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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of July 5, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Kakuei Tanaka is elected president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party – a post that could make him premier of Japan. 

Fourth of July address - President Nixon urged Americans to reach outward to the world and inward to themselves in celebration of the nation’s 200th birthday in 1976. He said Americans were entitled to feel pride and gratitude when they look at the nation’s beginning. At the same time they should feel a healthy impatience for change. He revealed that the bicentennial commission’s plans call for observing the past with a program called “Heritage 76” and the future with “Horizons 76.”

San Francisco - Two hijackers are shot and killed by FBI agents as they attempted to flee to Siberia with $800,000 and parachutes in a small Pacific Southwest Airlines jet carrying 84 others. 

But wait – A hijacker seizes a Pacific Southwest Airlines jet with 58 aboard as it approached Sacramento airport for a landing and was diverted to San Diego. Landing at Lindbergh Field, the hijacker demanded and received $450,000 in ransom. The hacker allowed all passengers except two to disembark. The Boeing 727 then took off for Oakland.

President Nixon orders commuter airlines to check the identification and search the hand carried baggage of every passenger to curb the recent rash of air hijackings.

New York - A man believed to be the notorious “kissing bandit” of the IRT subway is held on a criminal complaint filed by a woman who said he not only kissed, but bit her. Irving Steiman was taken to a hospital for observation. There have been many complaints from women riders of the IRT line about a man who kissed them and ran, usually when they had either fallen asleep in their subway seats or were riding with their eyes closed.

The Yippies pledge to try to keep the peace at next week’s Democratic National Convention in Miami, but warned that if the city did not establish a campsite for demonstrators, “We’ll have to take one.”

Alabama Gov. George Wallace arrives in Miami declaring, “I am still an active viable candidate even though I was sidelined for a few days.

President Nixon announces a $750 million, three-year agreement between the U.S. and the Soviet Union for purchase of grain.


Sports news – July 5, 1972

Stalled chess match – The Russians are insisting that American Bobby Fischer apologize before his first match with titleholder Boris Spassky. The Russians have demanded and have obtained a second opening game delay.  It’s still not clear if they are going to play this week. The Russians say Fischer should have been disqualified when he failed to show up Sunday for the first game. 

Billie Jean King wins her 4th Wimbledon title, beating Evonne Goolagong.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – July 5, 1972

Colorado - Brandon de Wilde (30) dies after suffering injuries after is van truck went out of control on wet pavement and struck a parked flatbed truck.

Mia Farrow and Andre Previn are going their separate ways. She is seeing John Tavener.

Pat Paulsen sends a copy of his “How to wage a Successful Campaign for the Presidency” to Sen. McGovern. A note attached to it said – “It was my intent to prepare the enclosed book for the various candidates involved in the 1972 presidential campaign. Unfortunately, the book was not ready until last week and I have been told that you’re the only candidate…"


Radio news – July 5, 1972

Bob Crane is back on Los Angeles radio. He’s filling in for his former morning show rival – Dick Whittinghill on KMPC Los Angeles. He left the KNX morning show in 1965, when he went into Hogan’s Heroes (see this site). Crane says his primary goal is to stay in acting. Crane and Whittinghill battled for top morning LA ratings between 1956 and 1965.

Fred Foy, announcer for Dick Cavett’s talkshow, is awarded the first annual Golden Mike for “excellence in broadcasting by maintaining the high ideals and standards set during radio’s Golden Age.” Foy was the announcer for the famed “Lone Ranger” radio show.


Television news – July 5, 1972

 “Bonanza” will begin its 14th season with a two-hour segment titled “Forever.” Written and directed by Michael Landon, it features the marriage of Ben Cartwright and Bonnie Bedelia.


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – July 5, 1972

CBS – Campaign ’72, Movie, Cade’s County

NBC – Wonderful World of Disney, Jimmy Stewart, Bonanza, The Bold Ones

ABC – Democratic Convention Preview, Movie

PBS – Anatomy of a Convention, William F. Buckley, Masterpiece Theater


Anatomy of a Convention – Looks at the Democratic convention in Miami.

ABC Sunday night movie – “Smoky” (1966) – Fess Parker, Diana Hyland, Katy Jurado.

Bonanza – Thwarting a bank holdup, Candy kills one of the robbers and is threatned.

 Cade’s County – Cade is forced to track down a homicidal escaped convict. Bobby Darin guest stars. Stars Glenn Ford.


At the movies – July 5, 1972

Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy – Jon Finch, Alex McCowen, Barry Foster

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