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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 1, 1973 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Accused by some of “twisting the Constitution” by refusing to spend funds appropriated by the lawmakers, President Nixon insists that he has a constitutional right to impound appropriations funds. He said in a news conference he would continue the practice. “I will not spend money if the Congress overspends and I will not be for programs that will raise the taxes and put a bigger burden on the already overburdened American taxpayer,” said the President.

U.S. officials indicate that the first group of American prisoners of war held in jungles along the south Vietnam-Cambodia border would be released this week in the An Loc area, 60 miles north of Saigon and 10 miles from the nearest point on the Cambodia border. 

Presidential adviser Henry A. Kissinger will return to China on Feb. 15 after his visit to Hanoi. It’ll be his fifth visit to China in the past two years.

 President Nixon names Dixy Lee Ray as Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission – the third woman he has named to head an independent agency.

Pronouncing the nation “sound and full of promise,” President Nixon calls on the democratic-controlled Congress to support programs he said would strengthen the nation by reducing the federal role and increasing individual initiative. “We enter 1973 economically strong, militarily secure and most important of all, at peace after a long and trying war… the basic state of our union today is sound and full of promise.”

A battle between gunmen and British army soldiers in the Roman Catholic New Lodge Road area in Belfast kills four and injures three as guerrilla warfare in Northern Ireland escalates.

Serial killer - A nude body found near a remote woods road was identified as the eighth young women to die in the Boston area under similar circumstances since last summer. Damaris Synge Gillispie, a Boston university honor student was last seen alive November 29. Authorities believe a single killer may be responsible for the deaths.

Pasteur Institute - A French medical research team claims that it has discovered a vaccine against influenza that ill be effective against all strains of the disease.

President Nixon’s popularity rises. According to a Gallup Poll – 68% approve of the job he is doing – up 14% from January. 

The nation’s unemployment rate in January was the lowest in 30 months – declining to 5% of the work force.

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson names his widow, Lady Bird, as executor of his estate in a will filed for probate this week. The will did not indicate the value of Mr. Johnson’s estate. Mr. Johnson left all of his personal effects to Mrs. Johnson and his papers – presidential and otherwise, to the LFJ Library at the University of Texas. He left 17 individual bequests to family members, friends and employees, leaving the decision to Mrs. Johnson, whether to give them cash or property. 

In a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, American cars remain “so delicate” that six out of seven 1973 models were damaged by being backed into a fixed barrier at the “unbelievably slow speed of 2 ½ mph.” In front-end crashes at 5mph – the speed at which a person lands I a jump from a 10-inch high step – all three small cars and two of four full-sized sedans were damaged.


Sports news – February 1, 1973

Joe Namath (29) is committed to one more year with the New York Jets says he never gets bored with the game. “Football is first with me – never forget that. I like variety. I want to keep doing a lot of things. To me, football always has been the center and all the other stuff I’ve done – the movies, TV shows, the business things – has been scheduled around football.”

Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr go on scoring sprees and figured in all Boston goals leading the Bruins to a 5-2 victory over Toronto. Esposito, the NHL’s scoring leader with 79 points, breaks out of a slump with 3 goals for his third hat trick of the year and 19th of his career and helped set up 2 other goals.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – February 1, 1973

An Italian court acquits actor Marlon Brando and actress Marla Schneider on charges of offending public decency in torrid sex scenes in the movie “Last Tango in Paris.” The film was banned by a Rome public prosecutor after it had bee showing for only a few days in Rome and Milan. 

Passing – John Banner  – the Austrian actor best known as the lovable Sgt. Schultz in “Hogan’s Heroes.” Death came on his 63rd birthday from a hemorrhage. Said Bob Crane (right in pic) who starred in that series – “He was the man in real life that he played in the show. Six of the happiest years of my life were spent working with him.”

Frank Sinatra agrees to return for a White House reception in his honor. The invitation was extended shortly before Sinatra’s much-publicized tongue-lashing of Washington Post columnist Maxine Cheshire at an inauguration evening cocktail party. The confrontation led to threats of slander suit against Sinatra by Mrs. Cheshire. It also prompted published repots that President Nixon was embarrassed and displeased by Vice President Agnew’s friendship with Sinatra. 


Music news – February 1, 1973

NBC-TV begins, “Midnight Special” this week. Helen Reddy hosts. Guests – The Byrds, Ike and Tina, George Carlin, Curtis Mayfield, Kenny Rankin and Rare Earth.


Some top movies  – February 1, 1973

Poseidon Adventure


Brother of the Wind

Black Gunn

The Getaway

Across 110th Street

A Separate Peace

Pete and Tillie

Love Under 17/Sensuous Teenager


Fiddler on the Roof


Man of La Mancha

Jeremiah Johnson


Deep Throat

World’s Greatest Athlete

Last House on Left

Great Waltz

Black mama White Mama

Prison Girls

Trick baby

The Heartbreak Kid

Lady Sings The Blues


Play It As It Lays

Boot Hill


Black Girl

Up the Sandbox

Innocent Bystanders

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