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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 8, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Northern Ireland’s children of hate kill a British Soldier. They stoned his car, smashed him on the head with a brick and cheered as he died when his car crashed. The children (actually 5 to 6 teenagers) learn how to make nail bombs, scout for the gunmen, carry messages from the IRA’s command and learn avidly the hate and abuse.

The U.S. government announces development of a new kind of influenza vaccine that it says, “holds the future promise for the eventual control” of the disease.

President Nixon sends White House advisor Henry Kissinger to Saigon for talks with President Nguyen Van Thieu amid rumors of progress at secret sessions of the Vietnam peace talks...the House rejects 228 to 178 a mandate to pull U.S. forces by October 1 in return for release of American prisoners and a limited cease-fire.


Medical news – August 8, 1972

In Miami a 53 year-old grandmother from Key West is the first woman to receive an atomic heart. “I just keep thinking that I might blow up,” joked Virginia Recupero from a hospital bed. Atomic hearts only have to be changed once in every 10 years compared to the 21-month average life span of the conventional pacemakers.


Sports news – August 8, 1972

Pitcher Sandy Koufax gets inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, NY. At 36, he’s the youngest player ever inducted.


Fascinating facts – August 8, 1972

Dies - Walter Botts (72). Walter was the model for the infamous Uncle Sam poster (I want you for U.S. Army). Botts posed for other artists, including Norman Rockewell but The Uncle Sam poster, still in print, is his most notable.  Botts was also a vocalist and saxophonist playing at a time with the likes of Harry James and Red Nichols.

In Tampa, Marise Salizzoni, a talkative waitress, faces a federal charge of obstructing justice for allegedly telling three jurors at a table she was serving, “Y’all have an innocent  day now.” The 42 year-old divorcee spent eight hours in jail after making the remark over breakfast to jurors deciding a jury tampering case. 


Fascinating Business news – August 8, 1972

 At a car dealer - a new Ford Pinto Wagon - $2265. Includes front disc brakes and over 60 cubic feet of carrying space. You can get optional wood-sided wagon look, plus wheel covers.

Ford signs with N.V. Phillips to develop “hot air” engines for automotive and Industrial use. The engine uses alternately heated and cooled gases to push pistons back and forth: The engine uses an external burner to heat a contained gas. As the gas is heated, it expands and pushes against a piston. Standard internal combustion engines burn their fuel inside the cylinders.


Prices at the supermarket – August 8, 1972

 46oz can of V-8 - .45... Nestles Quick - 3lb can - .78.... Boneless Chuck Roasts - .98lb... 7-Seas dressing 8oz bottle (Italian, Russian, French) - 3 for $1.00


Television news – August 8, 1972

Actor Ed Platt, the control chief on TV’s “Get Smart” and now a moviemaker, finishes the movie “Santee” - the first major motion picture shot on videotape. Actually, some of it was shot on film but Platt defies anyone to tell the difference. “For our part, we now know better what video cameras can and can’t do which means we can do a better job of planning during our preproduction next time around.” The film stars Glen Ford and will be released later this year. 


 Wednesday night Television listings/programs/TV guide – August 8, 1972

(CBS) David Steinberg, Medical Center, Mannix...(NBC) Adam 12, McCloud, Night Gallery...(ABC)The Super, The Corner Bar, Marty Feldman, The Kopy Kats.


Valerie Harper and Tommy Smothers guest on David Steinberg.

Night Gallery features “There aren’t any more MacBanes.” A college student resorts to witchcraft in an attempt to get rid of an uncle who has threatened to disinherit him. Stars Joel Gray and Howard Duff.

KopyKats is hosted by Tony Curtis this week. Stars Frank Gorshwin.


Some top movies – August 8, 1972

Last Of The Red Hot Lovers - Alan Arkin, Sally Kellerman.

Where Does It Hurt - Peter Sellers (as Dr. Albert Hopfnagel)

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Frenzy” -

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex - Woody Allen

The Godfather

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