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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 23, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray III testifies that presidential counsel John W. Dean III “probably” lied during the FBI’s investigation of the Watergate case last June.

Convicted Watergate conspirator James McCord Jr. charges that political pressure and perjury kept all the facts and participants from being revealed in last January’s celebrated bugging trial. He asserts that others were involved and that facts were withheld. Later, McCord told Senate investigators that White House counsel John W. Dean III and former presidential aide Jeb Stuart Magruder had prior knowledge of the bugging of democratic National Committee headquarters last year. Later in the week, McCord testifies that two fellow Watergate conspirators told him the bugging of democratic National Committee headquarters was personally approved by former Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell.

North Vietnam tells the United States it intends to release the last group of American prisoners it holds in a few days, but said the U.S. demand that it also release POW’s captured in Laos “is beyond the jurisdiction’ of the cease-fire agreement. It released the names/list of 107 American prisoners of war to be released. 

President Nixon reacts to Communist delays in freeing nine Americans captured in Laos by strongly reaffirming that American troops will remain in Vietnam until all American POW’s in Indochina are released.

Vietnam war ends - The White House announces that the last American soldier will be withdrawn and the last American prisoner of war freed on Thursday – ending a decade of U.S. military presence in South Vietnam.

What about all the pent-up back pay to POW’s??

POW’s – pilots held since 1966 and 1967 are seeing only $250 in “casual pay” until they return home. “We don’t want them throwing 460,000 or so around here,” said an Operation Homecoming official. “We want them to have it when they get back to the state and are able to talk to their families and figure out how they should spend it.” 

A federal official suggest cutting highway speed limits to 50mph to cut down on gas usage. State authorities say it might be a good idea, but that it was not very practical.

Heading off increases - President Nixon imposes a ceiling on wholesale and retail prices of beef, pork, and lamb. The ceiling is slightly below the highest prices store were charging during the last month.

Clark Air Force Base - POW - #589 – the last man – the last Americans held captive by the North Vietnamese ride an ambulance plane to Freedom. The last man - #589 bears the same surname, but no relation to the Vice President. He’s navy Lt. Comdr. Alfred Agnew, one of five men shot down on Dec 28 in the final aerial assault on Hanoi. A total of 565 America military and 24 civilians came out since the cease-fire three months ago on the ‘liberation airlift” from bamboo cages and stone cells of enemy prison camps around Hanoi and in the jungles of South Vietnam and Laos.  

It’s estimated that the death rate at North Vietnam camps to be 10%.

Texaco Dealers will begin distributor’s rationing of their gasoline supplies in the West and the action is likely to spread across the country.

The switchboard operator at the Committee for the reelection of the President (CREEP) is still answering the phone with that 1972 battle cry: “Four More Years.” No one knows when it will finally close its doors. The reason for the uncertainty is the Watergate affair, and attendant legal problems, all of which still swirl around the committee like so many storm clouds. 

Julie Eisenhower says her husband, David, has several job offers waiting for him after he gets out of the Navy this week, including one from a Miami TV station.  

The Pieta, Michelangelo’s marble masterpiece, returns to public view 10 months after a hammer-wielding vandal smashed parts of it. The stature now is protected by a glass shield and a special warning system against intruders who come too close.

The assailant, Laszio Toth, 34, a Hungarian-born Australian was judged insane and sentenced to confinement in a mental hospital for two years.

President Nixon urges American employers to welcome home returning Vietnam veterans “not only with open arms, but with open opportunities” for civilian jobs.

About the government and vets, the President said – “In every area of government concerned, we are no doing more than we have ever done before the help our American veterans.” Unemployment among former servicemen under 30 he said has been “dramatically reduced’ from 8.3% in the last three months of 1972 to 5.7% last month. “Today, I call on every American employer to make the recruiting and hiring of Vietnam veterans a top priority.” “Hiring the veteran is not just a good deed – it is a good investment. For the veteran has proven that he is a good worker and a good learner who knows the meaning of discipline and the importance of teamwork.”

The Federal Aviation Administration virtually outlaws supersonic flight over the United States by civilian aircraft, effective April 27.

The Christian Science Monitor asked Vice President Agnew if his friendship with Frank Sinatra was driving a wedge between him and President Nixon. Reports that Agnew’s association with the singer was responsible for coolness toward him by President and top White House officials following an incident in Washington during Mr. Nixon’s inaugural celebration last January. Sinatra had insulted a Washington society columnist allegedly calling her a “two-bit broad’ and using a four-letter word.

Agnew replied – “That is a ridiculous assertion in view of the fact that Mr. Sinatra is going to perform at the White House this month and in view of the fact that the President said absolutely nothing about this.”


Diet News – March 23, 1973

Some diet experts say the current trend in low carbohydrate diets are useless in the long run. Out front is Dr. Robert Atkins diet and the “calories don’t count” diet.


Sports news – Athlete Of The Year – March 23, 1973

On NBC-TV – Bob Hope Honors Seven Great Athletes: (See who fans voted Athlete of the year): Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Dick Allen, Johnny Bench, Larry Brown, Steve Carlton, Wilt Chamberlain, Chris Evert, Franco Harris, Billie Jean King, Micki King, earl Morall, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Orr, Gary Player, Frank Shorter, Stan Smith, Mark Spitz, Lee Trevino, Bill Walton, Jerry West.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – March 23, 1973

Star Trek Convention

Star Trek Convention - Equicon, the first major West Coast convention devoted to the TV series Star Trek, will be held near International airport over Easter weekend – April 20-22. Guest of honor will be Theodore Sturgeon, author of various science fiction works including Star Trek episodes. Also scheduled – series creator Gene Roddenberry and well as others associated with the series. It’s more great news for Star Trek fans this week, as was announced, an animated “Star Trek” will debut on NBC-TV this fall – using the voices of the series’ actors.

45th annual Academy Awards held this week:

Best Picture – “The Godfather.”

Best performance by an actor – Marlon Brando in “The Godfather.”

Best performance by an actress – Liza Minnelli – “Cabaret.”

Best supporting role – actor – Joel Grey – “Cabaret.”

Best supporting role – actress – Eileen Heckart – “Butterflies Are Free.”


Betty Furness, former White House consumer specialist is named to succeed Bess Myerson as the New York City’s consumer affairs commissioner. She replaces Bess Myerson.

Tony Awards – “A Little Night Music” is named best musical of the season. Glynis John’s role in the play brings her the award for the best actress in a musical.

Passing – Sir Noel Coward (73) – Playwright, author, actor, director, producer. He was 73.


Television news – March 23, 1973

An animated version of Star Trek will debut this fall.

ABC Theatre Special – “Pueblo” with Hal Holbrook as Commander Lloyd Bucher.

Music on television – ABC-TV’s “In Concert” – Al Green, Taj Mahal, Eric Weissbert and Deliverance, Doctor Hook, Mahavishnu.

On NBC’s “Midnight Special – Ray Charles hosts with Carol Brunett, Bill Cosby, Aretha Franklin, Freeman and Murray, Earl Scruggs.

TV news update – Some 80 million tuned to NBC’s coverage of the Oscars.

KNBC-TV hires Peggy Taylor, which the station believes makes her the first woman staff announcer hired by or on any network. She used to work with Stan Freberg.  


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 23, 1973

CBS – Tom Sawyer, Genesis II

NBC – Sanford and Son, The Little People, Circle of Fear, Bobby Darin, Tonight Show

ABC – Brady Bunch, partridge Family, Room 222, Odd Couple, The Odd Couple, Dick Cavett, In Concert

PBS - Wall St. Week


Johnny Carson – Beverly Sills, Rodney Dangerfield, Mitzi Gaynor, Bruno Vailati.

Dick Cavett – Sandy Duncan, Sarah Vaughan, Peter Tauber, Colin Turnbull.


Radio news – March 23, 1973

Storer Broadcasting, owner of KGBS Los Angeles and originator of the Feminine Forum with Bill Balance, is chucking the format after FCC Chairman Dean Burch attacked sexually oriented radio programs. Co-owned WHN (New York) is doing the same with its version Peter Storer, executive VP says the company felt the Balance program’s image has been “colored and damaged by less restricted imitators,’ and rather than create added problems to broadcasting, “we prefer to be responsive.” Forthwith, Bill’s program will not feature any kind of intimate topics. Separately, the FCC orders an inquiry to find out whether broadcasters have carried “obsene, indecent or profane material.”

California Gov. Ronald Reagan joins Michael Jackson on Talkradio KABC, Los Angeles. 

David Cassidy has recorded a series of radio appeals for the Special Olympics for Retarded Children. Cassidy is youth chairman for the campaign.

Poetry - Dick Summer has “Lovin’ Touch III” out with Random House.

KRLA Pasadena is doubling the jock shifts –

Lee Simms and Johnny Michaels mornings

Steve Brown and Johnny Hayes Middays

Reb Foster and Bob Dayton 3-7pm.

Then KRLA plays back the midday and morning shows night and all-night.

Steve Marshal has been appointed program director of KNX-FM Los Angeles.


Music news – March 23, 1973

Beatle John Lennon has 60 days to leave the country, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service rules. District director Sol marks said Lennon and his artist wife, Yoko Ono, were both ‘deportable, but that miss Ono had received permanent resident status.

A three-hour rock musical festival combining the first two “In Concert” specials telecast last November and December will air on ABC-TV on Friday, April 27 at 11:30pm. Artists featured on the program include Alice Cooper, the Allman Brothers, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Curtis Mayfield, Seals and Crofts, Poco and Bo Diddley. ABC-TV will continue to show the rock series through the summer with new productions. The three-hour show will be stereo simulcast to more than 57 FM stations.  

A&M Records launches a national saturation campaign for the new Humble Pie twin-record set “Eat It.” It features food-oriented themes and merchandising displays 100 girls have been hired to parade with sandwich boards and handbills in high traffic areas of 15 cities. 1000 picnic baskets filled with “eat It” buttons, stickers and patches are getting sent to distributors for giveaways.

The New York Dolls just finished their first U.S. road tour and have appeared in Europe. They were pulled off a New York Town Hall concert because the authorities were fearful of their bissexual glitter rock image. They still have no record deal.


Top Soul Hit Music Singles – March 23, 1973

A Litter To Myself – Chi-Lites

Neither One Of Us – Gladys Knight & The Pips

Love Train – O’Jays

Killing Me Softly – Roberta Flack

Call Me (Come Back Home) – Al Green

Masterpiece – Temptations

Master of Eyes – Aretha Franklin

Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I Got) – Four Tops


Top Country Hit Music Singles – March 23, 1973

Good Things – David Houston

Teddy Bear Song – Barbara Fairchild

Super Kind of Woman – Freddy Hart

‘Til I Get It Right – Tammy Wynette

 A Shoulder To Cry On – Charley Pride

You Lay So Easy On My Mind – Bobby G. Rice

Danny’s Song – Anne Murray

I Love You More and More Everyday – Sonny James

Superman – Donna Fargo

Any Old Wind That Blows – Johnny Cash

Neither One Of Us – Bob Luman

Dueling banjos – Deliverance soundtrack


Top hit music singles in Britain - March 23, 1973

Cindy Incidentally – Faces

20th Century Boy – T Rex

Cum On Fill The Noize – Slade

Blockbuster – Sweet

Part of the Union – Strawbs

Hello Hurray – Alice Cooper

Feel the Need In Me Detroit Emeralds

Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Five

Killing Me Softly With His Song – Robert Flack

Whisky In The Jar – Thin Lazy

Baby I Love You – Dave Edmunds

Sylvia – Focus


Top music albums – March 23, 1973

Deliverance – Soundtrack

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player – Elton John

Lady Sings The Blues – Diana Ross

The World Is A Ghetto – War

Rocky Mountain High – John Denver

Talking Book – Stevie Wonder

No Secrets – Carly Simon

Prelude/Deodato – Eumir Deodateo

Hot August Night – Neil Diamond

I Am Woman – Helen Reddy

Who Do We Think We Are – Deep Purple

The Divine Miss M – Bette Midler

Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory – Traffic

Green is Blues – Al Green

Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite – Elvis Presley

Moving Waves – Focus

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds of Fire

Can’t Buy A Thrill – Steely Dan

Seventh Sojourn – Moody Blues

More Hot Rocks – Rolling Stones

Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye

Rhymes & Reasons – Carole King

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Live in Concert – Derek & The Dominos

Round 2 – Stylistics

Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts

Homecoming – America

They Only Come Out At Night – Edgar Winter Group

Tommy – London Symphony Orchestra


Some top movies – March 23, 1973


The Godfather


Pete ‘n’ Tille – Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett

The Getaway – Steve McQueen

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