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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 22, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts





In The News

An undetermined number of federal troops will be stationed in the Miami area during the Democratic and republican conventions.

Bad Weather – Tropical storm Agnes hits the Eastern seaboard with at least 41 deaths attributed to the storm. 

John Mitchell’s days are numbered -  Martha Mitchell says she is “sick and tired” of politics and has threatened to leave her husband unless he gets out of the political arena. “I gave him an ultimatum.”

Massive Indiana search - The FBI searches for a young hijacker who parachuted or fell over north central Indiana before dawn with $502,000 in ransom money.

In a Gallup Poll – 60% approve of the performance of Richard Nixon.  

A bill to ban the commercial sale of snub-nosed concealable handguns not suitable for sporting purposes wins the approval of the senate Judiciary Committee.

President Nixon lifts all quota restrictions against meat imports for the rest of the year.


Technology news – June 22, 1972

Sears Cartridge TV – Sears introduces the first integrated videotape cartridge recording playback unit for consumers. It can record programs off the air onto blank cartridges and allows playback at the viewer’s convenience. It uses cartridges running from 15 to 114 minutes. Cost is from $12 to $40. More than 600 prerecorded cartridges from a library of movies, programs and educational programs will be available for rental or purchase. The total system costs $1,600 including video camera, but the price should drop. 


Television news – June 22, 1972

The Jerry Reed “When Your Hot You’re Hot Hour” debuts this week. Guests will be Arte Johnson and the Lennon Sisters. It’s a five-week summer replacement for Glen Campbell’s show.

Tim Matheson, who starred in two NBC TV movies last season, is signed to become a regular on Bonanza. He’ll portray Griff King, a young man found by Ben Cartwright in a Nevada prison. Matheson was with NBC-TV’s “The Virginian.”


Music news – June 22, 1972

Phil Spector is speaking out about the possible deportation of John Lennon. “Where are all the rock stars who owe so much to Lennon’s influence? Where are all the people whose lives were so enriched by the Beatles music. Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ album sold three million copies. Where are those three million people why aren’t they demanding that this outrage be stopped?”


Sports news – June 22, 1972

TKO - Muhammad Ali takes Jerry Quarry out in the 7th round at a bout in Las Vegas. “After they fight me, they are ready to retire,” said Ali. 

London - Pancho Gonzales is disqualified on court by a woman referee in a stormy episode. It was all over disputed line calls. At one point, Gonzales put his hand on the referee’s shoulder and pushed her away. He was playing John Paish of Britain in the semifinals of the London Grass Courts Championship. 

Bobby Hull jumps to the WHA by signing a 10-year contract to become player and coach of the Winnipeg Jets of the new World Hockey Assn. Hull said he had no regrets in leaving the Chicago Black Hawks. The deal is for $2.5 million. Hull (33) was the leading active goal scorer in the NJL.

Sports TV – CBS sets 21 announcers for its coverage of NFL games this season. The broadcasting teams are Jack Whitaker and Jim Morse Ray Scott and Pat Summerall, Don Criqui and Irv Cross, Jack Buck and Tom Brookshier, Jaok Drees and George Connor, Frank Glieber and Alex Hawkins, Lindsey Nelson and John Sauer.

ABC says it has acquired exclusive rights to televise the world chess championship between Bobby Fischer of the United States and Russia’s Boris Spassky in Iceland. Highlights of the championship games are scheduled to begin next Sunday in Iceland, will be shown on “Wide World of Sports."


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – June 22, 1972

CBS – Melba Moore-Clifton Davis Show, Medical Center, Mannix, Late movie

NBC – Adam 12, Columbo, Documentary, Tonight Show

ABC – The Super, Corner Bar, Marty Feldman, The Comedy Hour, Dick Cavett


Adam-12 – Reed and Malloy arrest a pair of phony money passers.

Columbo – A mystery writer commits the perfect murder. Stars Jack Cassidy.

Comedy Hour – The Kopycats. With George Kirby, Marilyn Michaels, Rich Little, Joseph Cotton, Frank Gorshin. One skit – Frank Gorshin in a take-off of Columbo. Ed Sullivan is guest host.

Tonight Show – Burns and Schreiber, Michael Crichton, Johnny Mathis, Robert Mitchum.


Some top movies – June 22, 1972

Boxcar Bertha – David Carradine, Barry Primus

Living Free

Prime Cut – Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

The Hot Rock – Robert Redford, George Segal


Play It Again Sam – Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts.

The Cowboys – John Wayne

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