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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 22, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Attorneys for Spiro Agnew contend that he is shielded by the Constitution from prosecution and charge that the Justice Department had waged “an immoral and illegal” publicity campaign to drive him from office.

Unprecedented – Vice President Agnew asks the House of Representatives to take over the investigation of charges of political corruption against him,  “In the duel interest of preserving the constitutional stature of my office and accomplishing my personal vindication.”

“I Am Not Resigning” is the word from Vice President Agnew. He denies reports he’s had resignation talks with President Nixon.

The New York Times reports the Vice President Agnew had told friends that any hope he might have had for a 1976 Presidential run “is over now.”

A federal grand jury begins hearing evidence against Vice President Agnew.

In a Gallup Poll – 35% support President Nixon and his handling of the job. 55% disapprove. That’s four points above his low point in August. 

Energy crisis – Gov. Tom McCall of Oregon orders a virtual blackout of commercial advertising and decorative electrical lightning in the state. The ban is effective immediately probably through January 1. The blackout is specifically for “display lighting.”

The cost of Living Council approves increases to retail prices of gasoline ranging from 1 to 2.5 cents a gallon.

The Three Skylab astronauts splash down into the Pacific after spending 59 days in space – a record. They are Alan L. Bean, Owen Garriott and Jack Lousma.


Fashion news – September 22, 1973

Those trendy platform (elevator) shoes can be injurious. The lift is nice, but if you take a tumble in them, you could tear a ligament as doctors are reporting more injuries from platform-wearing females. One injured co-ed said wearing them is “sort of like trying to walk with roller skates.”


Sports news – September 22, 1973

Strikeout record – Pitcher Nolan Ryan hits 383 strikeouts, beating Sandy Koufax’ record. It came in the 11th inning as the Angels defeated the Twins  5-4.

Goodbye Willie – Choked-up Willie Mays (42) bids farewell to baseball. The baseball great announced his retirement last week. In front of fans at Shea Stadium – “Just to hear you cheer like this for me and not to be able to do anything about it makes me a very sad man. This is my farewell. You don’t know that is going on inside me tonight.” 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – September 22, 1973

Linda Lovelace, star of the adult film “Deep Throat” files to end her marriage from her husband Charles Traynor.


Television news – September 22, 1973

Lorne Greene returns to prime-time television, but this time as a private detective in “Griff.” Ben Murphy co-stars.

Peter O’Toole signs an exclusive long-term agreement with NBC-TV. He’s sure to star in several world premiere TV movies and other projects.

Bobby Riggs, tennis star of yesterday is in the TV spotlight. He’s set to start in  the new all-female “Shapes of Things.”

Paul Lynde stars in his first regular TV comedy. Look for him on “Temperatures Rising.”


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – September 22, 1973

CBS – The Waltons, Movie

NBC – Flip Wilson, Ironside, NBC Follies, Tonight Show

ABC – Rock and Roll Years, Kung Fu, Streets of San Francisco, Alan King

PBS – Playhouse New York, An American Family and Reality


Flip Wilson – Sandy Duncan, William Windom and Monty Hall. Skit features a take-off of “Let’s Make A Deal.”

Special - Dick Clark’s Rock and Roll Years -  With Dick, The Supremes, Chuck Berry, Drifters, Brenda Lee, Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Chubby Checker, Bobby Vee and Three Dog Night.

On the Tonight Show – Call Elliot, Barbara Howar


Radio news – September 22, 1973

Benjamin Munson, a radio station account executive at KGO San Francisco dies from bullet wounds received when a gunman shot him in the station’s studio lobby. Munson was shot four times by Lawrence Kwong, 25, who earlier had fired at KGO talk personality Jim Dunbar in a sidewalk broadcasting booth. Kwong later died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say Kwong was obsessed with the idea that KGO radio was trying to control his mind through broadcasts he heard in his head.


Music news - September 22, 1973

Police in Los Angeles arrest Philip Kaufman, road manager for the late Gram Parsons on suspicion of stealing his client’s body in Los Angeles International Airport  and setting it on fire 100 miles away at Joshua Tree National monument. Parsons (27) died of an apparent heart attack last week while on vacation in the desert town.

New at bookstores – “Buried Alive - The Biography of Janis Joplin” by Myra Friedman. 

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