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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 23, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

President Nixon asks for help to keep national security secrets out of the press and said, “it is time to quit making heroes out of those” who leak such secrets.

Watergate - The White House says President Nixon will not consider appearing before federal prosecutors in answer questions about the Watergate cover-up.

Judge John Sirica issues an immunity order to compel Roy Sheppard a deliveryman who allegedly was hired to take Watergate-related documents from the White House the day after the break-in.

The three major TV networks announce that they will rotate live coverage of the Senate committee hearings on the Watergate scandal. It is estimated that the three networks combined will lose $4.5 million in ad revenue for the six days of live Watergate reports and coverage.

The Skylab astronauts fail to repair the space station – the problem is a narrow piece of metal jamming a solar panel.

Skylab – temperatures are dropping slowly in the Skylab’s living quarters. It may take a few days for the astronauts to settle in. 

Skylab – The astronauts are making it home and report it’s “clean as a whistle” and eat their first meal aboard the work station.

The Senate confirms the nomination of Elliot Richardson as attorney general. 

Passing – Jacques Lipchitz (81) – Latvian-born sculptor whose works won praise on both sides of the Atlantic.


Fascinating Facts – May 23, 1973

Pablo Picasso’s final paintings, 201 unsigned works from the last two years of his life - go on exhibit for the first time at the Avignon Arts Festival in France. Many called them “puzzling.”

Las Vegas odds maker Jimmy The Greek says the odds are 1,000 to one against President Nixon’s impeachment and 200 to one against his resignation. 


Sports news – May 23, 1973

At the Indy 500 – Salt Walther suffers serious injures in a crash involving 11 cars. The accident occurred just moments after the start of the race.

On Sunday ABC-TV will air – “The Racers: Mario Andretti, Joe Leonard, and Al Unser.” It documents the trio’s 1972 racing season.


Media news – May 23, 1973

The Supreme Court rules that broadcasters are not required by either federal law or the Constitution’s guarantee of free speech to accept paid advertising on such public issues as war or politics.


Technology news – May 23, 1973

The world’s only V-12 engined sedan, the Jaguar XJ12 is announced. The 140-mph, five-passenger four-door XJ12 carries an $11,025 price tag.


Music news – May 23, 1973

Frank Sinatra meets with Neil Diamond to discuss a new album – the first since his so-called retirement. Frank wanted to get a professional’s perspective in the new music scene. Diamond may also be contributing songs and that was discussed as well.  

Paul Simon’s second solo album – “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon” is getting a lot of radio airplay. Three cuts seem to be popular – “Kodachrome,” “Was A Sunny Day” and “Take Me To The Mardi Gras.”


Entertainment /Celebrity news – May 23, 1973

Sylvia Teresa Davis – an associate of Flip Wilson for 16 years, files a $4 million lawsuit saying he tried to kill her. She claims Wilson kicked and beat her and threatened to kill her with a gun last April 15. She said he pulled the trigger 4 times but was unsuccessful in firing the weapon. Ms. Davis was hospitalized for nearly two weeks for a brain concussion, internal injuries and injuries to her neck, right arm and ribs. 

Janette LaLanne (21) daughter of fitness guru Jack LaLanne is killed in a car accident west of Augusta Michigan. She lost control of her car was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled over several times. She was in Michigan in work in summer stock productions at the Barn Theater in Augusta.

Confirmed – Liza Minnelli (27) confirms she is in love with actor Peter Sellers (47). She said her engagement to Desi Arnaz Jr. (21) is now over.

Roasted – Howard Cosell gets roasted at a Multiple Sclerosis Society benefit at the Beverly Wilshire. Participating were David Steinberg, Don Rickles, Don Adams, Muhammad Ali Steve Allen and Redd Foxx. It will be shown on television.


Television news – May 23, 1973

A film crew from the Mary Tyler Moore show returns to Minneapolis for exterior shots of the original house used in the introduction of the show. The real home is owned by Paula and Clayton Giese, who say they were told the original shots were supposed to be used in a documentary – not a weekly TV show . The film crew returned for more film, but found the house bedecked with signs and banners reading “Impeach Nixon.” Ms Giese says it’s all become a nuisance with the new fame. Tour buses run past the house and that it was burglarized “every time the address was printed in the newspaper.” “The last straw came last Sunday, when this old couple from Michigan rang our doorbell at 9am and wanted us to show them around the house.” She said when the camera crews came, she hurriedly hung up the signs and stood next to the house on a ladder.

NBC will expand its late night programming past the “Tonight” show, with the premiere of “Tomorrow.” The interview program will be hosted by KNBC-TV anchorman Tom Snyder and will air Mon-Thurs nights.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – May 23, 1973

CBS – 60 Minutes, New Dick Van Dyke Show, MASH, Mannix, Barnaby Jones

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, Columbo, Night Gallery

ABC – The FBI, Movie

PBS – Masterpiece Theater, William F. Buckley


MASH - Hawkeye wins custody of a young Korean girl in a poker game.

Columbo – Lt. Columbo investigates the slaying of the owner of a professional football team. Robert Culp is the suspect. Also stars James Gregory, Valerie Harper, Dean Stockwell and Dean Jagger.

ABC Sunday night movie – “That’s My Boy” (1951) – Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.


Some top movies – May 23, 1973

Billy Jack – Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kidd – James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan

Godspell –

Camelot – Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave

The Neptune Factor – Ben Gazzara, Yvette Mimieux

Class of ‘44

A Warm December – Sidney Poitier, Esther Anderson

The Day of the Jackal – Alan Badel, Tony Britton, Cyril Cusack

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