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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 1, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Clark air base - The last known U.S. war prisoner in Indochina – Army Capt. Robert White – eats his first American dinner in nearly 3 ½ years. 

President Nixon and South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu voice “great concern” at continued North Vietnamese infiltration into the south. They promised “appropriately vigorous reactions” if the buildup threatens the basis of the two-month-old peace agreement.

 Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-ME) says President Nixon was abusing presidential powers through “a notion of one-man rule over the budge, over inflation Andover the Watergate case.”

Wholesale price rises its highest in 22 years – up 4.6% last month! Livestock prices rose 9.3%, live poultry - 20.3% and eggs – 17.7%

Meat boycott - After a massive nationwide protest movement – retail meat sales were off up to 50% across the nation. The boycott has to do with the ever-rising prices of meat.. “We have taken on only a boycott of meant and poultry and the effect of that will be felt soon, boycott leader Hobart Donavan said “But, we are now calling on all Americans to continue that boycott by not eating meat or poultry on Tuesdays or Thursdays as soon as this week-long boycott ends Saturday night.”

The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York are dedicated. The buildings ran $225 million over budget and three years behind schedule. They are now the tallest buildings in the world, but that will change soon with Chicago’s Sears tower. 

At the Western White House in San Clemente, about 200 demonstrators who object to President Nguyen Van Thieu’s leadership in South Vietnam huddled against cold winds. The group included actress Jane Fonda.

Close call – An aerialist dressed as a clown at a Ringling Brothers performance at Madison Square Garden falls into a lion’s cage, where about 15 lions sat. The crowd gasp, but he was quickly taken out. He was listed in fair condition.


Sports – April 1, 1973

Billy Martin the fiery manager of the Detroit Tigers returns to the team after a resignation that lasted one day. 

The Boston Bruins report that NJL scoring champ Phil Esposito may have to undergo surgery on his right knee this weekend. He injured the knee in a loss against the Rangers – 4-2.

Ali Loses - In San Diego, Ken Norton breaks Muhammad Ali’s jaw in the first round and gets a 12-round split decision. Ali said little in the hospital. Said Norton – “I knew I broke it. I think it was in the first round. I don’t know which punch did it. It had to be an overhand right.” 

It’s reported that Ali will have his jaw wired from 3-6 months. The doctor who performed the surgery on Ali said, “I personally don’t understand how he could have gone 11 rounds with that much pain.”


Music news – April 1, 1973

NBC broadcasts “Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii” followed by an Ann-Margret special – “Ann-Margret-When You’re Smiling” on Wednesday night.

At record stores – “Robert Klein A Child of the 50’s. Robert talks about the fabulous 50’s… civil defense, public schools, FM DJ’s, ball players and more. 

Alice Cooper In 3-D - At a New York opening of his exhibition, Salvador Dali introduces a 3 dimensional holograph which includes rock singer Alice Cooper. Dali explained his portrait of the rock singer – the first chronographical holograph, a three-dimensional photograph with a new dimension of time added to produce a movement of 360 degrees. Dali and Cooper held a pres conference at Knoedler Gallery to introduce the holograph, price at $75,000. Explaining why he chose Cooper – “Alice Cooper is the best exponent of total confusion,” said Dali. The hologram is displayed in a clear cylinder, along with a figure of a Dali-designed brain and symbols of ants, a soft watch and a coffee éclair, meant to indicate Cooper’s accessibility to the public.   


Entertainment/Celebrity news – April 1, 1973

 Ed McMahon is in Miami’s Parkway hospital after being treated for lacerations suffered when he fell from a boat in the Bahamas. He suffered a cut above his right eye, a scraped nose and bruised arm. He was unconscious, but briefly.


Television news - April 1, 1973 

ABC says it is dropping six shows, including the “Mod Squad.” The stars of two of them – Julie Andrews and Paul Lynde will be back under different circumstances. Also gone will be Shirley Booth’s “A Touch of Grace,” “Jigsaw,” The Delphi Bureau” and “Assignment Vienna.”

Shaft starring Richard Roundtree is added to CBS’ fall program schedule – as part of the dramatic trilogy to be aired on Tuesday nights. Hawkins starring James Stewart has also been added to the trilogy. These CBS programs have been canned – Doris Day, Mission: Impossible, Bill Cosby and Bridget Loves Bernie.  


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV listings – April 1, 1973

CBS – 60 Minutes, New Dick Van Dyke Show, MASH, Mannix, Barnaby Jones

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, McMillan and Wife, Escape, Best of Carson

ABC – The FBI, ABC Sunday Night Movie

PBS – Earthkeeping, The Naturalists, Masterpiece Theater, French Chief


Dick Van Dyke – A spat with Jenny and ratings concerns finds Dick slightly inebriated during a drunk driving test on his TV show.

Disney – Don Ho narrates and adventure of a boy who sets out to sea to prove his courage and becomes stranded on a deserted island.ABC Sunday Night Movie – “Grandslam” (1967) – Edward G. Robinson.

Escape – A U.S. Congressman is shot down and blinded behind enemy lines in Korea. Stars John Erickson, James Gregory, James McEachin, Gavin James.


Some top movies – April 1, 1973

 Tom Sawyer – Johnny Whitaker, Celeste Holm Jeff East

Book of Numbers – Raymond St. Jacques, Freda Payne, Phillip Thomas

Brother Sun, Sister Moon – Graham Faulkner, Alec Guinness, Judi Bowker

Two People – Peter Fonda, Lindsay Wagner, Estelle Parsons

Carbaret – Liza Minelli

Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me – Berndette Lafont

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