforms when the heat was turned down. The waitresses complained they were cold because the heat had been reduced to save fuel in the energy shortage. Management insisted the girls could not wear extra clothing because their uniforms were meant to be appealing to male customers. The restaurant said the heat was turned-up after complaints, but the girls kept wearing the sweaters.

Mary McDougal Axelson (82) poet and playwright dies 22 hours after she was beaten in her hospital bed. Police are seeking her daughter. She’s also a former book critic for the New York Times and was suffering from Leukemia.

Seeing more and more on campuses – Streaking or nude running.

President Nixon’s top economist says fuel crises would not cost the economy in 1974 more than 2% of its normal growth, with unemployment not exceeding 6% any time during the year.

Space – Pioneer 10 passes through Jupiter’s solar wind (bow shock). Indications are the radiation belts around the giant planet may be less dangerous than anticipated.

Dies in Prison – Albert H. Desalvo, the self-proclaimed Boston Stranger who confessed to a series of sex murders, then retracted the confession and was never brought to trial, is found slain. His wounds were very small and appeared to have been made with a surgical instrument. His body was in the prison hospital cellblock.

Educator Dr. Joan Wilson says a women’s movement backlash may be occurring because of the tightening job market. She says women must stop trying to emulate men and begin to think and act as women while seeking positions of responsibility. A women with a college degree earns $300 more than a man with an average 8th-grade education

Trend – more Americans are taking to trains. “Tremendous” and ”dramatic” are the terms some railroads use to describe the increase in passenger traffic in recent weeks. Years of decline have left railroaders ill-equipped to meet the demand. Part of it has to do with an airline cutback, but many believe it’s a trend.

More and more schools are turning to learning comic books as education aides. A popular aide features Popeye and another – The Flintstones.

The government has already spent nearly $6 million on the Watergate scandal and any final judgment could be years off.


Fascinating Business news – November 23, 1973

General Motors rolls out the first automobile with an air bag. A $225 option, the car was a cinnamon-colored Oldsmobile Tornado Brougham, driven off the final (Lansing) assembly line by Dolly Cole, wife of GM President Edward Cole. Cole admits he doesn’t know what the public response will be to the air cushion system, which composes of two bags that inflate on a frontal impact. Cars bought with the air bags will be equipped with seat belts. General Motors is the only auto company to offer cars equipped with air bags.  


Entertainment/Celebrity news – November 23, 1973

Linda Lovelace, best-known for her performance in “Deep Throat,” will receive a “Wilde Oscar” from the Harvard Lampoon. She’ll receive the award on behalf of the makers of the X-rated movie.

Elizabeth Taylor undergoes a 2 ½ hour operation during which a cyst on her right ovary was removed and an abnormal intestinal formation was corrected.

Passing – British actor Laurence Harvey (45) after an 18-month bout with cancer.


Top TV shows – November 23, 1973

Sanford and Son – 33.7

Waltons Thanksgiving – 33.7

All In The Family – 30.5

CBS Friday Night Movie (Escape From Planet Of The Apes) – 29.3

ABC Sunday Movie (The Hospital) – 28.7

ABC Tuesday Movie (The Cowboys) – 28.0

ABC Wednesday Movie (Trapped) – 26.5

Maude – 25.5

 The Rookies – 23.7

Bob Newhart – 23.1

Mary Tyler Moore – 23.0

ABC Wednesday Movie (Brian’s Song) – 22.9

World of Disney – 22.9

Gunsmoke – 22.9

Bob Hope Special – 21.4

ABC Monday Night Football – 21.3

Sonny and Cher – 20.9

Odd Couple – 20.4

Cannon – 20.4

Hawaii Five-O – 20.3


Television news – November 23, 1973

Lee Majors is leaving “Owen Marshal Counselor At Law’” for a new series – “The $6 Million Man.”

ABC announces that the singing Williams twins (Andy and David) – young teen nephews of singer Andy Williams, will make an appearance on The Partridge Family. They’ll probably sing a song.

ABC is adding “Happy Days,” a nostalgic comedy series recreating the 1950’s. Also, TV Movie “The Cowboys” will be a regular series beginning in January . 


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 23, 1973

CBS – Calucci’s Dept, Roll-Out, Movie

NBC – Sanford and Son, Girl With Something Extra, Needles and Pins, Brian Keith, dean Martin Comedy Hour, Tonight Show, Midnight Special

Brady Bunch, Odd Couple, Julie on Sesame Street, Love, American Style, In Concert

PBS – Wall Street Week, Washington Week, Masterpiece Theater


Brady Bunch – A family trip to an amusement park, but dad loses some important business documents.

Dean Martin Comedy Hour – Sen. Hubert Humphrey is roasted by Sen. Lowell Weiker. With Mort Sahl, Rich Little, Leo Durocher, Foster Brooks, Gene Kelly, Ted Knight, Nipsey Russell, Pat Henry, Audrey Meadows, mark Russell, Don Rice.

In Concert – 1st Anniversary show with B.B. King, Sly and the Family Stone, Johnny Winter and Locker Dancers.

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