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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 15, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

George McGovern promises that as President, he would abolish the present system of price and wage controls and replace it with a semi-voluntary program of guidelines focused on the nation’s biggest companies and unions.

Responding to charges from Sen. George McGovern, President Nixon defends his war against illegal drug traffic and warns foreign governments against participation in the movement of dangerous drugs into the United States.

President Nixon reported that his net worth has increased $168,218 since he took office and now totals $765,118. Agnew’s is pegged at $198, 250.

Moscow - Presidential adviser Henry Kissinger and Soviet leaders discuss Vietnam during a review of world problems.

Vice President Agnew says that the FBI has been ordered to investigate the $750 million sale of U.S. wheat to Russia. Agnew is accusing Democrats of trying to use the wheat deal as “another Watergate.” “… to investigate the profits of these big grain exporters that you refer to; to see whether anyone has taken any undue profit, due to any misinformation or improperly revealed information on the part of the federal government. George McGovern has accused the Nixon Administration of feeding tips to big grain companies, allowing them to profit at farmer’s expense.

Busing will be stopped - Vice President Agnew takes his campaign to Nashville, and stresses that the Republican Administration means to “have an end to this busing.”

New York police seize three mail-bomb letters sent to the United Nations. Mailed from Amsterdam, the envelopes were addressed to Israeli officials there.

The Senate passes a tough air hijacking bill which provides a new airport security police force, screening of all airline passengers and the option of the death penalty for aircraft hijackers.

 Crisis in Philippines - President Ferdinand Marcos decrees martial law, just hours after his defense secretary escaped an assassination attempt.

Watergate bugging – In Washington - Judge Charles Richey halts proceedings in the three civil suits resulting from the bugging incident at Democratic national headquarters June 17.  He said the proceedings would be resumed after all criminal trials relating to the incident were completed. That would not be possible until after the November 7 election... that going ahead with the civil cases might subvert the rights of the seven men facing criminal charges to a fair trial. The three civil cases are:

A $3.2 million damage suite against the Republicans brought by Larry O’Brien – former Democratic national chairman.

A $5 million counter suit by Maurice Stans, chief fundraiser for CREEP.

A $5 million libel suit by Stans against O’Brien.

A new exercise called “creeping.” That’s right. You get down on all fours and walk on your hands and knees. You look at your fingers as you walk the hand forward and that turns your head side to side.


Sports news – September 15, 1972

Muhammad Ali gets a 7th round KO in a bout with Floyd Paterson at Madison Square Garden. It was their second bout since 1965. In that first match, Ali retained his heavyweight championship when Patterson, suffering from a slipped disc, was unable to finish the 12th round. This time, the fight had to stop because of a cut near Patterson’s eye. Said Ali – “I didn’t knock him out, I didn’t get him on a TKO. All I did was close his eye.”

Fascinating – Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder is his own pollster, but he doesn’t use probabilities the way Harris and Gallup do. He picks out some counties and precincts he considers important and sends four people out to survey. He gets his tallies, but his trick is in the undecided. “I figure that 70% of the undecided will follow the winner on election day, in other words, vote for the man who is head for reelection polls.” Snyder says 20% goes to the underdog, 5% votes go against the establishment and “there’s 5% you can’t tell.”

Mark Harmon, son of Tom Harmon is a quarterback at USC. Mark says he’s studied films of his dad as a runner at Michigan.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – September 15, 1972

George Lucus just put out his second movie – “American Graffiti” which is much different than his first – the thriller “THX 1138.” Lucus says his first movie, despite critical acclaim, only broke even. “I got tagged as a cold director because THX didn’t have any humor in it” said the director. He’s hoping “Graffiti” – made on the cheap, will make money.

Walt Disney World in Florida hits its 10 millionth visitor just before it hits its first anniversary. Disneyland in Anaheim had 3.8 million its first year and didn’t hit its 10 million annually until 1968.


Music news – September 15, 1972

Rolling Stone Magazine quotes Terry Knight, who is involved in a legal hassle with Grand Funk Railroad. They’re about to release their first non-Knight-produced album. “I don’t like the album. I personally am embarrassed by it. Bt then, I don’t like a lot of Grand Funk’s records” said Knight.


Television news – September 15, 1972

Debuting in syndication – “UFO” from Britain. The series, set in 1980, guards the earth against the approach of invaders from space. The agency on the show is SHADO – Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization. 

Wednesday night television listing/programs/TV guide – September 15, 1972

CBS – Carol Burnett, Medical Center, Cannon, Late movie

NBC – Adam 12, Debut-Madigan, Search, Tonight

ABC – Paul Lynde Show, TV Movie, Julie Andrews

PBS – Election ’72, Film Odyssey


Debut-Madigan – Second of a trilogy series stars Richard Widmark as a New York City police detective. It’s a role he created in a 1968 movie of the same name.

Election ’72 – Sander Vanocur and Robert MacNeil cover the candidates, issues and voters.

Search – An agent investigating a $100-bill duplicating racket suddenly disappears. Stars Tony Franciosa, Burgess Meredith, Angel Tompkins

Julie Andrews – Carl Reiner, Cass Elliott, Alice Ghostley guest.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40)USA – September  15, 1972


LONG COOL WOMAN (In A Black Dress) - Hollies

ALONE AGAIN (Naturally) - Gilbert O’Sullivan

ROCK AND ROLL (pt. 2) - Gary Glitter



BLACK AND WHITE - Three Dog Night




BRANDY (You’re A Fine Girl) - Looking Glass



RUN TO ME - Bee Gees


GO ALL THE WAY - Raspberries

MY DING-A-LING - Chuck Berry

GET ON THE GOOD FOOT (pt. 1) - James Brown


HONKY CAT - Elton John

POPCORN - Hot Butter

PLAY ME - Neil Diamond

BEN - Michael Jackson

SPEAK TO THE SKY - Rick Springfield

BURNING LOVE - Elvis Presley


Some top movies – September 15, 1972

Fritz The Cat (He’s X rated and animated)

Toys are not for Children – Marcia Forbes, Harlan Cary Poe

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