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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 1, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Libya says it will increase oil prices by as much as 30% and will no longer accept U.S. dollars for payment.

Watergate – Former presidential adviser John D. Ehrlichman and three others are secretly indicted by a Grand Jury for their alleged involvement in the break-in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.

President Nixon warns oil-producing Arab states that withholding oil stocks and supplies from the West could cost them their markets.

President Nixon says he’ll nix a bill hiking the minimum wage to $2.00 from $1.60 due to inflation concerns. 

Vice President Agnew, under federal criminal investigation, presents his side of the story to President Nixon during a two-hour private discussion.

President Nixon’s White House staff has undergone almost a total personnel turnover in the last three months because of Watergate.

Deepest deep sea rescue to date as two Britons trapped in a miniature submarine for three days are alive and well. They were submerged about 1,500 feet for 75 hours in the “Pisces III” mini-sub.

Shirali Mislimov, the Russian peasant reputed to be the world’s oldest person, dies at 168 years old (but never proven). He is survived by his 107-year old wife and 219 family members. He suffered a bout with pneumonia last winter, the first winter of his life. Only a few days ago, his village celebrated the 100th birthday of one of his grandchildren. He said he tried smoking once, 150 years ago and got sick after three or four puffs. He tried whiskey back in 1831, “I thought I was burning inside,” he said.


Sports news – September 1, 1973

 Hot-tempered Billy Martin, manager of the Detroit Tigers is fired after three years Tiger general manager Jim Campbell announced the dismissal was made “for the good of our organization.”


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – September 1, 1973

Actress Cybill Shepherd (23) sues Playboy magazine for $9 million, claiming seminude photos of her were published without her consent. The pictures were obtained from a prints of “The Last Picture Show” through “subterfuge and dishonesty.” She said she had reluctantly appeared seminude in a few fleeting scenes, but refused to pose nude for the magazine. 

Passing - John Ford (78) – One of America’s greatest directors and winner of six Academy Awards.

Using other hosts for the first time - Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon this year used the facilities of the Hughes Network to feed Alaska and Hawaii live by satellite. Jerry hosted from Las Vegas, David Hartman in Nashville, Joseph Campanella in Hollywood and Buddy Hackett in New York. 

Passing – Author J.R.R. Tolkien – best known for “Lord of the Rings.” 


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – September 1, 1973

CBS – Maude, Hawaii 5-0, TV Movie

NBC – “The Energy Crisis,” Tonight Show

ABC – Temperatures Rising, TV Movie, Marcus Welby, MD, Dick Cavett

PBS – Evening at Pops


“The Energy Crisis: An American White Paper Report”  3-hour documentary examining short and long term consequences of the present energy shortage.  

ABC TV Movie – “The Six Million Dollar Man” with Lee Majors, Darren McGavin, Barbara Anderson, Martin Balsam. A test pilot crashes, but his body is virtually rebuilt.


Music news – September 1, 1973

The Moody Blues will begin a U.S. tour in October.

 Rod Stewart says his next solo album will be his last and he’ll just record with Faces.

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