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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 8, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Labor Department’s wholesale price index rose 6.2% in August, led by a 19.3% increase for food. Much of the gain reflected pent-up cost and demand pressures releases when the Administration began to lift its price freeze in stages during July and August.

The U.S. jobless rate inched-up .1% to 4.8%.

Terrorists explode two bombs at midday in London’s crowded King’s Cross and Euston railway stations. 13 are injured.

Chile’s armed forces overthrow Salvador Allende, the Western Hemisphere’s first freely elected Marxist president. Reports say Allende has apparently killed himself.

The National Academy of Sciences warns Russia not to mess with, or harass, dissident physicist Andrei D. Sakharov, or they’ll be no exchange of information between the scientific communities of the U.S. and Russia. 

Millionaire Malcolm Forbes (54) is not happy. The publisher of Forbes doesn’t like the motorcycle band on the Garden State Parkway, so he took a flight to Washington (with a lawyer) to fight the state. Forbes lives in Bedminster Township and for the last seven years, has frequently cycled to his New York office. He owns a motorcycle dealership and says the ban discriminates.

Ms. Colorado, Rebecca Ann King of Sterling is crowned Miss America at Atlantic City.

Passing – Marjorie Merriweather Post – cereal heiress. The famed hostess/ philanthropist was 86.


Technology news – September 8, 1973

In an effort to curb cargo hijackings, federal officials are working on a plan to send out radio signals asking trucks where they are. The system, still in the developmental stage, could recover stolen or hijacked trucks, which account for 10% of al truck cargo losses – around $50 million annually. The hardest hit is the New York-Jersey area.

An electronic pen has been invented that feeds what you write directly into a computer as you write it, according to the Stanford research Institute. The device could be hooked into a central computer that would serve many pens. 

The FCC gives the nod, authorizing five industrial groups to begin construction of domestic communications satellite facilities valued at $292 million. The companies are Communications Satellite Corp. (Comsat), American Satellite Corp., GTE Satellite Corp, National Satellite Services Inc’ American Telephone & Telegraph Corp and RCA Corp.


Sports news – September 8, 1973

In Los Angeles, Muhammad Ali defeats Ken Norton in 12 rounds. It was a split decision in what was billed as Ali’s revenge. Ali took some heavy punches from Norton.

Tennis – Joe Newcombe wins first prize at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in Forest Hills.

Tom Weiskopf wins the World Series of Golf by three strokes, just ahead of Jack Nicklaus. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – September 8, 1973

Bunny Barbie Benton (23) has moved out of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills. She became a favorite of Hefner 4 years ago. She’s found an apartment in the Hollywood area.

Sean Connery sues actress Diane Cilento for divorce. They separated 18 months ago.

CBS, NBC and ABC reject ads promoting a record album about Watergate by comedian David Frye. In addition, Woolworth’s says it will not carry the album. Frye is known for his President Nixon imitations.


Television news – September 8, 1973

Jackie Gleason signs a two-year deal with NBC-TV at a minimum of three shows per year. The contract is effective next September when he ends a 22-year run with CBS. Gleason says his NBC shows will be dramatic presentations. He said his relationship with CBS isn’t what it used to be. 

Young viewers to Sesame Street on Montreal’s Cablevision got a jolt. The show switched from Big Bird to big… as a switch took the show from one source and into a studio monitor where techs were looking at the Miss Nude Galaxy pageant.

New in syndication – “Treasure Hunt” with KMPC/Los Angeles DJ Geoff Edwards as emcee.

New Saturday morning cartoon makes its debut this week – “Star Trek” featuring the voices of the original actors.

All Women – Don’t miss Phyllis Diller, Lee Grant, Valerie Harper, Lynn Redgrave, Joan Rivers and Brenda Vaccaro in “The Shape of Things” – the first all-comedy about women, for women. October 19 on CBS.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – September 8, 1973

CBS – Maude, Hawaii 5-0, TV Movie

NBC – Chase, TV Movie, Tonight Show

ABC – The First Family of Washington, TV Movie, On Location

PBS – Nine Symphonies by Who? With Andre Previn 


Chase – New show about the leader of a quasi-official police unit. Stars Mitchell Ryan, Wayne Maunder.

ABC TV Movie “Deliver Us From Evil” – about a group of campers who stumble on a $600,000 ransom in the woods. Now, how to get back in their struggle? Stars George Kennedy, Jan-Michael Vincent, Bradford Dillman, Charles Aidman.

NBC TV Movie – “Drive Hard, Drive Fast” A racecar driver takes his girlfriend from Mexico City to New Orleans, but someone is trying to kill him or them. Stars Brian Kelly, Joan Collins, Henry Silva, Joseph Campanella, Karen Huston.  

CBS TV Movie – “Coffee, Tea or Me” – About an airline stewardess with two husbands. Oh Boy! Stars Karen Valentine, John Davidson, Michael Anderson, Lou Jacobi.

Late night – “On Location: James Garner at the Ontario 500.” Part II of the actor’s study of auto racing.


Music news – September 8, 1973

Stevie Wonder says he is in good shape and the only permanent effect of his August auto crash are some loss of smell and taste. He’s still under medication and won’t perform for three or four months. 


Some top movies – September 8, 1973

Day of the Jackal

Billy Jack

Slaughterhouse 5


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