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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 15, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

The Pay Board decides against lowering its 5.5% annual guideline for wage increase because it said inflation was slowing down under the present standard.

Several persons are wounded when a Moroccan jet fighter machine-gunned Rabat airport as King Hassan II was returning from a private visit to France.

President Nixon sends White House adviser Henry Kissinger to Saigon for talks with President Nguyen Van Thieu amid rumors of progress at secret sessions of the Vietnam peace talks.

An East German airliner crashes shortly after takeoff from East Berlin – killing all 156 on board.

Elliot Richardson, Secretary of health, education and welfare says that George s. McGovern’s welfare proposals were “misguided, misleading and mistaken” and chided the Democratic-controlled Congress for failure to act on President Nixon’s welfare reform and revenue sharing proposals.

Ramsey Clark comes under congressional fire for allegedly allowing himself to be used to spread Communist propaganda.

Henry Kissinger and President Nguyen Van Thieu confer for more than two hours on secret peace talks that the presidential adviser held with the North Vietnamese in Paris.

Another hijacking – A gunman hijacked a United Air Lines plane from Reno to Vancouver, demanding a steadily increasing lit of items that included $2 million in cash, 15 gold bars and war material. He said the money would go to help children crippled by the war in Vietnam. Later – FBI agents shot and wounded him in Seattle.

Radio Hanoi said that the trip to Saigon by Henry Kissinger as a “cunning trick” to give the illusion that major changes were developing at the Paris peace talks.

Watergate comment – Sen. George McGovern says he believes President Nixon was “at least indirectly” responsible for the June 1 break-in at the democratic national Committee headquarters in Washington. He said he was disappointed that the news media and the public had not paid more attention to the June break-in. Since then, a $25,000 campaign check has been traced to the bank account of one of the arrested men – Bernard Barker. McGovern said that check tied the suspects “about as close you can” to the President. 

Clark MacGregor, chairman of the Committee for the reelection of the President accuses Sen. George McGovern of character assassination for the (above) comment. McGovern had charged that Mr. Nixon was “at least indirectly” responsible for the break-in at the Democratic headquarters at Watergate and also said that that “this is the kind of thing that you expect from a person like Hitler.”

The Republicans had their first confrontation in Miami Beach with the Yipped at a platform subcommittee hearing.

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson says that although he differs with some of Sen. George S. McGovern’s positions, he will support the democratic presidential nominee and the entire party ticket.

The Interior department has met all legal requirements for issuance of a permit for the trans-Alaska oil pipeline – lifting a two-year ban on construction.

Edith Irving – confessed conspirator in the Howard Hughes autobiography hoax, is released from jail after serving two months. Her husband, Clifford Irving will be gong to prison to begin serving a 2 ½ term later this month.  She said it really started as a joke. She says she can’t wait to see their kids, and she’s thinking of leaving her husband. 

A federal judge has found “arbitrary, capricious unreasonable and unlawful’ a regulation barring truck drivers from their occupation after being convicted of driving a private automobile when drunk.

NYC, bedeviled by violence ranging from gangland assassinations to junkie muggings, orders its entire 31,000-member police force into the war against organized crime. Everyone must maintain a constant surveillance on mob figures and to report daily on their activities.

Jane Fonda and Dehlia Alvarez, the sister of the first American captured by North Vietnam – announce that they will go to Miami next week to participate in antiwar activities scheduled to coincide with the opening of the Republican National Convention.

George McGovern has lost ground in the latest Gallup Poll- 31% from 37% support in July in his campaign for the presidency.

In Miami Beach – Republicans begin their convention.

Mrs. Richard Nixon and members of the President family got a cheering welcome in Miami Beach as they set out with Mr. Nixon’s advice to “meet as many people as possible.” About 3,000 were on hand. 


Sports news – August 15, 1972

Tom Bradley and Terry Forster combined for a 4-hitter and Dick Allen set up the winning run with his base running as the Chicago White Sox beat the Milwaukee Brewers – 2-1.

John Madden of Oakland is the NFL’s youngest head coach and after three years in that position, he remains the most inconspicuous of the raiders, despite a remarkable record of 28-9-5 (.757).

Steve Carlton’s winning streak was snapped at 15 games as Mike Lum’s 2-out, tie-breaking single in the 11th inning carried the Atlanta Braves to a 2-1 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.


Music news – August 15, 1972

On “American Bandstand” – Connie Stevens and Harry Chapin. Chapin sings “Taxi.”

Entertainer Johnny Cash and members of his touring show are shaken up after their plane made a bad landing. One wing brushed the ground and the pilot took off again, but the plane landed its second attempt at Erie, PA. 

Neil Diamond says that after this current  tour, he’s taking a concert sabbatical for a few years. 

Passing – Oscar Levant – pianist and composer. He was 65.

Touring – Three Dog Night with special guest – John Kay.

In Los Angeles – Don’t Miss This Event – WattStax ’72 – Featuring artists From the Stax Record Label.

Music on Television – Special on ABC-TV – “The Judd Strunk Show.” Known for his hit – “Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road.”


Television news – August 15, 1972

NBC pays $3 million for exclusive American network rights to air the movie “My Fair Lady.”


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 15, 1972

CBS – All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, New Dick Van Dyke Show, Arnie, Mission: Impossible

NBC – Pilot , Movie

ABC – Movie, ABC Comedy Showcase


All in the Family – Archie airs his views on President Nixon’s economic policy to a reporter.

(pilot) NBC Comedy Theater – “The Seven Little Foys” – TV version starring Mickey Rooney and Edie Foy Jr.


Some top movies – August 15, 1972

The Godfather


Shaft’s Big Score

Fritz the Cat

Junior Bonner

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