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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 1, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Locked Out – President Nixon, a surprise visitor to the White House on New Year’s Day, found himself locked out of his own Oval office. He found a White House policeman who came up with a passkey. The President was on holiday at Camp David.

The Vietnam peace negotiations resume in Paris with no sign of concessions.

Paris - North Vietnam peace negotiator Le Due Tho says that responsibility for concluding a cease-fire agreement or continuing the war “rests entirely with the United States. He said that President Nixon has made an “extremely wrong” calculation in unleashing what he called “the most barbarous and inhuman bombing attacks against Hanoi and Haiphong since the top-level talks broke off last December 13.

American warplanes return to South Vietnam’s skies after a 24-hour New Year’s truce and raids on North Vietnam are expected to continue.

President Nixon meets with congressional leaders, telling them – “we should know fairly quickly next week” if Hanoi is ready to negotiate seriously again or return to a “stalling pattern.”

The White House confirms that President Nixon did not consult any member of Congress before entering the intensive B-52 raids on Hanoi Dec. 18 through the 30th.

President Nixon will ask Congress to reinstate the death penalty for such federal crimes as skyjacking, killing a prison guard and assassination.

Medicare will cost millions 50 cents more beginning July 1 to a new monthly premium of $6.30 – an 8.5% increase over the current rate.

The Democratic National Committee is about to lose its 7-year-lease in the Watergate building, and says it will not renew. A spokesman says they are looking for smaller, less luxurious quarters although they would stay at the Watergate on a month-to-month basis if suitable space were not found by the end of the month. And, the move has nothing to do with the break-in and subsequent events. 


Sex Education – January 1, 1973

Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins University testifies in Criminal Court in Manhattan that people would be less likely to get divorces if they included films like “Deep Throat” in their sex education. The professor was testifying for the defense in the obscenity proceeding against the film. “If I may use the phrase, it puts an eggbeater in people’s brains,” said the professor.


Sports news – January 1, 1973

Going into Super Bowl VII – Washington is favored by one point over Miami. Some 78 million are expected to watch.

Bowl Games

Rosebowl -  USC 42  Ohio State 17.

Orangebowl – Nebraska 40  Notre Dame 6

Cottenbowl – Texas 17  Alabama 13


Radio news – January 1, 1973

The Fitzgeralds – anchored by Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald sign-off for the last time. The show has aired on WOR radio (New York) since 1934.


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – January 1, 1973

CBS – 18,3, NBC – 17.8, ABC – 15.5.

Top TV shows in order –

All In The Family – 28.9 and a 48 share.

Hawaii Five-0 – 26.9 – 42 share

Sanford & Son

Marcus Welby

Medical Center

Flip Wilson



Sonny & Cher


Bridge Loves Bernie

Here’s Lucy

Mary Tyler Moore

NBC Monday Movie

Tennessee Ernie Ford Special

Partridge Family


Love American Style

Room 222

Bob Newhart

CBS Thursday Movie


Carol Burnett

Odd Couple


Ghost Story

Doris Day

Dean Martin – 18.5 – 32 share


Television news – January 1, 1973

Beginning this week - PBS will air a different kind of program. The William C. Loud family of Santa Barbara (CA) admitted a camera crew into their home for seven months of day-today filming. The result is “An American Family” – 12 one-hour documentaries. It starts on PBS station WNET and other PBS stations this week. Family members are William and Patricia Loud and their family – Kevin (18), Grant (17), Delilah (15), Lance (20) and Michele (13). (First Reality TV Program).

William F. Buckley Jr. says that he would seek private financial aid to keep his controversial “Firing Line” program on public television despite an apparent decision by PBS to drop the program May 1.

It’s announced that Gene Shalit, a movie and book reviewer, sports columnist and publicity man, will join “Today” replacing Joe Garagiola. Look for him January 15.

ABC agrees to pay $25 million for exclusive United States television rights for the 1976 summer Olympics in Montreal. ABC had paid $13.5 million for the right to televise last summer’s Olympic games from Munich.

Next week  -  ABC introduces “ABC Wide World Of Entertainment” late nights. 

Tuesday ABC presents – “The George Carlin Show” – a one-shot late night airing.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 1, 1973

CBS – Sonny and Cher, Medical Center, Cannon, Late movie

NBC – Adam-12, Madigan, Search, Tonight

ABC – Paul Lynde, Royal Gala Variety Performance, Alan King, ABC News-At Ease

PBS – Apart from the Crowd, Soul


Royal Gala Variety Performance – Given at the London Palladium featuring songs and entertainment. Stars Liza Minnelli, Lily Tomlin, The Osmonds, Des O’Connor, Roger Moore.

Alan King Looks Back in Anger – A Revue of ’72. Guest – Stiller and Meara, Jack Weston, Johnny Brown, Larry Storch and Rona Barrett Nancy Dussault, and the Joy People.

Tonight Show W/Johnny Carson – Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder, Ronnie Graham.


Top movies – January 1, 1973

The Getaway – Steve McQueen, Ali MacGraw

Marigolds – Joanne WoodwardDeliverance

Lady Sings The Blues

They Only Kill Their Masters – James Garner, Katharine Ross

Fiddler On The Roof

The Poseidon Adventure

Snow Ball Express

Cesar and Rosalie – Yves Montand, Romy Schneider

Sounder – Cicely Tyson

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