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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 8, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Cambodia concern – President Nixon sends Gen. Alexander Haig Jr., army vice chief of staff on a surprise 5-day visit to Indochina for an assessment of the situation there.

9 persons including three Americans are killed when an International Commission of Control and supervision helicopter crashed in a Communist-controlled area of South Vietnam. The craft was hit by ground fire, reported Viet Cong radio.

President Nixon asks Congress for unprecedented powers to negotiate foreign trade agreements, including authority to raise and lower tariffs and to retaliate against unfair restrictions on U.S. exports. 

Watergate – Former White House aide John D. Ehrlichman learned of a burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist during an independent inquiry of the Pentagon papers leak ordered by President Nixon.

White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler apologizes to the Washington Post for past harsh criticism of its investigative reporting of the Watergate conspiracy. Asked if he would apologize in he wake of president Nixon’s statement that a “vigorous free press” had helped uncover the truth about Watergate, Ziegler replied – “Yes, I would apologize to the Post.” He then volunteered an apology to Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward who he said, vigorously pursued the story, deserved credit for their work and are receiving it.

More Republicans are calling on the White House to clear up suspicion surrounding Watergate – to take all steps necessary to clear-up the politically embarrassing affair. 

John Mitchell releases a quick statement to a Grand Jury – saying, “If I had known about Watergate, I would have stopped it.” Mitchell’s statement was in response to reports that James McCord Jr., a convicted Watergate conspirator, had testified to the grand jury that G. Gordon Liddy also convicted in the case, told him Mitchell received transcripts of wire-tapped conversations in Democratic National Headquarters.

Israeli troops from the air, hit Palestinian Arab guerrilla strongholds in the Lebanese cities of Beirut and Sidon inflicting dozens of casualties.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – April 8, 1973

Passing – Pablo Picasso – the greatest artist of his time and giant in history. He was 91.

Going to the state-owned Louvre Museum -  Pablo Picasso’s widow and son announce they are donating to the French people the whole of Picasso’s priceless collection of works by other artists. 

“Fire In The Lake” – Frances Fitzgerald’s portrayal of America’s involvement in Vietnam as two worlds in collision is named winner of the National Book Award for contemporary affairs. Prize for fiction went to Chimera” by John Barth and “Augustus” by John Williams.


Playing in Las Vegas –

Petula Clark/David Steinberg – Caesars Palace

Sandler & Young – Flamingo

Wayne Newton – Frontier

Bobby Darin – Hilton

Totie Fields/Barbara McNair – Riviera

Buddy Hackett – Sahara

Sammy Davis Jr. – Sands


More “Deep Throat” trouble. A midtown Manhattan theater owner is fined $100,000 for showing the movie, which has been ruled obscene. The 620minhte film, which opened at the New World Theater on June 12, was described in a March 1 ruling as a “nadir of decadence.” The movie was confiscated by police. 


Music news – April 8, 1973

John Fogerty is making hits again, this time with the “Blue Ridge Rangers.” But the group is all him as he sings, arranges and plays all the instruments. Of the death of Creedence Clearwater Revival, he says he was frustrated because he believed the group had not even reached its peek, despite selling some $100 million worth of records between 1969 and 1972. The group announced their split last October.

Look for a new music venue in Los Angeles to open soon – The Roxy Theatre. The Roxy backers include three major record company and/or talent management executives – Lou Adler, Peter Asher and David Geffen. Many say it will give Doug Weston’s Troubadour a big run.


Television news – April 8, 1973

Looks like “The Waltons” is a solid hit, but no one would have believed it early on. The first ratings back in October had it in 50th place, By mid-January – it was in the top-25 and last month, it was in 14th place. No one thought it could beat its timeslot rivals Flip Wilson and Mod Squad, but it has. CBS had a great idea – a 2-hour Walton’s Easter Special which will air this week.  

Burt Reynolds will star in six late-night entertainment programs on NBC next TV season. They’ll be presented Saturday or Sunday nights at 11:30pm.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – April 8, 1973

CBS – Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Doris Day, Bill Cosby, Late movie

NBC – Laugh-In, Movie, Tonight Show

ABC – The Rookies, Movie, On Location With Rod Serling

PBS – VD Blues, Book Beat


Laugh-In – Don Rickles “The Sultan of Insults” guests. Martin Milner and Kent McCord make cameo appearances.

VD Blues – Repeat of the program using music, comedy and drama to unify public activities engaged in VD programs. With James Coco, Robert Drivas, Arlo Guthrie, Doctor Hook and Dick Cavett.

Bill Cosby (Variety) – Peter Sellers, Lily Tomlin and the Staple Singers guest.

Late night ABC – “On Location With Rod Serling at LAX” – Serling talks to security men checking for possible hijackers, ground training device for pilots and visit the air traffic control center at Los Angeles International. 


Some top movies – April 8, 1973

Class of ’44 – Gary Grimes, Jerry Houser, Oliver Conant, Deborah Winters

The Devil In Miss Jones – Georgina Spevlin

5 Fingers of Death

Scorpio – Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon, Paul Scofield

Lost Horizon

Scarecrow – Gene Hackman, Al Pacino

High Plains Drifter – Clint Eastwood

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