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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 15, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Nixon orders a halt to the bombing and all other offensive actions against North Vietnam because of progress in the Paris peace negotiations.

Four more Watergate defendants plead guilty to all charges against them. Bernard Barker told of receiving funds by mail to finance the bugging of democratic National Committee headquarters and he received cash from an unknown source. His three Cuban-born compatriots – Eugenio Martinez, Frank Sturgis and Virgilio Gonzalez – all of Miami – were questioned at length by a skeptical federal judge – John Sirica. They said they had no financial motivation but believed that they were combating a “Communist conspiracy” in the United States. Who they believed was engaged in this conspiracy was never brought out. 

Watergate defendant James W. McCord Jr. helped but democratic National Committee headquarters to gain information about violence he believed was being planned against President Nixon and other Republicans officials. At least that’s what his defense attorney says. 

More Watergate - Alfred Baldwin III, a former Republican security aide, implicates the remaining two Watergate case defendants – James W. McCord Jr. and G. Gordon Liddy in the Watergate bugging. He testified that he had been instructed by McCord to monitor bugged phone conversations originating from Democratic offices in the Watergate complex. McCord was security director of President Nixon’s reelection campaign. Baldwin, a key witness for the prosecution, said McCord had introduced him to Liddy in late May, 1972, in the motel room “listening post” Baldwin maintained across the street from the Watergate.  

President Nixon sends Gen. Alexander Haig to Saigon to persuade South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu to accept peace terms negotiated in Paris last week.

 President Ferdinand Marcos assumes full control of the Philippines – with powers of prime minister, legislature and military commander in chief.

President Nixon temporarily removes the federal limitations on importation of No. 2 heating oil in an effort to ease scattered shortages of winter fuel.

Four young gunmen held nearly a dozen persons hostage in a Brooklyn sporting good store for more than four hours and fought a fierce gun battle with police. One policeman died. Later, it’s revealed the gunmen – all black were from the Pan Sui Muslim sect surrender.

President Nixon enjoys himself and dances at all five of his inaugural balls Saturday night and into Sunday.

Second Inauguration – In his speech – President Nixon tells the nation that the Vietnam war was ending and that in the “new era pf peace,” the American people must look more to themselves than to their government to solve problems.”

David O’Connell, a guerrilla leader hunted all over Ireland by troops and police surfaces on British television and said the outlawed Irish Republican Army is stronger than ever.


Sports news – January 15, 1973

Undefeated -  UNBELIEVABLE - Super Bowl VII – Don Shula’s amazing Miami Dolphins take it all the way – another defeat – 17-0 to beat the Redskins and more important, The Dolphins go the whole season without any defeats – a perfect record:  A perfect 14-0 season. It was the first championship appearance for coach George Allen’s Redskins. 

Pro Bowl - O.J. Simpson, becomes the first 100-yard rusher in AFC-NBC Pro Bowl history and scores once giving the AFC a win over the NFC 33-28 in Dallas. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – January 15, 1973

Jane Fonda gets a quickie divorce from film producer Roger Vadim. She recently became engaged to antiwar leader Tom Hayden.

International fugitive Timothy Leary – the high priest of LSD who escaped from a California prison in 1970 is arrested in Kabul Afghanistan and may be returned to the United States. When he escaped, he was serving a one-10-yar sentence for narcotics possession growing out of an arrest in Laguna Beach (CA) in 1968. 

New at bookstores – “Wonder Woman” – a collection of the best of the Wonder Woman comics from the 1940’s but it gets a woman’s movement twist with an introduction by Gloria Steinem and essay by Phyllis Chesler, leading psychologist of the movement. 


Music news – January 15, 1973

 Passing – Gospel singer Clara Ward (48) – lead singer and pianist of the Clara Ward Singers. She had been undergoing treatment for an apparent stroke.

Elvis Presley performs a benefit concert in Hawaii that was beamed to 36 countries, but not the U.S. That audience will see it in a special broadcast in a few months. The highlight of the concert was when Elvis tossed the cape of his bejeweled jumpsuit into the audience. 

Berry Gordy Jr. reorganizes Motown Industries. He becomes president and chairman of the board of Motown Industries, turning over the presidency of Motown Record Corp. to Ewart G. Abner II. Since its beginning in 1961, Motown now reaches into films, television production and music publishing.


Television news – January 15, 1973

ABC is turning its most popular TV movie ever – “The Night Stalker” starring Darren McGavin into a sequel. This week look for “The Night Strangler” on the ABC Tuesday night movie. 

Don’t miss “Jack Benny’s First Farewell Special” this week on NBC. 


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1973

CBS – Mission: Impossible,  Movie, Late Movie

NBC – Sanford and Son, The Little People, Circle of Fear, Bobby Darin Show, Tonight

ABC – Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Room 222, The Odd Couple, Love American Style, In Concert

PBS – Washington Week, Wall Street Week, Masterpiece Theater 


Brady Bunch – A near accident in the family gets Greg grounded and without use of the auto.

Partridge Family – Laurie is call to trail by a student court on charges of cheating on a math exam.

Odd Couple – Felix gets Oscar in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service because he related the Oscar was sloppy with his taxes.

 Debut-Bobby Darin Show – New variety series. Guests – Burl Ives, Dyan Cannon and Mimi Hines. Flip Wilson appears in a cameo.

In Concert – Grand Funk Railroad

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