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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 15, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Watergate - Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox says that President Nixon’s continuing refusal to surrender tapes of conversations with top aids could “frustrate prosecution of wrongdoers in high places.”

The Untied States officially puts an end to the decade-old bombing in Cambodia – the longest air war of its kind – and the end of  U. S. combat in Indochina.

In a televised speech, President Nixon calls on the nation to end its “backward-looking obsession with Watergate and to turn the matter over to the courts and focus on “the urgent business of our nation.”

President Nixon delivers a scathing rebuttal against critics of his secret Cambodia bombing.

In New Orleans – After being warned by the Secret Service, President Nixon’s motorcade is re-routed through downtown New Orleans. Later, it’s reported that Nixon, fuming over assassination precautions that denied him the cheering motorcade he awaited, grabbed Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler by the lapel, spun him around and shoved him angrily. “I don’t want the press with me. You take care it it,” said the President at the apparently stunned Ziegler.  

The retail gasoline industry, which was to move out fro under the price freeze along with the rest of the petroleum industry, will stay – as the price of gasoline will remain frozen until August 31.

Vice President Agnew said again that he intends to fight to establish his innocence of any wrong doing in a developing kickback scandal centered on state construction contracts.

Troops led by the rightist former commander of the Laotian air force try to overthrow the government of Premier Souvanna Phouman but the coup failed and the rebel leader was killed in an airplane crash.

Houston - A grand jury returns murder indictments against two teens who admitted taking part in a sex-and-torture ring that killed 27 boys. 

No Andrea Doria treasure – Looks like sponsors are out a bunch of money after putting up $250,000 for a diving expedition – and a month-long quest for riches from the sunken Andrea Doria liner which went into Davy Jones’ locker in 1956. Said a spokesperson – “We didn’t bring up anything of consequence. Just silverware, a bottle of perfume and some trays.” Other artifacts include this case and contents.

Joseph P. Kennedy III, oldest son of the late Robert F. Kennedy is convicted of negligent driving that resulted in an accident which at least, temporarily paralyzed a teen girl. He’s fined $100.   

More Texas – In Dallas – Police believe they have uncovered a nationwide mail order homosexual procurement ring with the discovery of files containing as many as 100,000 names and booklets showing pictures of names of young “fellows” who were available to “sponsors.”

Linda LaSeur of Tallahassee says in the 15 months she has been married, she has been fighting a legal battle to keep her maiden name. But a local judge says it’s contrary to local policy and the decision is being appealed to the first District Court of Appeal. In a landmark case, no Florida appellate court has ever ruled on a married woman’s right to keep the name she got a birth.  


Fashion news – August 15, 1973

 Getting noticed – flame retardant sleepwear for children.


Sports news – August 15, 1973

Buffalo running back Duane Thomas turns his back on the American flag during the National Anthem, sparking a rhubarb. Some fans want him fined.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – August 15, 1973

Passing – Harry Foster Welch – the voice of Popeye. There were several over the years (Jack Mercer was another,) but Welch was the first and was probably featured in more Popeye cartoons. He was 74.


Television news – August 15, 1973

CBS is under fire for airing to controversial programs: “Sticks and Stones” and a re-running of a “Maude” episode dealing with abortion. “Sticks and Stones” is an antiwar drama from the play. 

The Partridge Family will film an episode at sea. The cast flies to Acapulco then will cruise back to Los Angeles aboard the TSS Fairsea. Look for the episode in the fall.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 15, 1973

CBS – CBS News Retrospective, New Dick Van Dyke Show, MASH, Mannix, Barnaby Jones

NBC – Wild Kingdom, World of Disney, Hec Ramsey, Escape

ABC – Family Classics, the FBI, Movie

PBS – Evening at Pops, Masterpiece Theater


Escape – A congressional investigator is shot and blindfolded behind enemy lines in Korea, but is aided back by an orphan girl. Stars John Erickson and James Gregory. 


Radio news – August 15, 1973

In the past six years, FM radio listeners have increased by 152%, according to Arbriton and a statistic that should give AM music stations some pause. The study covered 8 of the top-10 markets.

Philadelphia adds its third FM rock station as WYSP (94.1) joins the frey behind WIFI-FM and WMMS-FM.

Syndicator “London Wavelength” acquires rights for American syndication of the BBC radio production “The Rolling Stones Story.”

Rick Shaw now does a weekly top-30 show over WXLO (99x) New York.

Wolfman still heard in Los Angeles - Though Wolfman Jack is going to WNBC, his old station – KDAY Santa Monica will run his syndicated show.  

Visiting Don Imus on WNBC is his friend Robert W. Morgan, but Morgan pulled a fast one on Imus after he went to take a bathroom break. Upon returning to the studio, all the microphones were missing and so was Morgan. Imus still had 30 minutes of show left to do.

Steve Rivers leaves WEGC-FM Altanta for WDRQ-FM Detroit, an absolutely fine-sounding screaming top-40 station. 

Motown Records settles its lawsuit against General Film out of court after the movie company agreed to change the title of its suspense film from “Motown 9000” to “Detroit 9000.”

WNEW-FM DJ now has a cable show -“The Alison Steele Show,” a weekly program featuring interviews with music personalities, is launched in New York on sterling Manhattan Cable. First shows included Alan Price, Rod McKuen, Judy Collins, the Spinners and Mary Travers.

Look for “The History of Contemporary Radio” which is described as a half-hour feature that stations can tie-into. It was produced by Do-Bo Productions in Knoxville.


Music news – August 15, 1973

Elvis Presley flew back and forth from his Nassau Coliseum concerts to a Manhattan hotel room by helicopter, where he stayed with Col. Tom Parker.

Led Zeppelin expects a $4 million gross from their recent U.S. tour.

Singer Joan Baez on Watergate – “”Watergate for me is a good morning show. Lying and cheating in government has gone on for 200 years. Now we’ve caught some naughty old men at the game. The Watergate hearings have spelled out this lousy situation. The people can now wake up.”

At a concert in Clarkson, MI, singer Tom Jones, upset by a lack of audience rapport and a failing sound system, hurls a microphone off stage, kicks flowers into the crowd and end his show early.

Ray Charles’ Tangerine Records is no longer affiliated with ABC/Dunhill Records.

 They’re hot – Deep Purple has three albums in the top 100 – “Machine Head,” “Made In Japan,” and “Who Do We Think We Are!”

Shot at her own variety series. (Mama) Cass Elliot will star in “Don’t Call Me Mama Anymore,:” a one-hour special to air September 28 on CBS-TV. It if jells, Cass will get her known variety series.

David Geffin’s Asylum record label will move from Atlantic records, to Elektra to be called “Elektra-Asylum-Nonesuch Records. David Geffen, who began the label with Elliott Roberts in affiliation with Warner Communications, moves with the label and will head up the new record company. Former Elektra president and chief executive officer Jac Holzman is named chairman of the planning committee and senior vice president of Warner Communications Inc.

Singer-songwriter Leo Sayer sings with Chrysalis Records. Adam Faith manages and produces Sayer.

Richard Nader sets his fall rock ‘n’ roll revival concert schedule in various cities. Look for Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Comino, Chubby Checker, Bo Diddley Bill Haley & The Comets, The Shirelles, Five Satins, Dovells, Flamings Gary U.S. Bnds, Platters, Dann & The Juniors, Del-Vikings, Belmonts, Freddy Cannon, the Monglows and Roy Orbison.

Barry Manilow just produced a singler for Sally Kellerman called “Triand” and Barry himself will be featured as an act, as he opens for Bette Midler on her upcoming three month concert tour. 

Isaac Hayes buys his 8th car – a $45,000 custom-made Cadillac with its body lengthened to accommodate the body of a big man. The Caddy includes a love seat, TV, telephone, bar, fridge and stereo sound. 

Jazz drummer Gene Krupa (64) discloses he has leukemia, but calls his condition benine. “I get very tired and I can only play after I have a blood transfusion,” said Krupa.


Top Soul Hit Music – August 15, 1973

 Here I Am (Come Take Me) – Al Green

Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

Angel – Aretha Franklin

If You Want Me To Stay – Sly & the Family Stone

Nobody Wants You When You’re Down And Out – Bobby Womack

Are You Man Enough – Four Tops

Baby I’ve Been Missing You – Independents

I Was Checkin’ Out, She Was Checkin’ In – Don Covay

Meet That Lady – Isley Brothers

Gypsy Man – War

Where Peaceful Waters Flow – Gladys Knight & The Pips


Top Country Hit Music Singles – August 15, 1973

Mr. Lovemaker – Johnny Paycheck

Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man – Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty

Trip To Heaven – Freddy Hart

Everybody’s Had the Blues – Merle Haggard

She’s All Woman – David Houston

The Corner Of My Life – Bill Anderson

Slippin’ Away – Jean Sheppard

If Teardrops Were Pennies – Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton

Nothing ever Hut Me (Half as Bad) – George Jones

Top of the World – Lynn Anderson


Top pop music hits in Britain – August 15, 1973

I’m The Leader Of The gang (I Am) – Gary Glitter

Alright Alright Alrghit – Mungo Jerry

Welcome Home – Peters & Lee

48 Crash – Suzi Quatro

Yesterday Once More – Carpenters

Life On Mars – David Bowie

Spanish Eyes – Al Martino

Ying Tong Song – Goons

Going Home – Osmonds

Bad Bad Boy - Nazareth


Top Music Albums – August 15, 1973

VI – Chicago

A Passion Play – Jethro Tull

Foreigner – Cat Stevens

The Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd

Made In Japan – Deep Purple

Fresh – Sly & The Family Stone

Diamond Girl – Seals & Crofts

Touch Me In the Morning – Diana Ross

Now & Then – Carpenters

Leon Live – Leon Russell

The Captain & Me – Doobie Brothers

Machine Head – Deep Purple

Love, Devotion, Surrender – Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin

There Goes Rhymin’ Simon – Paul Simon

Houses of the Holy – Led Zepplin

Living In the Material World – George Harrison

Live & Let Die – Soundtrack/Paul McCartney

Farewll Andromeda – John Denver

Tower of Power

Call Me – Al Green

The Divine Miss M – Better Midler

Best of Bread

Head to the Sky – Earth, Wind & Fire

1967-1970 – Beatles

Dick Clark Presents 20 Years of Rock ‘N Roll

Billion Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper

Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) – Aretha Franklin

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